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More Proof of US Crapulent Courts and Law Enforcement?


Richard Lapointe sits in the MacDougal Correctional Institution in Suffield, Conn., in this November 28, 1994, file photo. Attorneys for the brain-damaged man, convicted of raping and murdering an elderly relative in , filed an appeal to the state Supreme Court Monday, Feb. 27, 1995, claiming Manchester police framed him. (AP Photo/Manchester Journal Inquirer, File / February 27, 1995)

Richard Lapointe, Convicted In 1987 Murder In Manchester, Gets Another Day In Court

Rick Green, The Hartford Courant

April 30, 2010

Richard Lapointe gently shook my hand, asked for my press I.D. and made a joke.

"Strong like bull," he said with a wink when I asked how he's feeling. "Smell like bull, too."

This was the benign jokester his friends told me about. But I had come to the maximum-security McDougall-Walker Correctional Institution in Suffield looking for the man convicted of raping and murdering his wife's 88-year-old grandmother on a Sunday evening in 1987.

What I found was a small shuffling man with short arms, a large head and oversize glasses. He wears a hearing aid in each ear. Lapointe, 64, has an intellectual disability called Dandy-Walker syndrome, a congenital brain malformation. Lapointe is eager to please and quick with the self-deprecating humor.

We quickly got down to the crime and the infamous three signed confessions he made to police during a long night of questioning two years after the murder.

"I didn't do it," Lapointe responded. "They were asking me questions and I was answering their questions. They made a trick question. Why would I confess to something I didn't do?"

On Monday, a Superior Court judge in Rockville — in response to a ruling in Lapointe's favor from the state Appellate Court — will take yet another look at this endlessly appealed saga of what is either a wrongful conviction or a very crafty mentally disabled murderer. The latest hearing on whether Lapointe deserves a new trial represents a dramatic, perhaps final, showdown in a case that has long attracted national attention.

Lapointe's lawyers say critical exculpatory evidence, including notes from an arson investigator that suggest the crime took much longer than police said, was suppressed during Lapointe's 1992 trial.

Lapointe, with an I.Q. of about 80, was polite and talkative, without bitterness. There was only sadness and jokes when we talked.

"I was a dishwasher. I did the lowest job in the building," he explained. "I loved my job. I loved my wife. I loved my son."

The long days in prison are spent doing simple word puzzles, playing cards and watching TV, though he told me he has no particular show he likes. He doesn't have a prison job.

On March 8, 1987, Bernice Martin was stabbed once in the stomach and 10 times in the back. She was sexually assaulted, bound up and dragged about her small apartment, which was set on fire after the attack. She died of a combination of strangulation and smoke inhalation. The fire destroyed nearly all DNA material from the crime scene.

Two years later, during a nine-hour interrogation, Lapointe gave three different and conflicting confessions to police. Lapointe, who doesn't read well, signed all of them. There is no audio or video recording of the interrogation.

"I loved her like my grandmother. I used to visit her with my wife. I'd run to the store with her," Lapointe said about Martin.

His wife has long since divorced him. He has no contact with his son. The Friends of Richard Lapointe, a band of now elderly supporters, visit him weekly.

"Without them, I'd be dead," he said. "Without seeing people from the outside, I wouldn't know what's going on. They all believe and know I didn't do anything."

The Friends, who number a few dozen, have never given up because they've never understood how a man with limited mental capacity and physical ability could suddenly and violently murder an old woman, all during a break from Sunday night TV watching. They have stood by Lapointe through a series of lawyers and 18 years of mostly bad news.

But a year ago, the state Appellate Court breathed new life into Lapointe's claim that he didn't strangle, stab and sexually assault an old woman. The court ruled that evidence viewed in "the light most favorable" to Lapointe supports his alibi, "albeit tenuously."

For years, Lapointe's supporters have excoriated Manchester police and the state's attorney's office for relying on the three confessions to convict Lapointe. For example, Lapointe confessed to strangling Martin with his hands. A medical examiner testified that she was asphyxiated by pressure from a blunt object.

There are other questions. Gloves found at the crime scene didn't belong to Lapointe. Although Lapointe confessed to stabbing Martin on the couch, forensic evidence suggested that the stabbing occurred in Martin's bedroom. He said Martin was wearing a "pink house coat." No clothing similar to that was found at the scene. DNA from a pubic hair found on Martin's clothing doesn't match Lapointe's.

I asked Lapointe about the police investigators and the long night of questioning that led to the three confessions that sunk him. Lapointe defended the police.

"What's wrong with that? They were doing their job," he said. "I'm not mad at them. It's their job."

But later he told me, "They just kept talking to me. I couldn't say I want to go home. I just kept talking to them. There was nothing wrong. I don't remember saying that I did it. Why should I say that? I'm not stupid. ..."

"I miss working. I miss talking to people. I miss my wife, my ex-wife. I miss my son," he said. "I have no regrets for being here. That's not my problem. That's the state's problem. They just said I did it. I've been trying to prove I didn't do it."

