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Citizens for Judicial Accountability


Citizens all over the US allegedly have been killed and/or jailed just for exposing judicial corruption and misconduct. It is time to HALT this abuse.

CJA goes beyond the facade

To show you the denial of fundamental rights by judges and lawyers who place themselves not only above the law, but beyond the law, with actual cases of individuals, stories of lawyers and judges who failed to conform, and with reports issued by courts and by organizations, demonstrating an urgent need for judicial reform in the civil justice system, that operates as an independent branch of government is wholly unaccountable, is broken, is totally unregulated, can be unjust and unfair and can ruin you.

CJA examines

the basis of judicial power, the closely guarded judicial independence - without any accountability,
and control over the Bar - to which generally all attorneys practicing law in the state must belong. Shown is the fact that in Florida the State Supreme Court exercises powers over the Bar which are not within the judicial branch and are in violation of the constitutional separation of powers - which is generally the case throughout the country.

CJA explores

the history of the Bar and the evolution of the judiciary into the most powerful branch of
government to the detriment of the public. The ineffective self regulation of the Bench and Bar is
self evident from the dismissal of, 97% of the complaints against lawyers, 99% of the complaints against state court judges, 100% of the complaints against federal court judges, less than 2% of the cases are tried and 65% of the appeals are rubber stamped without explanation, reversal is a rarity.

This Website is constantly updated and new material is added.
See: News and Articles;
These Are Not Isolated Cases of Corruption, But Selective Prosecution
The Objective is to Show a Trend in the Legal System

The Public Hearings by the New York Senate Judiciary Committee on Judicial and Lawyer Discipline Was
to Testify Please Call 518-455-2788

For the Hearings Held on June 8, 2009
replete with testimony on the corruption
For the Hearing Held on September 24, 2009

This shows you the unbridled corruption that takes place in full view of governmental bodies

Florida Grand Jury to Probe Statewide Corruption

EJudge Rises to Chief Judge of the State Through Lawyers in the Legislature, Payback Through Fiduciary Appointments

A Critical View of Fiduciary Appointments the Corrupt Guardians

HALT Finds Lawyer Discipline Deteriorated See Lawyer Discipline Grades
Blasts State and Federal Systems for Failing to Hold Judges
- Judicial Accountability Report Card
You Can Vote on all the State and Federal Court Judges at
Lawsuit Climate Where Does Your State Rank? by Institute of Legal Reform

An Easy to Read Edition of the Federalist Papers in Modern English - The Separation of Powers, A Foundation of the U.S. Constitution - Edited by
Mary Webster

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I, Steven G. Erickson, would consider being an East Coast Correspondent video producer for Leslie Dutton:

Leslie Dutton’s Summary

A civic activist since 1972 on community, state and national issues. Have extensive experience as an executive for a number of issue and educational organizations and as a public affairs account executive I represented major clients on issues dealing with the media, government agencies, state legislature and Congress.

As producer and host, I created and developed the Full Disclosure Network in 1992 starting on one cable channel in Santa Monica and expanding distribution to 45 cable channels plus video streaming public affairs programming from Internet websites.In 2002 I received a Southern California Emmy Award for a public affairs series (Host and Producer) from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Professional goal is to develop partnerships with emerging new media companies in order to expand the Full Disclosure Network coverage and viewership.

Leslie Dutton’s Specialties:

Program development, television production, talent recruitment,

Leslie Dutton’s Experience

  • Executive Producer & Host

    Full Disclosure Network

    (Educational Institution; 1-10 employees; Broadcast Media industry)

    March 1992Present (17 years 11 months)

    Independent public affairs cable and Internet television programming that is distributed on 45 cable system and video streamed from internet websites .

  • President

    American Association of Women,

    (Education Management industry)

    June 1984Present (25 years 8 months)

    A research and education organization, tax exempt un 501 (c) (3) of the IRS Code. The mission of the AAW is to encourage women and the general public to become knowledgeable in the governmental process and to be involved in the debate on public policies.

Additional Information

Leslie Dutton’s Websites:

Leslie Dutton’s Honors:

2002 So. California Public Affairs Emmy Award (Academy Television Arts & Sciences)
1997 Silver Angel Award for "Americans No More" from Excellence in Media
1996 Gold Angel Award from Excellence in Media
1996 South Bay Producers Guild Award for Programming Excellence
1995 South Bay Producers Guild Award for Programming Excellence

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ethics Complaint

I lodge an ethics complaint in Connecticut against Vernon Rockville Connecticut Superior Court Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan. [click here for more]

Should judicial and police misconduct be the rule across America, not the exception, as it is in the State of Connecticut?

I handed [this text] to Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers. She said she'd look into my complaints against Rockville Superior Court Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan. I called Governor M. Jodi Rell's office, today, talked to a staffer about the nature of my complaint against Judge Kaplan, asking that he not be re-appointed by her office, and was allowed to leave a message on Rell's legal counsel's voicemail. So, all three branches of Connecticut government have been notified about Kaplan by me, and also by Chris Kennedy.

"Corporate Thugs" post [click here] for documentaries, videos, text and more

[click here] for:

Target on Enemies List

This blogger's email:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

From The Cool Justice Report blog:

The below [found here]

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jan Smolinski's Shocking Testimony Before Congress 1-21-10


We still couldn't get the attention of the local police department. They dismissed Billy as a voluntary runaway case ...

... Eventually we uncovered information that led us to believe Billy had been murdered in Woodbridge, Connecticut, and buried in Seymour ...

... The police were not only slow to respond, but they also didn't properly report the case. It took four years for a report to be correctly filed with the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) ...

... The only person who has been arrested in this case is me. When we tried to hang missing person flyers on telephone poles in Woodbridge, the police arrested me.

Testimony by Janice Smolinski
Mother of Billy Smolinski
Thursday, January 21, 2010
Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security

  • Committee Members

  • H.R. 3695, the Help Find the Missing Act (Billy's Law)

    Good morning and thank you Chairman Scott, Ranking Member Gohmert, and Members of the Subcommittee for having the courage to tackle the tragic disconnect in our country's effort to find missing Americans.

    The Help Find the Missing Act has been named "Billy's Law" in honor of our son who went missing from Waterbury, Connecticut five years ago. It is my husband Bill and my greatest hope that the legislation, so well crafted by Congressman Murphy and Congressman Poe, will be signed into law in order to help bring answers and peace to the thousands of families wrestling with the horror of having a loved one go missing.

