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When is theft, not theft?

When government workers are already overpaid to do little, or nothing, it is okay if they steal too, right? No arrest, no anything for committing crimes, if a regular citizen steals even a candy bar or pocket change there could be arrests, fines, probation, and in some cases even prison! Why is there a separate, and unequal, justice system in the US?


4 judicial workers pay fines in scam

Published: Wednesday, December 23, 2009, New Haven Register

By Brian McCready, Milford Bureau Chief

Four state Judicial Branch employees, including an Orange woman, have paid $500 civil penalties to the Office of State Ethics for allegedly using their state positions to obtain financial gain.

The four employees allegedly overcharged the public for documents, and were forced to make restitution, according to OSE officials.

The four court workers are Kathy Jordan of Orange, Sharon Haas of Stamford, Deidre Clement of New Fairfield and Mary Fjelldal of Stamford.

According to the consent orders finalized with the Office of State Ethics Monday, all four are court monitors for the Judicial Department at the Stamford Court Reporters Office.

Court monitors record and transcribe proceedings in Superior Court, an OSE statement released Tuesday says. Despite a mandatory price schedule, each of the four allegedly overcharged members of the public for the reproduction of transcripts, according to the statement.

State law prohibits employees from using their public office or position to obtain financial gain for themselves.

“By overcharging requestors in excess of the amount allowed by the mandatory price schedule, the four monitors allegedly used their state positions to obtain financial gain. In the consent orders, the four court monitors deny any violation of the Code of Ethics,” the OSE statement says.

In addition to the civil penalties, Jordan, Haas, Clement and Fjelldal also agreed to reimburse members of the public $207.75, $371.25, $528 and $212.50, respectively, the amounts of the overcharges, the OSE statement says. As a further part of the settlements, each will provide a detailed invoice to all future requestors, specifying the per-page rate charged, the total number of pages and the total amount due.

“The Code of Ethics seeks, first and foremost, to prevent public officials from using their positions for personal, financial gain, beyond what the law allows,” OSE Executive Director Carol Carson said in the statement.

OSE spokeswoman Meredith Trimble said the issue was brought to their attention by another state agency. She said OSE would not have any control over whether the employees were disciplined.

“Regarding any agency personnel matters, we don’t know how this was handled administratively by their agency. That, we wouldn’t get involved in, because it is not under our purview. Our statute allows us to impose civil penalties, which we did,” Trimble said. “How agencies subsequently handle any ethics matters would be up to the management, HR department and in keeping with that agency’s own internal ethics policy, if applicable.”

Trimble said education is the key to ensuring abuses do not occur. The OSE has a number of training options to ensure that state employees know and comply with the ethics law, she said.

“We do free in-person training at state agencies, hold free quarterly trainings at our offices, offer free training DVDs to any requesting agency, provide an interactive, online training ... as well as a Web-streaming training video and plain-language guides to the Code of Ethics,” Trimble said.

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Oppression and Lessons from the Black Panther Party?

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World Powers out of Connecticut

Many of the richest, most powerful people live in Fairfield County, Connecticut. It is a short drive or train ride into the Financial Center, Manhattan, New York City. War Corporation money, Big Pharma, big wigs in the entertainment industry, and many others meet, socialize, and plot in a small area of Connecticut. Is this how the powerful still conduct their business, operating behind the scenes?:

Greenwich Settles Police Discrimination Case
Associated Press

GREENWICH, Conn. - Greenwich has agreed to pay $887,000 to settle a racial discrimination lawsuit involving several minority police officers.

Town officials revealed the terms of the settlement after the Board of Selectmen unanimously approved the deal Wednesday.

Insurance will cover the cost.

Five officers will split $167,649.

Lewis Chimes, an attorney who represented the five officers and three others who were not awarded damages by a jury, will receive $631,351. The balance of $88,000 pays court costs and expert fees.

The lawsuit was filed in 2006 by the officers, who said they endured a hostile work environment and were held back from special assignments because of racial bias.

A jury in July found the town allowed a policy or practice of discrimination on the basis of race.