My hour visit ended and I departed with more questions about how this frail, disabled man got here. Lapointe, a man who has lost everything, was serene.

"Why should I be angry?" he asked before I left. "I've never been angry in my life."

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Bad John

Image [found here]

This blogger is unsure whether the above John Pinone is also the current, or former, prosecutor in Rockville Vernon Superior Court. Will someone please contact me at the email at the bottom of this post to let me know? Thank you.


John Pinone Pleads Not Guilty To Conspiracy, Tax Charges
April 22, 2010|By TOM YANTZ, The Hartford Courant

John Pinone, boys basketball coach at Cromwell High School, pleaded not guilty to federal conspiracy and tax charges in U.S. District Court in New Haven on Thursday.

In March, a grand jury returned a sealed indictment charging Pinone, of Glastonbury, and Francis B. DelMastro, formerly of Tolland, with conspiracy and willfully filing false tax returns, according to a Department of Justice press release. DelMastro made his initial appearance April 9.

According to the indictment, DelMastro and Pinone were the owners of the Civic Pub, a bar in Storrs, and operating under the corporate name Pindel LLC. From 2003-2005, they obtained cash from the operations of Pindel and neither reported that cash as gross receipts on the tax returns filed on behalf of the company. They also did not report it as income on their individual income returns for the tax years 2003 and 2004.

* * * *

The John Pinone this blogger ran into was a Rockville Superior Court Prosecutor. He refused to give me a program for first offenders called AR. He would only accept a plea of guilty where I would have to serve a year and a half for resisting being mugged on my own property. I hope they fry the shit out of this guy and not even piss on him to put the fire out. If this is Panone the prosecutor, he obviously fixed cases, did favors, obstructed justice, and was involved in racketeering. He definitely was a "tool" in helping cover up Connecticut State Police misconduct and brutality if this is John Pinone the prosecutor.

If Panone is being investigated as a Rockville Vernon Connecticut prosecutor, so should Keith Courier, for allegedly patronizing prostitutes and seeing to it those evicting, trying to prosecute, or sue prostitutes for causing business loss, for theft, or for creating an unsafe living environment, Courier would see to it the honest citizen was arrested and railroaded to prison for allegedly getting in the way of "freebie blowjobs" and prostitution.

If Rockville Court, prosecutors, or the Connecticut Judicial Branch is being investigated, shouldn't Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan be investigated for this, and perjury to be reconfirmed?:

Should the State of Connecticut be shut down for this public corruption?:

Whoever was on the Connecticut Judiciary Committee in Dec. 1996, and every day since, is aware of the public corruption, police misconduct and brutality, and court case rigging that is common practice in the State of Connecticut. Whistle blowers face retaliation. "Big Mouths" face cops paying informants to kill in murder-for-hire plots and to beat up complainers, illegally paying out tax dollars to thugs. State Police put in for overtime not worked, committing fraud and theft, and aren't prosecuted and don't have to pay back the money when caught. Even more major defrauding of taxpayers is occurring in the Judicial Branch. Ritt Goldstein fled to Sweden seeking political asylum shortly after appearing in front of the Connecticut Judiciary Committee legislators, Dec. 1996, producing this video:

A US Marine coming home is stabbed 13 times and faced 6 months in prison for the offense of causing a disturbance. The felon on probation encouraged to murder the marine wasn't even violated on probation for attempted murder of three people!:

Are Connecticut State Senator John A. Kissel, Rep. Michael Lawlor, and Senator McDonald, complicit in rigging the system, enriching themselves in the practice of law within the realm of the judicial branch while pretending to be legislators in the Legislative Branch?

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Illinois “Pre-Crime” Prosecution?

Image [found here]

Do you remember the Tom Cruise movie, "Minority Report"? Citizens were arrested before committing crimes with a team of psychics and computer software. Rod Blagojevich is accused of trying to sell Barack Obama's vacated US Illinois Senate seat. Is a lying liar exposing a "justice system" run by liars?

* * * *

From the Chicago Sun Times

'Legal equivalent of a head butt' denounced by judge in Blago case
Judge makes clear he'll decide which tapes jury hears

April 22, 2010
BY NATASHA KORECKI Federal Courts Reporter

In the end, there was no showdown in federal court.

What began with a bombastic news conference Tuesday -- at which Rod Blagojevich summoned U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald to show up in court and explain why his office opposed playing all the secret FBI recordings at trial -- ended with a federal judge handing down a dose of reality, using boxing analogies.

"I will not allow the legal equivalent of a head butt," said U.S. District Judge James Zagel, who made it crystal clear that he -- and only he -- will decide which secret FBI wiretaps will be played at Blagojevich's trial.

"I will not have the time of these jurors needlessly consumed," Zagel said of playing all 500 hours of recordings.

Zagel invited the defense to privately submit to him the recordings they would like to play at the June 3 trial so he can rule on what the jury can hear.

