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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Manhattan DA: Oral Sex Demand OK for Lawyers, But Not For Cops

Cop convicted for demanding oral sex to ditch summons for woman
The New York Daily News by Melissa Grace - January 16th 2010

A city cop was convicted Friday of official misconduct for offering to rip up a summons in exchange for a sex act. Wilfredo Rosario, 41, was tossed into jail after the jury's verdict when prosecutors asked the judge to revoke his bail pending an upcoming rape trial. "Jail is appropriate," Assistant District Attorney John McConnell said. "He is facing much more serious felony charges." Eight years ago, Rosario issued a ticket to a 26-year-old woman for being in Riverside Park after hours with a male friend. He asked her whether she was a virgin and offered to shred the summons if she would perform oral sex, she testified. She made a complaint the next day, but the allegation didn't become public until 2008 when another woman accused Rosario of sexual abuse. He faces up to a year in prison on the official misconduct rap but could get 25 years to life if convicted of a 2003 rape and two sex abuse charges. The officer, who has been suspended, will also be fired from the NYPD. "We certainly don't agree with the jury," defense lawyer Steven Fusfeld said.

CLICK HERE TO SEE RELATED STORY, "U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Asked to Appoint New York Ethics Prosecutor"

Holder's Ethics Straw: Sexual Assaults and Harassment by Politically Connected Attorneys - The Civil Rights violations of two specific New York cases are most troubling for the nation's chief law enforcement officer. One victim, Luisa Esposito, says her former New York attorney, Allen H. Isaac, allegedly sexually abused her and wanted oral sex in exchange for his legal representation. Attorney Isaac's political connections were apparently good enough to not only thwart the attorney ethics complaint against him, but to keep him from getting arrested. As one Manhattan District Attorney Police Detective advised Ms. Esposito, "... phone calls were made.... favors were called in...... sorry...." That police detective had previously advised Ms. Esposito that he was going to make the arrest. Ms. Esposito's evidence is quite compelling: she has audiotape proof, and her story has been televised on various TV programs.

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Do White Male Cops Get Away With Rape And Sexual Abuse of Children? Well Martha Coakley in Massachusetts seemed to be okay with a police officer raping a baby, a toddler 23 months old with a hot curling iron. If I was a voter in Massachusetts, I would vote for Scott Brown for US Senate, just for Martha Coakley, bowing to political influence, and trading ethics and political favors disrespecting the US Constitution and the best interest of the public. The story of Keith Winfield [click here]

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