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The former Stamford, CT, mayor's son can commit, or attempt, to commit armed robbery and may have operated a drug factory or drug distribution ring, and gets probation, not prison! Dannel Malloy is acknowledged as a contender for Connecticut Governor. Was his son's trial rigged for leniency because of the political power of the father? Are "little people" barbecued in courts when they just complain about public corruption and the abuse of the public by powerful? [more]

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Judicial Misconduct Exposed

What happens in Connecticut, often happens in the rest of the country eventually. Connecticut should be watched by the rest of the country to curb the "abuse the public" mentality of the US Courts and their minions who are elected officials.

Links to go with above:

The above video may accuse the Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of obstructing justice and racketeering. Blumenthal calls himself the "People's Lawyer" on his webpage. He is willing to defend the state against lawsuits AND takes complaints of public corruption???!!! Isn't that a conflict of interest? A post on the CT Atty General:

When court workers bilk the public out of money and then pocket the cash, are these thieves arrested and prosecuted? The answer [found here] may surprise you.

A link to the above video was sent to the Connecticut Judiciary Committee legislators by email Dec. 23, 2009, to:;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Uploaded Dec. 6, 2007:

Text with video:
Are Connecticut Judges being bribed in Cocaine?

Part 2 of the Judicial Branch's THE PUBLIC SERVICE AND TRUST COMMISSION, click here:

The above video was shot 12-6-2007 at the Bridgeport, CT, Superior Court.

It is a contination of the first meeting at the Connecticut Supreme Court:

Andrea Wilson, of Bethel, CT, really sticks her neck out. I don't yet know the name of the judicial branch employee who was 2nd to speak. Andrea is, or maybe now, was, a worker in the court library at Stamford, Connecticut, Superior Court.

My email:

Connecticut Judicial Branch Public Service and Trust Committee Members: * Honorable Alexandra DiPentima, Chair * Sandra Sosnoff Baird, Family Support Magistrate * Honorable Robert E. Beach Jr., Appellate Court Judge * Honorable John D. Boland, Superior Court Judge * Joseph F. Camilleri, Information Technology Division * William H. Carbone, Court Support Services Division * Honorable Patrick L. Carroll, III, Superior Court Judge * Honorable Thomas J. Corradino, Superior Court Judge * Attorney Joseph D. D'Alesio, Superior Court Operations Division * Honorable Nina F. Elgo, Superior Court Judge * Attorney Melissa A. Farley, Division of External Affairs * Honorable Roland D. Fasano, Superior Court Judge * Honorable James T. Graham, Superior Court Judge * Ms. Lisa Holden, Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence * Attorney Norman K. Janes, Statewide Legal Services of CT, Inc. * Honorable Clarance J. Jones, Superior Court Judge * Attorney Kevin T. Kane, Chief State's Attorney * Justice Joette Katz, Supreme Court Justice * Ms. Caren Kittredge, Public Member * Honorable Sandra Vilardi Leheny, Superior Court Judge * Honorable Douglas C. Mintz, Superior Court Judge * Attorney Joseph Mirrione, Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association * Attorney William H. Prout Jr., Connecticut Bar Association * Honorable Barbara M. Quinn, Deputy Chief Court Administrator * Honorable Kevin A. Randolph, Superior Court Judge * Honorable Antonio C. Robaina, Superior Court Judge * Attorney Kenneth B. Rubin, Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers * Honorable William B. Rush, Superior Court Judge * Attorney Michael T. Ryan, Connecticut Defense Lawyers Association * Attorney Mary Sommer Sandak, Attorney at Law * Honorable Dan Shaban, Superior Court Judge * Honorable Joseph Shortall, Superior Court Judge * Thomas A. Siconolfi, Administrative Services Division * Carolyn Signorelli, Chief Child Protection Attorney * Attorney Toni M. Smith-Rosario, Connecticut Hispanic Bar Association * Attorney Robert Stillman, Representative of the Connecticut Business and Industry Council * Attorney Susan O. Storey, Chief Public Defender * Honorable Hillary B. Strackbein, Superior Court Judge * Attorney Frederic S. Ury, Attorney at Law * Attorney Dawne G. Westbrook, NAACP * Alex Wood, Journal Inquirer * Attorney Jennifer Zito, Criminal Defense Association

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Standing up to the "Judencia", The Attorney Mafia

One of the alleged Connecticut Kingpins of the Judencia, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

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Governments are about confiscation, fees, and fines

City Threatens $2500 Fines for Challenging Traffic Tickets

Indiana: City Threatens $2500 Fines for Challenging Traffic Tickets
Lawyer sues traffic and parking courts in Indianapolis, Indiana over threatened $2500 penalty for contesting a ticket in court.