Sam Adam, one of Blagojevich's attorneys, said there may be 200 hours of recordings the defense wants played.

Zagel told Blagojevich that it's not up to prosecutors to decide what gets played in court. "I am that referee and no one else," he said.

A low-key Blagojevich spoke not a word in court.

"I'm relieved with what the judge had to say today with regard to giving me a chance to play the taped conversations that matter that will show I've done nothing wrong and prove my innocence," he said later. "I'm just delighted, relieved and grateful for what the judge decided and suggested that we should do."

* * * *


Blago explodes outside courthouse - With good reason, IMO

Text with video:
Well, when the Constitution is dead and buried, and the government is corrupt beyond repair, anything is possible. And nobody has any rights anymore. Why do you think the Tea Parties were formed?

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This blogger's videos:

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Wrecking the lives of an entire family over a cat?

Greg Lesco, Glastonbury, CT, Hartford Courant photo [more info]

Cat Killer, Father of 5

Text with below video:
(1 min 37 sec) more info:

Wrecking the lives of an entire family over a cat?

What the guy in this video, Gregory Lesco, did could be considered in the wrong "area", but should a father of family of five risk jail time, the divorce it causes, loss of home, job, and an entire way of life for an intact family over a dead cat? I love animals, but yet again, Connecticut courts are about wrecking lives, revenue collection, making lawyers richer, and very little to do with criminal correction. Most States in the US are this bad when it comes to investigations and the court system.

What Mr. Lesco did, as described below, is understandable. 20 years ago, this story may have not even gotten ink. Mr. Lesco didn't get home from work thinking about committing a crime or harming anyone. Mr. Lesco isn't a danger to society, his family, and if convicted and jailed, he could be a victim in prison of assault, rape, or even homicide. All over a cat, does that sound like equitable justice? This might be a common example of what is wrong with all US "justice".

The "informer" why was he, or she, compelled to report this "crime". Is that person the real "piece of work"?

This blogger lost his home, business, relationship with his daughter, family, credit, retirement, health insurance, ability to get most jobs, and the sum total of his life for resisting being mugged in Connecticut. So, if you value your life, your family, and your future, it is best not to live in States like Connecticut.

If remedy isn't found soon, many might be moving out of the United States of America in search of liberty, freedom, job opportunities, and the ability to raise a family, own a home, and retire in peace.

Greg Lesco, Glastonbury, CT, story:

Is it not safe in the US to have pets, be married, and own a home in the US without being subject to prison and having your life ruined over petty BS? More, and more politicians hire their friends and family at 6 figure taxpayer paid positions to make up lies to take away children, process and fine citizens, to confiscate property, and to put citizens in State Prisons so states collect federal dollars. US citizens pay taxes as an incentive to be abused.

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More to the story?

American Mumbai Terror Mastermind Makes Plea Deal with US to Escape Death in India for 26/11 Attack

Text with video:
superiorgreen March 28, 2010David Headley, an CIA-LeT Double Agent Operative arrested in October 2009 by the FBI, had attened five such training camps run by the terror outfit between 2002-03, according to Headley's plea agreement document which was submitted by US attorney, Patrick J FitzGerald before a Chicago court yesterday.

He attended a three-week course starting in February 2002 that provided indoctrination on the merits of waging jihad, next he participated in a three-week course starting in August 2002 to get training in the use of weapons and grenades.

Headley learnt about close combat tactics, the use of weapons and grenades and survival skills during a three-month course in starting April 2003; he got training about the counter-surveillance skills starting August 2003 and starting December 2003 he recieved combat and tactical training.

Notably in January 2002, Musharraf had said that he would not allow LeT to carry any anti-India activity inside Pakistan.

But LeT ran terrorist training camps unabated even as Musharraf conducted back channel negotiations with India on the resolution of the Kashmir problem between 2002-2006, the agreement said.

"Starting in or about August 2002, defendant (Headley) attended a three-week course and received training in, among other skills, the use of weapons and grenades. Starting in or about April 2003, defendant attended a three-month course and received training in various skills, including, but not limited to, close combat tactics, the use weapons and grenades, and survival skills," the agreement said.

"Starting in or around August 2003, defendant attended a three-week course and received training in, among other skills, counter-surveillance. Starting in or around December 2003, defendant attended an approximately three month course and received combat and tactical training," it said .

Headley had pleaded guilty on all 12 counts of charges against him in a Chicago court.

The plea agreement also proves beyond doubt the direct connection between LeT and al-Qaeda.

According to it, a retired Pakistani Major, Abdur Rehman Hashim Syed (Abdur Rehman), also known as "Pasha," told Headley that if LeT did not help him in carrying out attack against the Danish newspaper, he would get someone else.

Although not identified by name at the time, Headley later learned this individual to be co-defendant Ilyas Kashmiri. Abdur Rehman previously had told Headley that he had been working with Kashmiri and that Kashmiri was in direct contact with a senior leader of "al-Qaeda", the agreement said.