    My husband and I are uncomfortable in the spotlight, but we hope that sharing our family's story can shed light on this national nightmare and illustrate the urgent need to pass Billy's Law. With over 100,000 people missing in this country, our family's story is not a unique one.

    Our son's name is William Smolinski Jr., and his whole life we called him Billy. He was funny, and a bit of a goof ball, always trying to surprise us with a joke or a trick.

    Billy was a hard worker who drove a tow truck, owned a small house in the South End of Waterbury, and loved his three-year-old German Sheppard, Harley.

    Everything changed on August 24, 2004 when Billy vanished at the age of 31. In our search to find our son we encountered a Pandora's Box, and when we opened it, we unleashed the nightmare plaguing the world of the missing and the unidentified dead.

    Our nightmare began with a phone call. A neighbor called to say that Billy had left his dog unfed and locked inside his house. Billy's truck was parked oddly in the driveway, in a spot he had never used before. We are a very close family and immediately knew something extraordinary had happened. We called the police and they told us to wait three days to see if Billy showed up, and if he didn't, to file a missing persons report.

    After waiting the three days, we filed the report, and expected the police to launch an aggressive investigation. When the police did nothing we organized our own search with family and friends. We even hired a private investigator. As the days passed we knew something terrible had happened to our son.

    Yet we still couldn't get the attention of the local police department. They dismissed Billy as a voluntary runaway case.

    The police were not only slow to respond, but they also didn't properly report the case. It took four years for a report to be correctly filed with the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). Moreover, not only did they lose seven separate DNA samples, but they also didn't know about the National DNA Index System (NDIS). In fact, it wasn't until the FBI took over the investigation - two years after Billy vanished - that the proper reports and DNA samples were collected and filed.

    Eventually we uncovered information that led us to believe Billy had been murdered in Woodbridge, Connecticut, and buried in Seymour.

    In fact, according to international homicide expert Bill Hagmaier, a great leader in fighting for reform, a majority of the missing aren't just missing, they have been murdered.

    However, to this day, the only person who has been arrested in this case is me. When we tried to hang missing person flyers on telephone poles in Woodbridge, the police arrested me. The charge was later dropped.

    Though much time has passed, we still haven't been able to find justice for our Billy. We have tried to change the system so no family would have to endure the anguish that we have lived through these past five years. Reform has begun in Waterbury and in many other police departments around Connecticut.

    With H.R. 3695, we have the opportunity to make changes nationwide. With the incentive grants program created in the bill, police training can finally catch up to modern science and technology, while emphasizing sensitivity protocols. Police want to have better resources to solve missing persons cases and Billy's Law will help them with that.

    Authorizing the Department of Justice's National Missing and Unidentified persons System (NamUs) will help empower family members to search for their missing loved ones. As you can tell, looking for your missing loved one becomes a full time job. It consumes you. You have to continually hound the police, knock on doors, make phone calls, visit the media, make fliers, create websites, network, speak up and check on information entered into databases to make sure it was created correctly. NamUs makes this process easier as you can both enter information yourself and search the database. Moreover, the connected NCIC/NamUs database that the legislation creates increases the chances of finding answers.

    Uncertainty is a cancer that crushes the spirit of loved ones left behind, destroys marriages and tears at the tissue of family bonds. The stress of having a missing loved turns some to substance abuse, creates health problems and drives people into bankruptcy. Unless there is some form of resolution, the heartache never truly goes away.

    Congressman Murphy's effort gives families like mine hope for a better, more certain tomorrow. This legislation is long overdue, and the missing community applauds his effort. This act is named after my son, but it's not for him, or the Smolinski family.

    This act is for every American, and is an ultimate act in Homeland Security.

    Thank you again for holding this hearing today. I look forward to answering any questions you may have.

  • Billy Smolinski's Mom Goes To Washington


  • Smolinski Case On National TV

  • More Bizarre Twists And Leads In Smolinski Case

  • Cool Justice Story, July 26, 2006

  • Shocking Bomb In Smolinski File

  • Buried Secrets

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    Police misconduct and brutality is so prevalent in the State of Connecticut, that the Connecticut State Police have their own "100 Club", and special events to celebrate false arrests at taxpayer expense. They can ruin your life on a whim and celebrate it, playing golf!

    [click here] for:

    The ‘100 Club’ for making DUI arrests

    * * * *

    Should a 70 year old man be in solitary confinement the last 10 months for exposing bank fraud and judges who are bribed to cover it up?

    [click here] for:

    Judges Bribed $45,000 Each to fix LA Cases?

    Non-custodial parent issues

    I got the below in by email:

    John, and all others herein,

    These laws on State books are wrong.

    It will take Fathers in each state to work with
    their state legislature to change the law as it
    currently reads. It must be an all out effort.

    It is a challenge to Federal backed State
    Support Enforcement of your State.

    I suggest with Fathers opening up the
    approach by asking State Enforcement to
    repay Fathers $485,491,812
    as shown here:

    Please eread and consider a "Father Bill of Rights" as shown here:

    I will be happey to talk with you on these ideas.

    Victor , DADS

    Supporting the idea of Father Custody
    of his own children, post divorce.

    Friday, January 22, 2010

    From the Blog of Legal Times:

    The below [found here]

    Judge, Facing Impeachment, Mounts His Defense

    On Thursday, a task force of the U.S. House of Representatives voted unanimously in favor of four articles of impeachment against a federal judge from Louisiana. How does the judge, G. Thomas Porteous Jr., plan to head off impeachment and removal from office by the Senate?

    His lawyer, Richard Westling of the Washington office of Ober, Kaler, Grimes & Shriver, is outlining a defense based on two major points: first, that much of what Porteous is accused of doing happened before he was on the federal bench, and second, that the U.S. Department of Justice chose not to prosecute Porteous for what he has done.

    The debate will heat up in the next several weeks, as the House Judiciary Committee and then the House itself consider whether to adopt the four articles of impeachment. Lawmakers from both political parties say Porteous is unfit to serve. Click here (PDF) to read the articles.

    The second and fourth articles relate directly to Porteous’ conduct as a state judge, a position he held until his Senate confirmation as a U.S. district judge in 1994. The second accuses him of a “longstanding pattern of corrupt conduct that demonstrates his unfitness to serve” — highlighting his acceptance of meals, trips and other gifts and favors from a bail bondsman. The fourth says he misled the Senate by not revealing that activity during the 1994 confirmation process.

    Westling, in a statement, said that articles of impeachment based on conduct before becoming a federal judge run against “both the Constitution and more than two hundred years of precedent.”