Motorists who receive minor parking or traffic tickets in Indianapolis, Indiana are being threatened with fines of up to $2500 if they attempt to take the ticket to court. A local attorney with the firm Roberts and Bishop was so outraged by what he saw in Marion County traffic court that he filed a class action suit yesterday seeking to have the practice banned as unconstitutional.

"The deck is stacked against the motorist," lawyer Paul K. Ogden wrote. "To penalize that person for seeking justice seems wrong. I know it is done for the purpose of discouraging baseless challenges to tickets and clogging the docket, but in the process you are also penalizing people who have a legitimate defense and want a chance to present it to the court."

The city made explicit the threat of additional fines for challenging parking tickets in a November 30 press release announcing a deal between Indianapolis and a private firm, T2 Systems, to hand over operations of a parking ticket court to increase municipal income.

"Using Six Sigma process improvement strategies, it is estimated that under this program the city may collect an additional $352,000 to $520,000 in parking citation revenue over the next 12 months," the city press release stated. "If citations are not paid prior to their scheduled hearing, the city may request a fine of up to $2500 per citation. Upon receiving a judgment for an unpaid citation, individuals responsible could be subject to collections actions or having their vehicle registration suspended."

In traffic court, Judge William Young has been making good on the threats by routinely siding with police officers in disputes and imposing fines of up to $500 on anyone who challenges a moving violation ticket, no matter how minor, and loses. Those who pay without going to court do not face this extra fine.

"Unfortunately what you have happen a lot of times is that judges aren't particularly worried about whether what they're doing may be violating the law as the odds of someone ever appealing a $400 traffic ticket is remote," Ogden wrote. "I see it all the time. Trial judges flouting the law knowing they are unlikely to ever be challenged on an appeal because the litigants can't afford it."

Ogden is specifically representing three motorists affected by court policies. Toshinao Ishii received a ticket for driving 63 MPH in a 55 zone in February. Had he paid the ticket without challenge, the fine would have been $150. After Judge Young sided with the police officer in court, Ishii was fined $550. Motorist Matthew Stone was told by his doctors not to wear a seatbelt over his chest as it could damage his cardiac pacemaker. He received a $25 ticket for wearing his seatbelt "improperly." After reading that he would face a $500 fine, Stone gave up his intention of challenging the citation. Adam Lenkowsky, who did not receive a ticket, attempted to attend a traffic court proceeding on September 23, 2009. He was barred from the court, despite the state constitutional requirement that court proceedings be open.

Ogden argues the court's practices in the first two cases violate the excessive fines clause of the state constitution as well as the clause requiring that "all penalties shall be proportioned to the nature of the offense."

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US "Obie Homeless Camps"

From Digusted with the System blog:

The below [found here]

Outrage over convicted divorce judge’s early release

By Thomas Tracy
Tuesday, December 8, 2009 9:09 PM EST

The fact that disgraced judge Gerald Garson will be home for the holidays is “reprehensible” and a “mockery of justice,” a group of divorced mothers and domestic violence survivors claimed Monday as they protested the convicted septuagenarian’s early release from prison.

“Money talks and Garson walks,” screamed Karlene Gordon as she and a handful of protestors from the Voices of Women Organizing Project (VOW) stood across the street of Brooklyn Family Court on Jay Street Monday afternoon. “Gerald Garson and his partner in crime Paul Siminovsky deceived, corrupted and destroyed lives with judicial immunity and protection. Sentenced to a county club, resort-like prison, then allowed to escape his judicial slap on the wrist, Garson’s early release from jail is a slap in the faces of those lives he irreparably destroyed,” she added. “He will complete his sentence, yet the families he injured, on so many different levels, are still serving the sentence this felon imposed on them. His victims continue to suffer in silence without justice or recourse.”