"Pasha stated to defendant (Headley) words to the effect that if 'Lashkar' did not go through with the attack, Pasha knew someone who would. Although not identified by name at the time, defendant later learned this individual to be co-defendant Ilyas Kashmiri.

"Pasha previously had stated to defendant that he had been working with Kashmiri and that Kashmiri was in direct contact with a senior leader for al-Qaeda," the plea agreement said.

* * * *

U S Agent Involved In Mumbai Terror Attack, Caught Preparing False flag Op. in Danemark

Text with video:
otraverdad December 23, 2009RT report on a CIA link to the terror attacks carried out in Mumbai, India
David Coleman Headley was arrested in the Us in October and accused of preparing terrorist attacks in Danemark

The above video seems to suggest that the CIA, FBI, and DEA, are somehow complicit in the heroin smuggling trade.

* * * *

Former FBI Whistleblower Dr. Frederic Whitehurst Tells All on The Alex Jones Show 4/5

Text with video:
TheAlexJonesChannel April 01, 2010Alex talks with Frederic Whitehurst, who joined the FBI in 1982 and served as a Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI crime lab from 1986-98. He achieved a great deal of media attention during the 1990s for blowing the whistle at the FBI Lab. He investigated, uncovered and reported scientific misconduct which forced the FBI crime lab to agree to forty major reforms, including undergoing an accreditation process. During this period, Whitehurst was forced to defend himself from retaliation by the FBI by hiring Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto, a Washington, D.C. law firm specializing in defending whistleblowers

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In by email from Joe Zernik

The below goes well with this post:

Falsely imprisoned, former US prosecutor Richard Fine

Chief Justice John Roberts Asked to Secure Integrity of Supreme Court Docket in the Case of Falsely Imprisoned Former US Prosecutor Richard Fine

Los Angeles, April 21- in notice to Deputy Clerk of the US Supreme Court Gary Kemp, Dr Joseph Zernik, Los Angeles County resident and founder of Human Rights Alert, asked that Chief Justice Robert act pursuant to the Code of Conduct of US Judges, and secure the integrity of US Supreme Court docket in Application of Fine v Sheriff (09-A827). The application was submitted on March 30, 2010 to Associate Justice Ruth Ginsburg, and is scheduled for conference on April 23, 2010. The request came following failure of Dr Zernik’s filings in the case, received by the Court on April 20, [1] to appear on the docket. On April 21, 2010 Mr Danny Bickell, clerk’s office staff counsel consented that he held Dr Zernik’s filings in his hands, but refused to state whether the filing of the papers, or even their rejection would be listed on the docket. Mr Bickell stated that he was not Deputy Clerk by authority, nevertheless indicated that he would make the determinations in the matter.

The delays by Mr Danny Bickell of notation in the docket of either the filing, or rejection of the filing of Dr Zernik’s papers received by the Supreme Court on April 20 were particularly alarming, since one of Dr Zernik’s filings was a Request for Correction of Supreme Court records, pertaining to Mr Bickell’s previous transactions in the case. The correction request pertained to the original submission of the Application by Richard Fine to Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy, which was noticed by Mr Danny Bickell to the parties as Denied by Justice Kennedy on March 12, 2010, and was also listed as “denied” in the Court’s docket,
[2] albeit an unverified court record. In contrast, the listing of orders and rulings of the US Supreme Court showed no such ruling or order on or about March 12, 2010. [3] Moreover, although the Rule 22(3) of the US Supreme Court explicitly state “A Justice denying an application will note the denial thereon,” a copy of the Application, obtained from the US Supreme Court file on March 22, 2010, failed to show any such note by Justice Kennedy on the Application. [4] In a phone call on April 21, 2010, Mr Danny Bickell refused to provide any explanation for such discrepancies in the US Supreme Court records, or the basis for his notice to parties in the case of a March 12, 2010 denial by Justice Kennedy.

Moreover, the core of the claims in April 20, 2010 papers filed by Dr Zernik was of dishonesty in docketing in other justice system agencies in the case of Richard Fine:

· The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department employed unverified and unvalidated online public access system (OPAS) and unvalidated case management system (CMS) to present the false pretense that Richard Fine (1824367) was arrested and booked at and by the authority of the non-existent Municipal Court of San Pedro.
· The Los Angeles Superior Court, where Mr Fine was in fact arrested, likewise employed unverified and unvalidated OPAS and unvalidated CMS, to present the false pretense of a March 4, 2009 Judgment for Contempt against Richard Fine in Marina v LA County (BS109420). In fact, such March 4, 2009 Judgment was never adequately verified by a judge, was never authenticated, and was never entered by the Los Angeles Superior Court as an honest valid and effectual Court Judgment.
· The US District Court, Los Angeles, where Mr Fine filed a habeas corpus petition Fine v Sheriff (2:09-cv-01914), likewise employed unverified and unvalidated OPAS and unvalidated CMS, to present the false pretense of June 29, 2009 Judgment denying the habeas corpus petition. In fact, new records (NEFs - Notices of Electronic Filings) from the US District Court case discovered by Dr Zernik and specifically referenced in his filings with the US Supreme Court, [5] showed that the US District Court never authenticated such June 29, 2009 Judgment and never adequately noticed and served it on Richard Fine.
· The US Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit, falsely presented a June 30, 2009 Denial of Richard Fine’s Petition - Fine v Sheriff (09- 71692), and a February 12, 2010 Mandate from the Appeal - Fine v Sheriff (09- 09-56073) both were never adequately served, noticed or entered as valid records by the Courts.