    The first article argues Porteous should have recused from a 1997 case because he had, while a state judge, accepted cash from a law firm involved in the case. And the third article says Porteous lied and acted unethically during his personal bankruptcy case from 2001 to 2004 by, among other things, concealing assets and using a false name.

    Westling said the articles are based on “allegations that the Department of Justice found insufficient to justify a prosecution after more than five years of investigation.”

    In a 2007 letter (PDF) to the chief judge of the 5th Circuit, the Justice Department described the same conduct and gave four reasons for not prosecuting: the statute of limitations, the materiality of the alleged false statements, the government’s twin burdens of proof and unanimity at trial, and the “availability of alternative remedies” such as impeachment.

    The Greatest Fraud Ever Pulled, A Kids' Story?

    What do these below pictures have to do with a 3rd Grade Children's fairy story? Well, they don't, I am appealing to the reptilian part of your brain to create interest in reading what is written below.

    Justice Alex Kozinski's hobby of portraying nude women as cows [post]

    Justice Alex Kozinski [post]

    Well, many adults already have views of the world they want to re-enforce and aren't always open to the truth. So, in today's world, if you can't say it fast AND appeal to the 3rd grade mentality, most will pass on what you say and present in online videos. Or, if you aren't appealing to 3rd graders, you are appealing to the reptilian part of the human brain: Fight or Flight, desire to have gratuitous sex, wanting to eat, kill, be violent, or be violent, have sex, eat, and kill all the same imaginary imagery.

    So, to put the below subject out to the masses, I asked Joe Zernik to explain what he wanted to say as if he were saying it to 3rd graders, his response:

    You know, many kids, believe that the President of the United States, like President Obama, is the strongest guy in the whole world. Whatever he wants, he just has to say so, and he can get it done right away. He really isn't that strong at all. It got so bad that even the President of the United States cannot do anything about it. President Obama probably wants to get the good people and the good kids out of prison. They were almost all black and latinos. But there is nothing he can do about it.
    [] [] []
    You ask what we can do to help? That is a good question. Many people are asking the same question.

    Sonny, you have to be very, very careful if you go to Los Angeles, California, especially if your name is Jose Martinez or Jose Rodriguez. They may steal your money, or they may just grab you and put you in jail for nothing at all. You must be especially careful about the sheriff and the judges... They are the baddest of them all...

    Second: You know, Sonny, many kids, and even grownups think that the United States is the strongest country in the world. It really isn't so at all. It's true that the United States has to biggest bombs. But the United States is very poor now, because all its money was stolen. So it had to go around and borrow money from other people in other countries. It's like if you ran out of pocket money and you asked a friend for a quarter to buy a candy, and you promised to give her back the money the next day, when you get your allowance. So, the people of the United States should ask these people in other countries for help. Because if it will go on the way it is, we will not be able to pay them back their money, nada. They will lose a lot of money that they gave to us as loans.

    Isn't it sad, that the people of this big country have to go and ask people in other countries for help, to free them from the evil judges and the evil bankers of their own country? You learned in school the "star-spangled banner" and "the land of the free and the home of the brave"... You know, during the American Revolution they also got help from people in other countries. You learned in school about the Statue of Liberty - you know that it was in fact a gift we got from the French people...

    We are working hard to fix it all, but during your life-time it can get so bad that this country will need brave people again...

    Linked Records:

    [] [] [] [] []
    Solicitud por el periodista de TV - Tercera presentación de nivel de grado en Re: La corrupción generalizada de los tribunales de Los Ángeles y de la regulación bancaria de EE.UU.

    Niños malos mal y el mal, los adultos mal, no todos se parecen. Ellos pueden venir en diferentes formas y apariencias. Incluso los jueces pueden ser malo. Jueces Guy puede ser malo, y también los jueces niña puede ser malo - como Cruella De Ville de the1001 dálmatas.Hace unos 30 años, algunos malos, malos jueces se apoderó de la mayor corte en los Estados Unidos - en Los Ángeles, California. Los malos, los malos jueces agarró un montón de buena gente, miles de ellos, fuera de las calles y los puso en la cárcel de 20-30 años cada uno. Hasta los adolescentes. ¿Te imaginas? Se llevaron niños de la escuela, y los puso en la cárcel por nada. Dijeron que estas buenas personas y buenos chicos eran malos. De hecho, fue la policía y los jueces que eran los malos, gente mala.

    No es nada nuevo. Se descubrió más de 10 años, pero nadie tuvo la buena gente y los niños buenos de la cárcel todavía. La gente buena y los chicos buenos están en la cárcel hasta hoy.Una mala, chica mala juez dijo que ella era la que decía lo que era bueno y lo malo ... Y lo malo, el juez niña mala, dijo que era bueno poner buenas personas y buenos muchachos en la cárcel. Pero eso era mentira. No poner a la gente buena en la cárcel. Pero es por eso que muchas, muchas buenas personas siguen en prisión en Los Angeles, California. Incluso hoy en día.

    Los abogados también vienen en diferentes formas, hay algunos abogados mal, y hay también algunos buenos abogados. Este buen hombre, un abogado de edad, que en lugar de ver la televisión e ir a McDonald's, le gustaba leer todo tipo de documentos aburrido del gobierno, mostró que todos los malos, los malos jueces de Los Angeles estaban robando grandes cantidades de dinero de la gente. Ellos robaron muchos, muchos millones de dólares. Es un montón de dinero. Así que, ¿sabes lo que hicieron con él? Se le encerró en un hospital. Él no estaba enfermo en absoluto. Ellos simplemente lo encerraron en un hospital, solo, en una habitación con nadie con quien hablar, sin televisión, ni juegos de video, nada. Él ha estado encerrado en el hospital de Los Angeles por casi un año. Él tiene que usar todo el tiempo esta banda auto, como si estuviera enfermo. No se le permite salir en absoluto. Hizo su hija y su esposa, muy triste. Que lloraba mucho.

    Los científicos también vienen en diferentes formas, hay buenos científicos, y hay científicos malo. Este otro tipo de Los Ángeles, en vez de jugar Nintendo y Atari y X-Box, le gustaba para comprobar los equipos de los bancos, los tribunales y las cárceles. Demostró que los malos, los malos jueces y lo malo, malo Sheriff de Los Ángeles, California, siguen encerrar a muchas, muchas personas buenas, incluso hoy en día. Incluso hoy en día, ellos agarran buena gente de las calles de Los Ángeles y los puso en la cárcel por nada.