Gordon said she knows about suffering in silence all too well.

Ten years ago Siminovsky helped her ex-husband get full custody of their children under what she claimed to be bogus circumstances. She’s still fighting to get custody. The case was never re-opened, despite Simonovsky’s arrest and conviction for bribing Garson.

VOW, an assemblage of domestic violence survivors working to reform the New York Family Court system, said Garson’s arrest was an example on how domestic abuse victims are further abused when they are forced to stand in front of easily swayed jurists with dollar signs in their eyes.

In 2007, Garson was convicted of bribe receiving and receiving a reward for official misconduct after he was charged with throwing divorce cases to whichever lawyer could feed his hunger for fine food and pricey vacations.

Siminovsky was one of those lawyers. In fact, after he found himself in a spot of trouble, he offered to take part in the sting that took Garson down.

At his sentencing, Garson said that he was “profoundly sorry” for his behavior and that he was “appalled, embarrassed and ashamed” of his conduct.

He was sentenced to three to seven years in prison, yet a state law passed in 1997 allowed his sentencing to be reduced by one-sixth if he holds a “good prison record and accomplishes the milestones that were set for him,” a spokesperson for the New York State Department of Correctional Services said.

“There has been 30,000 inmates who have taken advantage of this small reduction,” the spokesperson said.

Garson was transferred from Mid-State Correctional Facility in Marcy, New York, to the Fulton Correctional Facility in Harlem back on October 2. He will remain in a temporary release program until his full release on December 23 -- six months early.

A spokesperson for the Kings County District Attorney’s office did not comment on Garson’s early release.

Last month, Michael Vecchione, chief of the DA’s Rackets Division, sent a letter to the New York Department of Parole, demanding that the early release be halted.

“This was an overwhelming case of greed, of selling his office for drinks, lunches, dinners and gifts and of violation of the trust the voters and citizens of Brooklyn placed in him,” Vecchione wrote. “He should serve all the time the law requires him to serve.”

Original Article-

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In the article above they mention Karlene Gordon. Karlene is my sister from a different mista (Photo Above in the red jacket) She asked me if I would post her entire speach..
Ummm yeah.. of course I will!

Here Goes... Karlene Gordon's Garson Speach in full!

Gerald Garson and his partner in crime, Law Guardian, Paul Siminovsky, deceived, corrupted and destroyed lives with judicial immunity and protection. These two felons preyed on defenseless families while disregarding the safety and well being of children and victims of domestic violence. Their success was guaranteed by misusing and abusing their trusted positions as the lawyer for children and the judgeship. Garson and Siminovsky were provided the ultimate protection from the law, by the law.

The same way in which the Securities Exchange Commission failed to protect the public against the likes of Bernie Madoff, the New York State Commission on Judicial misconduct and the Office of Court Administration failed to protect children and parents from the likes of Gerald Garson and Paul Siminovsky. Both of whom are now disbarred felons.

Sentenced to a country club, resort-like-prisons, then allowed to escape his judicial slap on the wrist, Garson’s early release from jail is a slap in the faces of those lives he irreparably destroyed. He will complete his sentence, yet the families he injured, on so many different levels, are still serving the sentence this felon imposed on them….his victims continue to suffer in silence without justice and recourse.

What is to be said of a judicial system that trivializes the destruction of our most vulnerable population by those with unchecked power.

We are here to denounce this mockery of justice by the Courts.

We will not stay quiet while this criminal element, Gerald Garson, is let loose... free to go home while the children he unconscionably sold to the highest bidding parents are still estranged and alienated.

We will not stay quiet while the parents from whom these children were stolen remain stigmatized, demonized and non-custodial...

We will not remain quiet lest our silence is misinterpreted as consent...