Accordingly, Dr Zernik’s April 20, 2010 papers filed with the US Supreme Court asked claimed that there was never any valid record as foundation for the imprisonment of Richard Fine, and that Richard Fine was therefore entitled to his immediate release.

In addition, Dr Zernik requested that the US Supreme Court issue a mandate to lower courts to establish their OPASs and CMSs as validated systems in the Local Rules of Court, as required by law.

Richard Fine has been held in solitary confinement since March 4, 2009. Prior to his imprisonment he had exposed and protested “not permitted” secret payments of about $45,000 per judge per year for over a decade to all Los Angeles Superior Court judges.
[6] During the same period, as Mr Fine had shown, it had become practically impossible to win a case in court against the payer Los Angeles County. On February 20, 2009, less than two week prior to Mr Fine’s warrantless arrest, the Governor of California signed into law “retroactive immunities” (pardons) for all judges who had taken the “not permitted” payments.

In recent submission to the United Nations 2010 Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights in the United States, Human Rights Alert and Dr Zernik highlighted the role of unverified and unvalidated OPASs and CMSs in the precipitous deterioration of integrity of the US justice system, and pervasive alleged abuses of Human Rights by the US government. The submission called for international monitoring of the California and US courts.


April 20, 2010 Receipts for Dr Joseph Zernik’s filings in Fine v Sheriff (09-A827) by US Supreme Court

[2] April 21, 2010
US Supreme Court unverified docket of Fine’s Application Fine v Sheriff (09-A827), showing March 12, 2010, denial by Justice Kennedy

[3] Listing of orders of US Supreme Court on or about March 12, 2010, failing to show denial of Fine’s Application Fine v Sheriff (09-A827)

[4] March 22, 2010 copy of the Application Fine v Sheriff (09-A827), obtained from the US Supreme Court file later than March 12, 2010, failed to show any note of denial by Justice Kennedy on the Application.

[5] April 20, 2010 Joseph Zernik’s Motion to Intervene and related filings in Fine v Sheriff (09-A827):

[6] Richard Fine a Review

[7] Human Rights Alert submission for the 2010 UPR of the United States by the United Nations.

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You go Nancy ....

Tea Party Rally April 15, 2010

Line Drawn in the Sand, produced and hosted by Nancy Lazaryan

Watch Tea Party Rally April 15, 2010 in Activism & Non-Profit | View More Free Videos Online at

This blogger, Steven G. Erickson meets up with Nancy Lazaryan in Minneapolis Minnesota at the NCMR Free Press Event 2008:

Text with above video:
SvenVonErick June 07, 2008More info, CLICK:

Nancy Lazaryan speaks with her co-host, from many public access broadcasts, that they have done together out of the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

This or other video clips might be used in our "In the Interests of Justice" documentary series co-produced by Steven G. Erickson and Francis C. P. Knize.

keywords: NCMR the national conference for media reform 2008 June 6 -8 Minneapolis Minnesota MN Dan Rather Amy Goodman Phil Donahue Body of War Bill Moyers Arianna Huffington Post independent media backpack journalists documentary producers Bill O'Reilly Factor Fox News

Other videos on liveleak:

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From the Norm Pattis blog:

Why Kagan And Company Aren't Right For The Supreme Court

The same edition of the New York Times that carried an assessment of the top three contenders for the imminent vacancy on the United States Supreme Court also carried a story that one of three Americans failed to return Census Bureau forms. I wonder whether there's a deeper moral in this innocent juxtaposition: Is the Supreme Court increasingly irrelevant to the lives most Americans live? Or, perhaps more to the point, are most Americans detaching from anything like a mainstream of common norms?

Elena Kagan, Diane Wood and Merrick Garland are three of the top contenders for the seat being vacated by Justice John Paul Stevens. Kagan is former dean of the Harvard Law School, and serves now as Solicitor General of the United States. Diane Wood and Merrick Garland are federal appellate court judges. They are part of the other, and affluent America; they are the sort of people who most likely returned their Census forms because they feel it is their civic obligation to do so. They are also as mainstream as one can get.

Each of the three contenders served as federal appellate court clerk, and, then, clerk to a United States Supreme Court justice. Kagan and Garland were graduated from the Harvard Law Review; Wood's academic roots are more modest: she was graduated from the University of Texas law school. All have experience as lawyers in the federal government, and all are legal academics. It appears that only Kagan has any experience in the private sector, working briefly at a white shoe firm, Covington and Burlington.