    Entonces, este científico también mostró que los malos, los malos jueces también lo estaban haciendo realmente las cosas malas junto con malo, malos banqueros. Estos malos banqueros son gente muy, muy ricos, que se robó grandes cantidades de dinero, muchos miles de millones, más dinero de lo que pueda imaginar. Hicieron todos los Estados Unidos muy, muy pobres. Incluso pueden hacer los Estados Unidos van a la quiebra en un par de años. Eso es cuando no hay dinero para pagar nada, nada. Porque todo el dinero que era el dinero del pueblo de los Estados Unidos fue robada por malo, gente mala. No hay dinero para los maestros en las escuelas, no hay dinero para arreglar los columpios en los parques infantiles cuando se rompen, no hay dinero para arreglar los agujeros en las carreteras, no hay dinero para mantener un buen ejército para proteger a la gente. Nada. Muchas personas sin empleo ... Muchas personas que viven en las calles, incluso cuando hace frío, porque no tienen casa ... No hay dinero para pagar los medicamentos y los hospitales de verdad a los enfermos.

    Ya sabes, muchos niños, creo que el Presidente de los Estados Unidos, como el presidente Obama, es el hombre más fuerte en todo el mundo. Todo lo que quiere, sólo tiene que decirlo, y él puede hacerlo de inmediato. Él realmente no es tan fuerte en todos. Se puso tan mal que incluso el Presidente de los Estados Unidos no puede hacer nada al respecto. El presidente Obama probablemente quiere llegar a la gente buena y los chicos buenos de la cárcel. Eran casi todo negro y latinos. Pero no hay nada que pueda hacer al respecto.
    [] [] []

    Nos preguntamos ¿qué podemos hacer para ayudar? Esa es una buena pregunta. Mucha gente se pregunta la misma pregunta.

    Primera: Sonny, tiene que ser muy, muy cuidadoso si se va a Los Ángeles, California, especialmente si su nombre es José Martínez o José Rodríguez. Pueden robar su dinero, o simplemente puede agarrarte y ponerte en la cárcel por nada en absoluto. Usted debe ser especialmente cuidadoso con el comisario y los jueces ... Ellos son el más malo de todos ellos ...

    Segundo: Usted sabe, Sonny, muchos niños, e incluso los adultos piensan que los Estados Unidos es el país más fuerte en el mundo. Realmente no es así en absoluto. Es cierto que los Estados Unidos tiene a más bombas. Pero los Estados Unidos es muy pobre ahora, porque fue robado todo su dinero. Así que tenía que ir por ahí y pedir dinero prestado de otras personas en otros países. Es como si usted se quedó sin dinero de bolsillo y le pregunté a un amigo durante un cuarto para comprar un dulce, y se comprometió a devolverle el dinero al día siguiente, cuando llegue a su asignación. Así, el pueblo de los Estados Unidos deberían pedir a estas personas en otros países en busca de ayuda. Porque si va a ir por el camino que es, no vamos a ser capaces de devolverles su dinero, nada. Ellos pierden gran cantidad de dinero que nos dio como préstamos.

    ¿No es triste que la gente de este gran país que ir a pedirle a la gente en otros países en busca de ayuda, para liberarlos de los jueces y los banqueros mal mal de su propio país? Que aprendió en la escuela del "Star-Spangled Banner" y "la tierra de los libres y el hogar de los valientes" ... Usted sabe, durante la Revolución Americana, que también recibió ayuda de personas de otros países. Que aprendió en la escuela acerca de la Estatua de la Libertad - usted sabe que fue en realidad un regalo que hemos recibido del pueblo francés ...

    Estamos trabajando duro para solucionarlo todo, pero durante su tiempo de vida que puede ser tan malo que este país necesita gente valiente de nuevo ...

    Documentos relacionados:

    Emacs! Emacs! Emacs! Emacs! Emacs!
    Demande par journaliste TV - Troisième présentation en classe dans Re: La corruption généralisée des tribunaux de Los Angeles et de réglementation bancaire des États-Unis.

    Mauvaises, les enfants mal et le mal, les adultes mal, ne se ressemblent toutes. Ils peuvent venir de différentes formes et apparences. Même les juges ne peuvent être mauvais. Guy juges peuvent être mal, et aussi des juges fille ne peut être mauvais - comme Cruella De Ville à partir de the1001 Dalmatiens. Il ya environ 30 ans, certains mauvais, mauvais juges mis la main sur le plus grand tribunal des États-Unis - Los Angeles, Californie. Le mauvais, mauvais juges saisi un lot de bonnes gens, des milliers d'entre eux, de la rue et les mettre en prison pendant 20-30 ans chacun. Même les adolescents. Pouvez-vous imaginer? Ils ont pris des écoliers, et les mettre en prison pour rien. Ils ont dit que ces bonnes gens et bons gosses étaient mauvaises. En fait, c'est la police et les juges qui ont fait l', mauvais des gens mauvais.

    Ce n'est pas quelque chose de nouveau. Il a été découvert il ya 10 ans, mais personne ne prenait le bon peuple et les enfants une bonne sortie de prison pour le moment. Les gens bons et les bons gosses sont en prison, même aujourd'hui. Un mauvais juge de mauvaise fille a dit qu'elle était celui qui disait ce qui était bon et ce qui était mauvais ... Et le mauvais, le juge mauvaise fille a dit qu'il était bon de mettre les bons et les bons gosses en prison. Mais c'était un mensonge. Vous ne mettez pas de bonnes personnes en prison. Mais c'est pour cela que beaucoup, beaucoup de bonnes personnes sont toujours en prison à Los Angeles, Californie.Même aujourd'hui.

    Procureurs également provenir de différentes manières, il ya des procureurs de mal, et il ya aussi quelques bons conseils. Ce bon gars, un ancien procureur, qui, au lieu de regarder la télévision et aller au McDonald's, se plaisait à lire toutes sortes de papiers ennuyeux du gouvernement, a montré que tous les mauvais, mauvais juges de Los Angeles ont été volé beaucoup d'argent du peuple. Ils ont volé des millions de personnes, beaucoup de beaucoup de dollars. C'est beaucoup d'argent. Alors, savez-vous ce qu'ils ont fait pour lui? Ils l'ont enfermé dans un hôpital. Il n'était pas malade du tout. Ils ont juste enfermé dans un hôpital, seul, dans une chambre avec personne à qui parler, pas de télévision, pas de jeux vidéo, nada. Il a été enfermé dans l'hôpital de Los Angeles pendant près d'un an maintenant. Il doit porter en tout temps ce groupe bref, comme s'il était malade. Il n'est pas autorisé à sortir du tout. Il fait de sa fille et sa femme très triste. Ils ont beaucoup pleuré.