The countless complaint against Paul Siminovsky by Family Court litigants were never validated by any regulatory body. Although he was eventually found guilty of bribery and corruption, none of his Family Court cases were ever reviewed for the same offense.
Does this mean that lawyers and Judges are free to break the law in Family Court because there is absolutely no accountability... with cash, cigars and a hand shake, offenders are certain to escape prosecution.

Garson and Siminovsky were not prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but I, as one of Siminovsky’s back door paychecks continue to be persecuted by his corruption.

Where is the justice and early release for me, my son and all the other parents who lost custody and have been alienated from their children based on this 'custody for sale' scheme.
We are disgusted with the system and its abuses which are exhibited by its re-victimization of survivors of DV.

Although we, the Voices of Women and Advocates against DV, have made recommendation for DV training of Court personnel which to some extent have been implemented, there is still a lack of adherence and accountability.


I recommend that an outside body, comprising of survivors, advocates, civilians and other professional, be put in place to receive complaints of judicial misconduct.

This complaint review body must be transparent and available to the public, who will monitor those who routinely violate the rights of litigants 10 complaints of blatant prejudice, bias, disregard for the law or impaired judgment, must result in an investigation.

Those under scrutiny must step down from their positions pending the outcome of the inquiry.
I recommend that Judges, Referees, Magistrates and Law Guardians be subject to routine Psychiatric Evaluations by accredited psychiatrists, none of whom can be connected to the Courts.

The results of the evaluation must be available to the public.

Anyone found to be unfit must step down from his or her position

I recommend that Family Court discontinues its practice of providing batterers and abusers with the legal platform they need to continue their history of abuse.

Because we are witnessing


The question is..

How many lawyers and judges did these two convicted felons mentor and corrupt.


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Email in from Bill Doriss:

My comment on "Are Closing Arguments Necessary?", posted by Norm Pattis at, Dec. 12, 2009:

William Doriss said...

I wonder if Opening Remarks should be omitted as well? How about omitting the Examination and Cross-examination of witnesses, as we all know the defendant 'probably did it' and witnesses often lie 'under oath', even though we have sworn to regard him [the defendant] as 'innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt'? Why not dispense with criminal trials altogether, as it takes up just so much 'precious court resources'; the players are all 'overworked and underpaid'; the prisons are now overflowing and the states are running huge budget deficits which must be closed?

We also now know that the prison experience is non-'rehabilitative'. A guest on Talk of the Nation, NPR two days ago made the remarkable assertion that many prisoners [who are essentially non-violent] come out of prison more violent than when they went in. Many have no place to live, no job and minimal-to-nonexistent skills. Many employers will not hire ex-convicts. Would this not be the case in the alleged Cheshire perpetrators, Hayes and Komisarjevsky? Has anybody thought that perhaps the State itself may have some cause to share blame for the post-prison behavior of these two monsters? Does anyone seriously think that the State itself will entertain this hypothesis?

My Question is this: If Mr. Pattis's client loses, does he [the now convicted defendant] have cause for appeal based on the lack of 'the effective use of counsel'? After all, are not the Closing Arguments a standard part of the criminal process itself? Does the Defendant not have a reasonable expectation that his attorney will at least go through the motions, as the other participants (judge, prosecutor, witnesses, experts and finally jury) go through their respective rituals? To simply sidestep the onerous and distasteful task of making a closing argument may in fact be described as a 'dereliction of duty'.

Don't get me wrong. I am saying that it is, but this novel idea could well be viewed as such by others. Personally, I think the whole criminal 'justice' enterprise is an archaic, inexplicable relic from a bygone era. It does not work, simpley. It is cumbersome, Byzantine to the nth degree, inefficient and simpley Unfair. Why as an advanced civilization we tolerate this institution which cannot do what it is supposed to do, which piles charges onto unsophisticated, undereducated, poorly represented and occasionally innocent, unfortunate members of society is beyond me.

The symbolisms are all wrong: the massive Corinthian columns as you enter a building better suited to be a museum; the judge in black robes, sitting high on a lectern where she can 'look down' on all participants. The requirement that she be called 'Your Honor' is simply alien to the ideals of a democratic republic. Why would anyone voluntarily go into this kind of work? I choose to make an 'honest living' in this lifetime instead of wrecking individual lives, families, businesses, neighborhoods and communities on a daily basis,...often without warrant, probable cause, or common sense.