The Times makes much of the differences between the three. Ms. Kagan is seen by some as more concerned with gay rights than national security. Ms. Wood is considered by others to be hostile to Christians and too inclined to support abortion rights. Mr. Garland just might like big government and lean in favor of assuring that those accused of terrorism enjoy basic constitutional rights. Put another way, all could easily share the same limousine en route to a Georgetown dinner party.

And that's the problem. Each of these candidates sits atop the pyramid of Maslow's hieracrchy of need. Each has it all: affluence, fame, power. They lead privileged lives, far from need, far from foreclosure, far from the madding crowd that darkens the doors of almost every trial court in the land. For folks like this, the law is all about theory and legal doctrine. I suspect each would wet themselves if left alone with an actual client facing prison time for a crime he may, or may not, have committed.

I cannot fathom why President Obama finds it necessary to dip into the same cesspool of privilege for Supreme Court justices that has served the country so indifferently during the past three decades or more. Is this change?

Watching the debate about the nomination reminds me of appearing before a federal judge some fifteen years ago for several trials. The man was a distinguished intellectual. But he had never tried a case to a verdict as a lawyer. Appearing before him hurt: he tried mightily to do the right thing, but one sensed his discomfort in the rough and tumble world of need. In his world, clients had all the money necessary to do everything the law permitted. Most Americans make cost-benefit decisions about what they can and should do. The privileged rarely do.

Kagan, Wood and Merrick are all qualified to be Supreme Court justices. There is no doubt about that. But they are all also distressingly cut from the same cloth as members of the current court. Hasn't the president noticed, however, that this cloth is fraying? The tapestry of American society is becoming undone? We need new wine skins for the court; the skins old are bursting with the pressure of a nation polarized into worlds as different as Georgetown and Main Street, USA.

Why isn't the president looking among the ranks of the nation's Public Defenders for a justice? Or perhaps someone who has sat in a Legal Aid office counseling folks on how to keep their home? Why not a lawyer who has spent a decade of so facing juries, or explaining to clients just how difficult it is to overturn a verdict on appeal? It's easy for judges to regard trial error as harmless when they never face those harmed.

Change, the president promised. It is a promise unredeemed thus far in so far as judicial appointments are concerned. When it comes to the Supreme Court, its the same old cream churned into premium vanilla.

Is it any wonder many Americans ignored the Census? For many folks, reporting the details of their domestic life to a distant government feels alot like reporting to a foreign power. Kagan, Wood and Garland are each distinguished jurists. But they are also so far out of the mainstream as to live in a world apart from ordinary Americans.

Elena Sassower, Judicial Accountability

If Hillary Rodham Clinton's true record were investigated prior to her US Senate election, maybe she would not have been elected. Steven G. Erickson interviews Elena Sassower, Jan. 2008:

Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Tax Money to Fund Officially Corrupt Connecticut's Abuse Programs

Citizens who lodge police misconduct complaints, propose judicial reform, write critically in newspapers, or propose legislation police don't like, can end up on the Secret Police "Enemies List", be arrested on sight and then be railroaded to prison in a rigged court.

Rell Announces $3 Million For Law Enforcement Database
The Hartford Courant

The state's Division of Criminal Justice will receive $3 million in federal money to revamp its information technology system, Gov. M. Jodi Rell said today.

The improvements are part of an effort to create a statewide database that will allow law enforcement officials, including police officers, prosecutors and parole officers, to quickly share updated information on offenders, Rell said in a press release.

The $3 million initiative will lay the foundation for the comprehensive Connecticut Information Sharing System, which is expected to be completed by 2013.

-- Monica Polanco

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lawyer exposes Judicial Mafia

I decided to post all of this after talking with New York City Attorney Chip Kyle, the 15 minute audio interview posted on youtube:
We discuss all the topics and names in this post, and more.
-Steven G. Erickson

Elena Sassower on Judicial Corruption, Hillary Clinton, Eliot Spiter, New York Judge Wesley, George W. Bush, and more (Jan 2008 upload)

The Biggest Fraud Ever Pulled?

Text with video:
SvenVonErick January 22, 2010More info:

Keywords: Alex Kozinski, Countrywide Home Loan, Bank of America, bankster fraud, taxpayer bailout, public corruption, solitary confinement, Attorney Richard I. Fine:

"In the Interest of Justice", A Documentary Primer

Text with video:
SvenVonErick October 07, 2007

more information:
Dr. Richard Codero battles it out with Federal Judge Ralph Winters in Brooklyn, NY, Federal Courthouse on a national hearing on judges judging judges.

We need your help making more videos like this in our series, "In the Interest of Justice" series.

Image [found here]

Steven G. Erickson telephone interviews, videos, and more found:

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Imagine having Banksters stealing millions from you and a judge who conspired with them puts you in prison to cover up the crime. Richard Hettler doesn't have to imagine that. Law enforcement officials came to his house putting guns to his head telling him not to lodge complaints against the judge in his case.