    Les scientifiques ont également venir de différentes façons, il ya de bons scientifiques et il existe des scientifiques mauvais. Cet autre type de Los Angeles, au lieu de jouer Nintendo et Atari et X-Box, se plaisait à vérifier les ordinateurs des banques, les tribunaux et les prisons. Il a montré que le mauvais, mauvais juges et les mauvais, mauvais shérif de Los Angeles, Californie, continuer à bloquer beaucoup, beaucoup de bonnes personnes, même aujourd'hui.Même aujourd'hui, elles prennent les bonnes gens de la rue, à Los Angeles et les mettre en prison pour rien.

    Puis, ce scientifique a aussi montré que les mauvais, mauvais juges faisaient également très mauvaises choses en même temps que mal, les banquiers mauvais. Ces banquiers sont très mauvais, très riches, qui ont volé d'énormes quantités d'argent, nombre de plusieurs milliards, plus d'argent que vous pouvez imaginer. Ils ont fait l'ensemble des États-Unis ont très, très pauvre. Ils peuvent même faire des Etats-Unis font faillite dans quelques années. C'est quand il n'ya pas d'argent pour payer plus rien, nada. Parce que tout l'argent que c'était l'argent du peuple des États-Unis a été volé par mauvais, des gens mauvais. Pas d'argent pour les enseignants des écoles, pas d'argent pour réparer les balançoires dans les aires de jeux quand ils cassent, pas d'argent pour réparer les trous dans les routes, pas d'argent pour garder une bonne armée pour protéger le peuple. Nada. Beaucoup de gens sans emplois ... Beaucoup de gens vivant dans la rue, même quand il fait froid, parce qu'ils n'ont pas de domicile ... Pas d'argent pour payer les médicaments et pour les hôpitaux pour des vrais gens malades.

    Vous savez, beaucoup d'enfants, pense que le président des États-Unis, comme le président Obama, est le plus fort mec dans le monde entier. Tout ce qu'il veut, il vient de le dire, et il pourra y arriver tout de suite. Il est vraiment pas si forte que tout. C'est devenu tellement mauvais que même le président des États-Unis ne peuvent rien y faire. Président Obama veut probablement pour obtenir le bon peuple et les enfants bien sortir de prison. Ils étaient presque tous noirs et latinos. Mais il n'y a rien qu'il puisse faire à ce sujet.
    [] [] []
    Vous me demandez ce que nous pouvons faire pour aider? C'est une bonne question. Beaucoup de gens se posent la même question.

    Premièrement: Sonny, tu dois être très, très prudent si vous allez à Los Angeles, Californie, surtout si votre nom est José Martinez et Jose Rodriguez. Ils mai voler votre argent, ou bien ils mai vient de vous saisir et vous mettre en prison pour rien du tout. Vous devez être particulièrement prudent à propos du shérif et les juges ... Ils sont les baddest d'eux tous ...

    Deuxièmement: Vous savez, Sonny, de nombreux enfants, et même les adultes pensent que les Etats-Unis sont le pays le plus fort du monde. Ce n'est vraiment pas du tout. Il est vrai que les Etats-Unis à la plus grande des bombes. Mais les Etats-Unis sont très pauvres aujourd'hui, parce que tout son argent a été volé. Il devait donc faire le tour et emprunter de l'argent d'autres personnes dans d'autres pays. C'est comme si vous n'avez plus d'argent de poche et vous avez demandé à un ami pendant un quart d'acheter un bonbon, et vous m'avez promis de lui rendre l'argent que le lendemain, quand vous recevez votre allocation. Ainsi, le peuple des États-Unis devraient demander à ces gens dans d'autres pays de l'aide. Parce que si ça va continuer comme ça, nous ne serons pas en mesure de les rembourser leur argent, nada. Ils vont perdre beaucoup d'argent qu'ils ont donné à nous comme des prêts.

    N'est-ce pas triste, que le peuple de ce grand pays dois aller demander aux gens dans d'autres pays pour les aider, de les libérer du mal, les juges et les banquiers du mal de leur propre pays? Vous avez appris à l'école «l'étoile-Spangled Banner» et «la terre des hommes libres et la patrie des braves" ... Vous savez, pendant la Révolution américaine, ils ont également obtenu de l'aide des gens dans d'autres pays. Vous avez appris à l'école autour de la statue de la Liberté - vous savez que c'est en fait un cadeau que nous avons reçu du peuple français ...

    Nous travaillons dur pour résoudre tous les problèmes, mais au cours de votre vie en temps il peut devenir si mauvais que ce pays aura besoin de gens courageux à nouveau ...

    Documents liés:
    Emacs! Emacs! Emacs! Emacs! Emacs!
    Per TV-Journalisten-Anfrage - Dritte-Klasse-Präsentation in Re: Die verbreitete Korruption der Los Angeles Gerichten und der US-Bankenaufsicht.

    Bad, bad Kinder und bösen, bösen Erwachsenen, nicht alle gleich aussehen. Sie können es in verschiedenen Formen und Erscheinungen. Auch Richter können böse sein. Guy Richter können böse sein, aber auch Mädchen Richter können böse sein - wie Cruella De Ville von the1001 Dalmatiner. Vor etwa 30 Jahren, einige schlechte, schlechte Richter halten der größten Gericht in den Vereinigten Staaten - in Los Angeles, Kalifornien. Die schlechte, packte schlechte Richter viele gute Menschen, Tausende von ihnen, von der Straße und legte sie in 20-30 Jahren Gefängnis für jeden. Auch Jugendliche. Können Sie sich vorstellen? Sie nahmen Schulkinder, und legte sie im Gefängnis nichts. Sie sagten, dass diese guten Leute und Kinder gut schlecht waren. In der Tat war es der Polizei und den Richtern, die schlechte, schlechte Menschen waren.

    Es ist nichts Neues. Es wurde vor über 10 Jahren entdeckt, aber niemand nahm die guten Leute und die guten Kinder aus dem Gefängnis an. Die guten Leute und die guten Kinder sind auch heute noch im Gefängnis. A bad, bad girl Richter sagte, dass sie derjenige, der sagen würde, was gut und was schlecht war ... Und die bösen, bösen Mädchen Richter sagte, dass es gut war, gute Leute und gute Kinder ins Gefängnis stecken. Aber das ist eine Lüge war. Man steckt nicht gute Leute im Gefängnis. Aber das ist, warum viele, viele gute Leute immer noch im Gefängnis in Los Angeles, Kalifornien. Auch heute noch.