The legal profession today is largely run by a cartel of arrogant pseudo-sophisticated, pseudo-educated, dishonorable men and women who themselves are ignorant of the 'law' and unable to follow their own rules and regulations with any kind of consistency, oversight or accountability. As I told the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, April 3, 2008: "If this [district court] decision is allowed to stand, this will send a signal to the State that it can charge Anyone with Any crime, Anywhere, Any Time--without true oversight or accountability--and get away with it in real time." I felt that way then, I feel that way now.
December 14, 2009 4:39 AM

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William "Bill" Doriss calls in:

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VIDEO: US “Obie Homeless Camps”

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In by email:

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Judicial Misconduct

Before the Supreme Court of the United States is case # 09-7660 ,a civil case attempting to hold the Court to limits as defined by Constitutional and Statutory Law .

In the Eleventh Judicial District of Illinois , Woodford County ,in a civil case ,an individuals civil and constitutional rights were denied as the third judge in the case ,first two Judges were recused after review by the Judicial Review Board , did deny multiple requests to have all proceedings recorded ,did state that no motions or petitions as filed by the individual would be heard ,did illegally incarcerate the individual without regard to Habeas Corpus ,did knowingly ignore Illinois state statutes, and not only violated due process of Law ,but denied equal protection under the law.

Failure to obtain substantial Justice in state courts lead to suits being filed in Federal Court under Title 42 United States Code standard 1983 .This suit asks for Relief of all orders made in violation of the Law ,that Due Process of Law be allowed ,and further issue relief as the court deems appropriate .

The Federal District Judge in the Case stated that although the Court does not know the details of the case that a Judge performing Judicial Functions enjoys absolute immunity and further stated that a Jury would not be allowed in the case .The appellate court without allowing a brief supported this order .While a Judge performing Judicial functions may enjoy Immunity ,denial of constitutional and civil rights are absolutely not a judicial function and conflicts with any definition of a Judicial function.

Response to denials were Motions to reinstate using the Constitutional Articles as a major Guide ,along with the Judges Oath of Office ,and canons of Judicial Code of Conduct .The responses also included page after page of case law where both appellate courts and the Supreme Court did hold judges accountable when their knowing and willing actions fell outside the boundries of their job description .That failure to follow simple guidelines of their post makes a judge’s action no longer a Judicial act but an Individual act as the act represents their own prejudices and goals . Case Law also states that when a judge acts as a trespasser of the law , when a judge does not follow the law ,he then loses subject matter jurisdiction and the Judges orders are void ,of no legal force or affect .

In a limited government ,a government limited by the constitution, the violation of a citizens rights should never be justified due to the overriding government goals or objectives ,and that no branch of the government be allowed to extend it’s power beyond it’s legal limits .

The above issues are one of the outstanding reasons why the framers of the constitution installed Trial by Jury as the Seventh Amendment .In a government of the people is it not a threat to our way of life to allow Government actors to ignore the guidelines that define their power .

Stephen Ulrich

4028 Illinois Apt.12

Peoria Hts. Illinois 61616

309 648 8839

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Tell All Book

"Behind the Black Robes: Failed Justice"

a book written by former candidate for Massachusetts Governor and disbarred Attorney, Barbara C. Johnson. She tells it like it is in the below audio interview recorded on youtube, posted at bottom. An attorney can be disbarred and end up in prison if he, or she, acts in your best interest, not in the interest of a corrupt judicial system. Barbara is now in Costa Rica and allegedly a Supreme Court Justice requested a signed copy of her book. Barbara Johnson talks about that and more below.

Last 11 minutes of interview with Barbara Johnson, 12-4-09

Uncut, one and a half hour, 20 minute, Steven G. Erickson interviews Barbara C. Johnson, 12-4-09:

[click here] for post on Barbara Johnson, called:
Looters' Pretend Justice System and Barbara C. Johnson

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