Richard Hettler's testimony to Congress and the US Senate, regarding Petters and the Banking Scandals

[click here] for:

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Tom Petters, International Scammer, a Flight Risk

I just talked by phone with a victim who was swindled out of millions. He says Tom Petters probably bought one of his airplanes just with the millions, he stole from him. There are countless other victims, and complicit judges are the main culprits for this abuse being so blatant and widespread. US Congressman and US Senators, such as Patrich Leahy, have been informed of this problem. There are a number of us out to film and document these courageous efforts.

Tom Petters

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Los Angeles, California resident, Joe Zernick, exposes the precipice of the international banking scandal and crisis and talks about Attorney Richard I. Fine's illegal detention:

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Image [found here]

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Andrea Wilson, a Connecticut Judicial Branch former worker, exposes fraud, bid rigging, nepotism, racketeering, obstruction of justice, and the defrauding of taxpayers:

Text with video:
SvenVonErick December 23, 2009More information:

Although the video exposes abuse of the public in Connecticut, this is a nationwide problem. What can be gotten away with in Connecticut gives abusers in other states an idea of how far they can go ripping off the public and corrupting the system. It seems the US Constitution does not apply.

Without properly running, ethical courts, there are no checks and balances. Without a venue for citizens to lodge legitimate complaints and to get justice, there is no justice, and citizens are slaves to a Police State.

Links to go with above:

The above video may accuse the Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of obstructing justice and racketeering. Blumenthal calls himself the "People's Lawyer" on his webpage. He is willing to defend the state against lawsuits AND takes complaints of public corruption???!!! Isn't that a conflict of interest? A post on the CT Atty General:

When court workers bilk the public out of money and then pocket the cash, are these thieves arrested and prosecuted? The answer found her:
may surprise you.

A link to the above video was sent to the Connecticut Judiciary Committee legislators by email Dec. 23, 2009, to:;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Will there be any action at the Hartford Capitol in Connecticut?

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Disbarred Massachusetts Attorney, and former candidate for Massachusetts Governor, author Barbara C. Johnson, lets the cat out the of the bag about the national scourge of judicial misconduct and case court rigging, video and more:

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tauck V. Tauck: No End In Sight

Nancy Tauck

Peter Tauck

July 1, 2007: Rancor And Riches

Tauck V. Tauck: No End In Sight

In Record-Long Divorce Case, Wife Is Told To Complete Four-Week Alcohol Treatment Program

By LYNNE TUOHY | Courant Staff Writer
July 21, 2007

After three additional days of hearings this week in the record-length Tauck v. Tauck divorce case, the question of the "reasonableness" of $11 million spent to date on attorneys and expert witnesses is no closer to being resolved.

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Ron Paul Questions Ben Bernanke 4-14-2010

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This blogger's beef with Connecticut:

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Owning Your Own Labor?

Rob Kall of interviews Paul Craig Roberts on various subjects. Original audio I've uploaded to video, [found here on]

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Image [found here]

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Monday, April 12, 2010

More Bush lying fallout

NSA Wiretapping, Digital Economy Bill, Bonn Climate Talks - Sunday Update

Text with video:
corbettreport April 11, 2010Sunday Update is a public service of The Corbett Report podcast. Download the latest episode of The Corbett Report from the homepage:

Court Rejects Government's Executive Power Claims and Rules That Warrantless Wiretapping Violated Law

Democracy Now Covers NSA Wiretap ruling

New York Times Breaks The NSA Wiretap Story

Bush lies about warrantless wiretaps

Obama lies about opposing NSA wiretaps

Olbermann and Turley admit: Obama worse than Bush on wiretapping

Olbermann interviews Mark Klein

Homepage for CALEA Act

RT Covers Digital Economy Bill

38 Degrees campaign against Digital Economy Bill

Interview with Hannah Landsborough

TalkTalk will go to court if government tries to get them to turn off customer accounts

Bonn Climate Change Talks

Lord Monckton on Bonn Climate Conference: New treaty, new world government?

Rasmussen poll: Americans Skeptical of Global Warming Science

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USA State of Revenue Collection

I learned in the State of Connecticut police are about brutality, misconduct, and revenue collection, not about "protect and serve". Alex Jones talks about the situation in Ohio, and I assume the same crap is going on in all states.

I think it is more about laziness, incompetence, greed, and having too many people on the dole for how many taxpayers there are, more so than some big organized conspiracy.

The below link, is the US Government and courts acting in an organized conspiracy:

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Dodd v. Steward

Image of Martha Steward [found here]

Image of Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd [found here]

[Elena Sassower video on the subject of Hillary Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, George W. Bush and court case rigging]

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Michael Moore Told to 'Cool It' on Senator Dodd

Text with video:
ForaTv September 24, 2009Complete video at:

Filmmaker Michael Moore calls out Senator Chris Dodd in his latest documentary, Capitalism: A Love Story, for receiving corrupt sweetheart loans from Countrywide Financial. Moore discloses a recent phone call he received from a "well known, well connected" person around the Democratic Party to "cool it" on the senator from Connecticut.