    Rechtsanwälte auch in unterschiedlicher Weise zu kommen, gibt es einige böse Anwälte, und es gibt auch einige gute Anwälte. Dieser gute Mann, ein alter Anwalt, der statt vor dem Fernseher und gehen zu McDonald's, gern alle Arten von langweiligen Papieren der Regierung zu lesen, ergab, daß alle, schlecht schlecht waren Richter in Los Angeles zu stehlen viel Geld vom Volk aus. Sie habe viele, viele Millionen Dollar. Es ist eine Menge Geld. Also, Sie wissen, was sie mit ihm gemacht haben? Sie sperrten ihn in ein Krankenhaus. Er war nicht krank. They just sperrte ihn in ein Krankenhaus, allein in einem Raum mit niemandem, um mit zu reden, kein Fernseher, keine Videospiele, nada. Er wurde in das Krankenhaus in Los Angeles eingesperrt fast einem Jahr. Er hat die ganze Zeit tragen diese Band geschrieben, als ob er krank waren. Er ist nicht gestattet zu gehen überhaupt. Er machte seine Tochter und seine Frau sehr traurig. Sie weinte viel.

    Wissenschaftler auch in unterschiedlicher Weise zu kommen, gibt es gute Wissenschaftler, und es gibt schlechte Wissenschaftler. Dieser andere Mann aus Los Angeles, anstatt zu spielen Nintendo und Atari und X-Box, gern auf den Computern der Banken zu überprüfen, die Gerichte, und die Gefängnisse. Er zeigte, dass die, bad bad Richter und der bösen, bösen Sheriff von Los Angeles, Kalifornien, weiter zu verschließen viele, viele gute Leute auch heute noch. Auch heute, greifen sie gute Leute von der Straße in Los Angeles und setzte sie im Gefängnis nichts.

    Dann Wissenschaftler zeigten auch, dass das, Bad waren schlecht Richtern auch tut wirklich schlimme Dinge zusammen mit bösen, bösen Banker. Diese schlechte Bankiers sind sehr, sehr reiche Leute, die große Mengen an Geld gestohlen hat, viele, viele Milliarden, mehr Geld als Sie sich jemals vorstellen können. Sie machten den ganzen Vereinigten Staaten sehr, sehr arm. Sie können sogar die Vereinigten Staaten in Konkurs gehen in ein paar Jahren. Das ist, wenn es kein Geld, um für etwas bezahlen mehr, nada. Weil das ganze Geld, dass das Geld des Volkes der Vereinigten Staaten war, wurde von bösen, bösen Menschen gestohlen. Kein Geld für Lehrer in den Schulen, kein Geld, um die Schaukeln auf den Spielplätzen, wenn sie zu brechen, kein Geld, um die Löcher in den Straßen zu beheben, kein Geld, um eine gute Armee halten die Menschen schützen zu beheben. Nada. Viele Menschen ohne Beschäftigung ... Viele Menschen auf der Straße leben, auch wenn es kalt ist, weil sie kein Zuhause haben ... Kein Geld für Medikamente zahlen und für Krankenhäuser für echte kranke Menschen.

    Wissen Sie, viele Kinder glauben, dass der Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten, wie Präsident Obama, der stärkste Mann auf der ganzen Welt ist. Was er will, muss er nur zu sagen, und die er bekommen kann es sofort getan. Er ist wirklich nicht so stark auf allen. Es wurde so schlimm, dass selbst der Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten, die nicht alles tun kann darüber.Präsident Obama will wahrscheinlich die guten Leute und die guten Kinder aus dem Gefängnis zu bekommen. Sie waren fast alle schwarzen und latinos. Aber es gibt nichts, was er dagegen tun können.
    [] [] []
    Du fragst, was wir dazu beitragen können? Das ist eine gute Frage. Viele Menschen fragen sich die gleiche Frage.

    Sonny, muss man sehr, sehr vorsichtig, wenn Sie nach Los Angeles, Kalifornien, gehen Sie vor allem, wenn Sie Ihren Namen oder Jose Martinez Jose Rodriguez ist. Sie können Ihr Geld zu stehlen, oder sie können nur greifen Sie und bringen Sie ins Gefängnis für gar nichts. Sie müssen besonders vorsichtig sein, über den Sheriff und die Richter ... Sie sind die dickste von allen ...

    Zweitens: Wissen Sie, Sonny, viele Kinder und sogar Erwachsene denken, dass die USA das stärkste Land in der Welt ist. Es ist wirklich nicht so überhaupt. Es stimmt, dass die Vereinigten Staaten größten Bomben hat. Aber die Vereinigten Staaten ist sehr schlecht jetzt, da alle ihr Geld gestohlen wurde. So war es zu umgehen und Geld zu leihen, von anderen Menschen in anderen Ländern. Es ist wie wenn Sie lief aus Taschengeld und Sie aufgefordert, ein Freund für ein Viertel bis ein Süßigkeiten kaufen, und ihr versprochen, sie geben das Geld am nächsten Tag, wenn du deine Leistung. So sollte das Volk der Vereinigten Staaten diese Menschen in anderen Ländern um Hilfe bitten. Denn wenn es auf die Art und Weise ist es gehen wird, werden wir nicht in der Lage, sie zu bezahlen ihr Geld zurück, nada. Sie werden eine Menge Geld verlieren, dass sie uns als Darlehen gegeben hat.

    Ist es nicht traurig, dass die Menschen in diesem großen Land zu gehen und die Leute fragen in anderen Ländern zu helfen, sie vor dem bösen Richter frei und die bösen Banker des eigenen Landes? Sie haben gelernt, in der Schule der "Star-Spangled Banner" und "das Land der Freien und der Heimat der Tapferen" ... Wissen Sie, während der amerikanischen Revolution hat sie auch Hilfe von Menschen in anderen Ländern. Sie haben gelernt, in der Schule über die Freiheitsstatue - Sie wissen, dass es in der Tat war ein Geschenk haben wir von der Französisch Menschen ...

    Wir arbeiten hart, um alles zu reparieren, aber im Laufe des Lebens-Zeit kann man so schlecht, dass dieses Land braucht mutige Menschen wieder ...

