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Citizens for Judicial Accountability


Citizens all over the US allegedly have been killed and/or jailed just for exposing judicial corruption and misconduct. It is time to HALT this abuse.

CJA goes beyond the facade

To show you the denial of fundamental rights by judges and lawyers who place themselves not only above the law, but beyond the law, with actual cases of individuals, stories of lawyers and judges who failed to conform, and with reports issued by courts and by organizations, demonstrating an urgent need for judicial reform in the civil justice system, that operates as an independent branch of government is wholly unaccountable, is broken, is totally unregulated, can be unjust and unfair and can ruin you.

CJA examines

the basis of judicial power, the closely guarded judicial independence - without any accountability,
and control over the Bar - to which generally all attorneys practicing law in the state must belong. Shown is the fact that in Florida the State Supreme Court exercises powers over the Bar which are not within the judicial branch and are in violation of the constitutional separation of powers - which is generally the case throughout the country.

CJA explores

the history of the Bar and the evolution of the judiciary into the most powerful branch of
government to the detriment of the public. The ineffective self regulation of the Bench and Bar is
self evident from the dismissal of, 97% of the complaints against lawyers, 99% of the complaints against state court judges, 100% of the complaints against federal court judges, less than 2% of the cases are tried and 65% of the appeals are rubber stamped without explanation, reversal is a rarity.

This Website is constantly updated and new material is added.
See: News and Articles;
These Are Not Isolated Cases of Corruption, But Selective Prosecution
The Objective is to Show a Trend in the Legal System

The Public Hearings by the New York Senate Judiciary Committee on Judicial and Lawyer Discipline Was
to Testify Please Call 518-455-2788

For the Hearings Held on June 8, 2009
replete with testimony on the corruption
For the Hearing Held on September 24, 2009

This shows you the unbridled corruption that takes place in full view of governmental bodies

Florida Grand Jury to Probe Statewide Corruption

EJudge Rises to Chief Judge of the State Through Lawyers in the Legislature, Payback Through Fiduciary Appointments

A Critical View of Fiduciary Appointments the Corrupt Guardians

HALT Finds Lawyer Discipline Deteriorated See Lawyer Discipline Grades
Blasts State and Federal Systems for Failing to Hold Judges
- Judicial Accountability Report Card
You Can Vote on all the State and Federal Court Judges at
Lawsuit Climate Where Does Your State Rank? by Institute of Legal Reform

An Easy to Read Edition of the Federalist Papers in Modern English - The Separation of Powers, A Foundation of the U.S. Constitution - Edited by
Mary Webster

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All rights reserved GENERAL DISCLAIMER

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I, Steven G. Erickson, would consider being an East Coast Correspondent video producer for Leslie Dutton:

Leslie Dutton’s Summary

A civic activist since 1972 on community, state and national issues. Have extensive experience as an executive for a number of issue and educational organizations and as a public affairs account executive I represented major clients on issues dealing with the media, government agencies, state legislature and Congress.

As producer and host, I created and developed the Full Disclosure Network in 1992 starting on one cable channel in Santa Monica and expanding distribution to 45 cable channels plus video streaming public affairs programming from Internet websites.In 2002 I received a Southern California Emmy Award for a public affairs series (Host and Producer) from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Professional goal is to develop partnerships with emerging new media companies in order to expand the Full Disclosure Network coverage and viewership.

Leslie Dutton’s Specialties:

Program development, television production, talent recruitment,

Leslie Dutton’s Experience

  • Executive Producer & Host

    Full Disclosure Network

    (Educational Institution; 1-10 employees; Broadcast Media industry)

    March 1992Present (17 years 11 months)

    Independent public affairs cable and Internet television programming that is distributed on 45 cable system and video streamed from internet websites .

  • President

    American Association of Women,

    (Education Management industry)

    June 1984Present (25 years 8 months)

    A research and education organization, tax exempt un 501 (c) (3) of the IRS Code. The mission of the AAW is to encourage women and the general public to become knowledgeable in the governmental process and to be involved in the debate on public policies.

Additional Information

Leslie Dutton’s Websites:

Leslie Dutton’s Honors:

2002 So. California Public Affairs Emmy Award (Academy Television Arts & Sciences)
1997 Silver Angel Award for "Americans No More" from Excellence in Media
1996 Gold Angel Award from Excellence in Media
1996 South Bay Producers Guild Award for Programming Excellence
1995 South Bay Producers Guild Award for Programming Excellence

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Blogger Paul Crissman said...

I was arrested by a corrupt trooper Matt Sweet who fabricated evidence for a crime that never happened. I had to stay in prison for 479 days waiting for my trial. The Judge Dudley Anderson made sure that I would have to go to my trial without any evidence. I was found guilty by this corrupt evidence and the DA showing pictures of my poor housekeeping skills, a violation of rule 403, "creating unfair prejudice". I tried to appeal this, but no matter what I do, it appears that all my 3 lawyers have taken a bribe to make me lose this. My appeal was rejected. I'm a CRIMINAL now, and 3 years later nobody in the justice system will look at the evidence that proves that this crime was made up by a punk, the state police fabricated a story for the punk, and the cops did a SEM gunshot residue test on me far out of the test parameters. I set up a web site with all my evidence of PA corrupt justice.

Monday, June 02, 2014 11:23:00 PM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

would like to talk to you and post and audio interview. Please email me at stevengerickson AT yahoo dot com and allow me a week to get back to you. That is how often I check my email.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014 9:03:00 PM  

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