Who are we and why do we behave the way that we do? Writer, director and producer Michael Moore has been trying to answer that question his entire filmmaking career. His latest film, Capitalism: A Love Story, investigates the powerful forces behind the calamitous predicament in which countless Americans are finding themselves: losing their homes, jobs and savings to foot the bill for past spending.

What is the price that America - and the rest of the world - pays for its love of capitalism?

From Middle America to the halls of power in Washington to the global financial epicenter in Manhattan, Moore takes filmgoers into uncharted territory as he tries to get to the heart of the matter. - Commonwealth Club of California

Michael Moore is an Academy Award-winning American filmmaker, author and liberal political commentator. He is the director and producer of Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, and Sicko, three of the top five highest-grossing documentaries of all time.

In September 2008, he released his first free movie on the Internet, Slacker Uprising, documenting his personal crusade to encourage more Americans to vote in presidential elections. He has also written and starred in the TV shows "TV Nation" and "The Awful Truth."

Moore is a self-described liberal who has criticized globalization, large corporations, assault weapon ownership, the Iraq War, U.S. President George W. Bush and the American health care system in his written and cinematic works. In 2005, Time magazine named him one of the world's 100 most influential people.

Also in 2005, Moore started the annual Traverse City Film Festival in Traverse City, Michigan. In 2008, he closed his Manhattan office and moved it to Traverse City, where he is working on his new film.

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Sexploitation of children and women growing in US?

Is America not far behind the Ukraine regarding these issues?:

Ukraine Booming Sex Industry

Text with video:
Ukraine has the fastest growing HIV-infection rate in Europe, alcoholism, drug users, child prostitution, child pornography and is currently one of the largest exporters of women to the international sex industry.

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Teen Sexting and US Children 4 Sale video exposing Connecticut Corrupt Courts, children becoming sex offenders and having to register as such for "sexting", and the assassination of Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer for having exposed State Police misonduct, CPS misdconduct, and for proposing fixing broken courts:

More information:

Text of email that I, Steven G. Erickson, sent to elected officials in Connecticut and to the Connecticut Judicial Branch brass:

I rarely get excited about any news or anything I read in the news or on the internet anymore.

There is always something disgusting that Connecticut government or courts are up to. In the bigger picture, similar scumbags are Supreme Court Justices, in Congress, in federal law enforcement, and in the White House.

WikiLeaks will take any smoking gun documents from government or corporate insiders to post on their site. If the Connecticut Judicial Branch is a taxpayer defrauding scam and elected officials like State Senator John A. Kissel are cheerleaders, and cover-up scumbags, for the official abusers, maybe We the People and disgusted insiders have some hope. Seeing John A. Kissel give Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan a free pass to continue being a psychopath judge harming families and the economy, I've just been totally disgusted. Kissel wrote me a return letter after I was railroaded to prison after exposing Kaplan's court and State Police for abuse of citizens writing letters to the editor in newspapers, and after asking Kissel to help me remove Kaplan as judge. Kissel wrote me in prison, "Life is unfair". Kissel should lose his property, have his family broken up, and he should have to defend his own asshole from being raped. I had to be willing to fight to the death in prison not to be raped. Kissel and Kaplan represent what is most wrong in Connecticut, and with the US Government ... Patriotism anyone?

By the way Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan committed perjury at his Connecticut Judiciary Committee re-appointment hearing to continue using the US Constitution as toilet paper in Connecticut courts as a Judge paid by taxpayers to abuse taxpayers and cause the most harm to children and families, taking taxpayers offline, one victim at a time.

Connecticut should have its own WikiLeaks webpage for exposing public corruption, judicial, DCF, and police misconduct. My post and their videos about

-Steven G. Erickson

P.S. no one should have to go to be prison and then terrorized out of a state just for exposing public corruption, police misconduct, judicial misconduct, and for proposing legislation to elected officials the police brass and judges like Jonathan J. Kaplan don't like. No one should get sentenced to a year in prison for resisting being mugged on his, or her own property, when sex offenders who are raping 3 year old toddlers are told prisons are too crowded to put them in.

Numbers 2, 3, and 4 videos to continue where Nancy Schaefer being interviewed by Alex Jones [click here] scroll down in post for videos

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Why Connecticut can't be trusted with the Death Penalty

2 African Americans spent 16 years in prison, each, for a murder they didn't commit. If it weren't for DNA, the sham that passed for a Connecticut prosecution, wouldn't have been exposed. Everyday, thousands are abused in courts in Connecticut. Most states could possibly be as officially corrupt as is Connecticut. This is harming the economy, and wrecking families. How much more can America take?

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My complaints to the USDOJ:

More information, video, text, transcripts:

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