    Verbunden Records:

    * * * *
    * * * *

    Attorney Richard Fine - dissident's false hospitalization in Los Angeles County, California

    By Joseph Zernik (about the author) Permalink

    Large-scale false imprisonments in Los Angeles County, California, were previously reported. [1] Here, a related practice is reported false hospitalization of attorneys who filed complaints pertaining to the widespread corruption of Los Angeles County judges: Attorney Richard Fine, falsely hospitalized since March 4, 2009, and Attorney Ronald Gottschalk, since released on bail. In both cases, there was no medical justification for the hospitalizations, which were coerced. Conditions in Los Angeles County are a Human Rights disgrace of historic proportions, and direct extension of false imprisonments of thousands, documented in the Rampart scandal (1998-2000), which were never reversed ever since.[[Rampart re]]

    Most published reports regarding the false hospitalization of Richard Fine failed to provide the fundamental facts. Starting in 2001, Richard Fine, a former US Prosecutor, exposed and protested the then secret payment to all Superior Court of California judges by Los Angeles County. He also was the first to compile data to demonstrate that in parallel it became practically impossible to win a case in court against Los Angeles County. In October 2008, such payments - today amounting to over $45,000 per judge per year - were ruled "not permitted" by the California Court of Appeals, 4th. By February 20, 2009, the California Governor signed into law retroactive immunities/pardons for all judges who had taken such "not permitted" payments. Less than two weeks later, Atty Richard Fine was taken into false hospitalization by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.�

    However, there was no warrant ever issued for the arrest of Mr. Fine. Likewise, there was neither a valid and effectual conviction, nor was there a valid and effectual sentencing. The March 4, 2009 proceeding, at the end of which Mr. Fine was abducted, never appeared as part of the respective litigation (Marina v Los Angeles County - BS109420) chronology - it was - from court's perspective - an "off the record" proceeding.

    Furthermore, in the past 10 months, despite the Habeas Corpus Petition to the US District Court Los Angeles, and the Emergency Petition to the 9th Circuit, the LA Superior Court has denied access to the Register of Actions (California docket) of Marina v LA County - in which Mr. Fine was purportedly arrested. How the US Court engaged in a habeas corpus review with no docket, and how the US Court of Appeal, 9th circuit, failed to notice that there was no docket, no warrant, no conviction, and no sentencing, remains unknown ...

    The review of the Habeas Corpus Petition, Fine v Sheriff (2:09-cv-01914), was suspect on additional counts. Donna Thomas, Courtroom Assistant to Magistrate Carla Woehrle, who engaged in transactions in the US District Court docket, which were subject to complaint to FBI, was never authorized as Deputy Clerk. Furthermore, the Clerk of the US Court, Terry Nafisi, has refused to allow access to any of the records in Mr. Fine's case, and likewise, is refusing to answer the questions: (i) Was Donna Thomas authorized as Deputy Clerk at the time she engaged in the transaction in Fine v Sheriff?(ii) Is the docket of Fine v Sheriff an honest, valid, and effectual docket of the US Court in compliance with US law?

    In a matching parallel, Lee Baca, Sheriff of Los Angeles County, after over three months of communications, including intervention by the Honorable Michael Antonovich, Los Angeles County Supervisor, has refused to comply with the law, and has continuously denied access to California Public Records, which were the arrest and booking papers of Mr. Fine. Instead, Sheriff Baca office has repeatedly referenced the fraudulent data posted in its online Inmate Information Center. The fraudulent Inmate Information Center falsely stated that Mr. Fine was arrested and booked at the "San Pedro Municipal Court". However, such data were false on numerous accounts: There were plenty of witnesses and newspaper reports that the abduction of Richard Fine took place in the Central District - Judge Yaffe's Courtroom. Furthermore, there were no booking facilities in San Pedro at all. Likewise, the single sheriff Deputy in San Pedro denied that anybody was arrested or booked there anytime in memory. Finally - Municipal Courts ceased to exist in Los Angeles County almost a decade ago.

    The fraudulent listing of the arrest and booking of Richard Fine under the San Pedro Municipal Court was, however, employed by the Sheriff's Department. In response to requests to access the arrest and booking papers, public records by California Public Records Act, the sheriff's bureau claimed that the standard policy was that the booking papers were held with the "Booking Agency". In this particular case - this is the non-existent Municipal Court of San Pedro...

    Furthermore, since Mr. Fine was never arrested, and never booked, he is not on the "Count List" of the Men's Central Jail. Therefore, Mr. Fine has never even once in ten months participated in the mandatory three times a day "Inmates Counts", which apply to all inmates in the jail. Instead, Mr. Fine was held under false, coercive hospitalization, with no medical reason at all.

    The story as a whole, was eerily reminiscent of coercive hospitalizations of dissidents by the KGB under the former Soviet Union. Given the failure of the US justice system to investigate, prosecute, and judge its own corruption, it appeared that the only remedies could come through international intervention.



    Petition - Free Richard Fine (anonymous signing available):

    Original records in support of the report above, including correspondence with Sheriff Lee Baca's office and with Supervisor Michael Antonovich, and in addition, analysis of the Sheriff's fraudulent Inmate Information Center - hazard for the liberty of all who reside in LA County, can be viewed at:

    1) Blog:

    2) Scribd:

    Please sign the petition: Free Richard Fine Joseph Zernik resides in Los Angeles County, California. Further information regarding the collapsed justice system of Los Angeles County, California can be (more...)

    * * * *
    * * * *

    Steven G. Erickson's comment post on
    Nationwide Problem
    Imagine having millions of dollars stolen from you by banksters and judges. Imagine being put in prison to shut you up. Imagine having guns put to your head by law enforcement threatening your life if you report the judge (a thief) and banksters (a den of thieves, OpEd News Article)

    Richard H. talks about his experiencing the above:
    [google video]

    I called and emailed US Senator Leahy, Congressman Peter Welch, and Sen. Bernie Sanders on the Judicial Corruption, Bankster, and Atty Fine issues. I contacted Judicial Reform activists around the country. I emailed Phil Donahue and plan on calling Ken Burns to ask him how he would raise funds to make a judicial reform documentary. I talked to Ken Burns about 3 weeks ago in New Hampshire and he told me that he has zero interest in doing any video on the US court system, but he did tell me on camera the projects he is interested in pursuing.

    I haven't let the issue of judicial misconduct rest since I started writing letters to the editor in newspapers back in the 1990's.

    This blogger's email:

    This blogger's main blog:

    My post there on the above subject.

    Sunday, January 17, 2010

    From "Expose Corrupt Courts" Blog:

    The below, cut and pasted, [from here]

    End Corruption in the Courts!

    Court employee, judge or citizen - Report Corruption in any Court Today !! As of January 6, 2010, we've received over 93,400 tips...KEEP THEM COMING !!

    Saturday, January 16, 2010

    Manhattan DA: Oral Sex Demand OK for Lawyers, But Not For Cops

    Cop convicted for demanding oral sex to ditch summons for woman
    The New York Daily News by Melissa Grace - January 16th 2010

    A city cop was convicted Friday of official misconduct for offering to rip up a summons in exchange for a sex act. Wilfredo Rosario, 41, was tossed into jail after the jury's verdict when prosecutors asked the judge to revoke his bail pending an upcoming rape trial. "Jail is appropriate," Assistant District Attorney John McConnell said. "He is facing much more serious felony charges." Eight years ago, Rosario issued a ticket to a 26-year-old woman for being in Riverside Park after hours with a male friend. He asked her whether she was a virgin and offered to shred the summons if she would perform oral sex, she testified. She made a complaint the next day, but the allegation didn't become public until 2008 when another woman accused Rosario of sexual abuse. He faces up to a year in prison on the official misconduct rap but could get 25 years to life if convicted of a 2003 rape and two sex abuse charges. The officer, who has been suspended, will also be fired from the NYPD. "We certainly don't agree with the jury," defense lawyer Steven Fusfeld said.

    CLICK HERE TO SEE RELATED STORY, "U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Asked to Appoint New York Ethics Prosecutor"

    Holder's Ethics Straw: Sexual Assaults and Harassment by Politically Connected Attorneys - The Civil Rights violations of two specific New York cases are most troubling for the nation's chief law enforcement officer. One victim, Luisa Esposito, says her former New York attorney, Allen H. Isaac, allegedly sexually abused her and wanted oral sex in exchange for his legal representation. Attorney Isaac's political connections were apparently good enough to not only thwart the attorney ethics complaint against him, but to keep him from getting arrested. As one Manhattan District Attorney Police Detective advised Ms. Esposito, "... phone calls were made.... favors were called in...... sorry...." That police detective had previously advised Ms. Esposito that he was going to make the arrest. Ms. Esposito's evidence is quite compelling: she has audiotape proof, and her story has been televised on various TV programs.

    * * * *
    * * * *

    Click link below to go to my other blog:

    Do White Male Cops Get Away With Rape And Sexual Abuse of Children? Well Martha Coakley in Massachusetts seemed to be okay with a police officer raping a baby, a toddler 23 months old with a hot curling iron. If I was a voter in Massachusetts, I would vote for Scott Brown for US Senate, just for Martha Coakley, bowing to political influence, and trading ethics and political favors disrespecting the US Constitution and the best interest of the public. The story of Keith Winfield [click here]

    This blogger's email:

    Officer Keith Winfield

    Saturday, January 16, 2010

    Arrested for Documenting Police Misconduct?

    Video evidence is the best evidence. Much can be explained away by the guilty if they are powerful. What should be considered wrong, illegal, and warranting punishment, a citizen filming police misconduct and brutality or a police officer committing illegal acts? Massachusetts really doesn't impress me on this issue. Maybe voters and concerned citizens in that state should act to change this.

    The below from [found here]

    Massachusetts cops can arrest you for making them famous

    By Daniel Tencer
    Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 -- 3:12 pm
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    abcreporterasaeslockerconventiondenverpolicearrest Massachusetts cops can arrest you for making them famousIf you plan to videotape police officers at work in public, just be sure you're not in Massachusetts -- or you might end up in jail.

    A report from the New England Center For Investigative Reporting has chronicled a pattern of what civil liberties advocates say is a misuse of police powers: Massachusetts police are using the state's stringent surveillance laws to arrest and charge people who record police activities in public.

    It's a situation that is pitting new technologies against police powers. With recording equipment now embedded into cellphones and other common technologies, recording police activities has never been easier, and has resulted in numerous cases of police misconduct being brought to light. And that, rights advocates argue, is precisely what the police are trying to prevent.

    In October, 2007, Boston lawyer Simon Glick witnessed what he said was excessive use of police force during the arrest of a juvenile. When he pulled out his cellphone to record the incident, he was arrested and charged with "illegal electronic surveillance."

    In December, 2008, Jon Surmacz, a webmaster at Boston University, was attending a party that was broken up by police. Thinking that the police were being unnecessarily rough in the encounter, he pulled out his cellphone and started recording. He, too, was arrested and charged with illegal surveillance.

    In September, 2002, citizen journalist Jeffrey Manzelli was arrested and charged with illegal surveillance after recording police officers cracking down on protesters at an anti-war rally.

    Massachusetts is one of 12 US states that require "two-party" consent for surveillance. (The others include California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan and Pennsylvania.) While two-party consent laws were originally designed to stop private detectives and others from invading people's privacy, in Massachusetts the law's application has now broadened to include what civil libertarians say is an attempt by police to stop public oversight of their activities.

    “The statute has been misconstrued by Boston police,’’ June Jensen, the lawyer who recently succeeded in having the charges against Glick thrown out, told investigative reporter Daniel Rowinski. “You could go to the Boston Common and snap pictures and record if you want; you can do that.’’

    But that's not necessarily how Massachusetts' highest court sees it. As Alexandra Andrews reports at ProPublica, in 2001 the state's Supreme Court upheld a conviction of a man who was arrested in 1998 for recording an encounter with police. "Since then, such arrests have continued to occur," she reports.

    Read the complete report from the New England Center for Investigative Reporting here.


    Civil libertarians have been arguing for years that the beefed-up anti-terrorism laws that have come in to force in much of the Western world in recent years also present an opportunity for abuse of police power.

    Earlier this year, a new anti-terror statute in Britain -- known as Section 76 -- allowed police to arrest anyone found "eliciting, publishing or communicating information" about soldiers, intelligence agents or police officers that is "likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism."

    Since that definition is so broad, it has allowed police to arrest virtually anyone who takes a photograph of a police officer. Since the law was enacted last year, it has been used to delete tourists' photos of London, and to arrest and fine visitors who take pictures of landmarks.

    * * * *
    * * * *

    That makes sense. So, in Massachusetts, it is also okay to rape a 2 year old with a hot curling iron if you are a police officer. At least it was okay with Martha Coakley, until she was forced to do her job. [more and video]