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Prison for being self-employed?

Prior to 9/11, I was asked by police to be one of them, or to work as an informant in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Police wanted to infiltrate any groups where citizens where citizens were independent and outspoken. Police wanted to eradicate anyone who was self-employed or owned a small business who was not affiliated with their police and town hall mafia.

In Stafford Springs, Connecticut, the State Police didn't like an artist and his wife who sold G-rated art out of their shop. The cops wanted another type of business and that downtown location so the police harassed and terrorized the couple out of Stafford. Another man who was not quite White owned a pizza parlor. That man dated White women with whom the State Police felt they had dibs on. So the Pizza Parlor owner was terrorized and run out of town. I owned rental properties and had built a contracting business over 2 decades. I found out police had been listening to all my phone calls, trolling my internet usage, and have been following me around to my jobs, wherever I ate, shopped, or had work done on my vehicles. They intended on using me to break laws for them and help collect revenue, run rackets, confiscate property, ruin legal gun owners and the self-employed.

Does it make sense to use tax dollars to make taxpayers into non-taxpayers. Does it make sense to use taxpayers to house honest citizens in prisons? I worked my entire life to raise a family, own a home, and work towards retirement. For that police targeted me, not a criminal who raped a 3 year old, drug dealers, prostitutes, and actual criminals. I was treated worse for being self-employed than a man already in trouble who raped a 3 year old. Being self-employed cause my family break up, my prison sentence, loss of home, loss of everything. The American Dream has been stolen by offshore criminal bankers and corporate organized crime.

Lawyers, police officers, elected officials, the Mafia, bankers, and corporate organized crime are all in bed together and they are wrecking America and every country they have their greedy little fingers in. We have the numbers, yet we are raped by these elite everyday of every year. Are we the people that stupid that we will just let this continue?

[Getting Made in the Cop Mafia]

[If Connecticut Governor would be okay with this, would he care if Connecticut State Police covertly shot children at Sandyhook School in Newtown Connecticut to end the 2nd Amendment]?

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Text with below video:

US Corporate Infiltrators Dismantle Governments Worldwide
The elite with their bankers and international corporate organized crime operatives are out to dismantle the constitutions and government of all nations. Police, the military, and the rubber stamp on the abuse, courts, all have their wagons circled against we the people no matter what nation you live in.

US taxpayers are paying for their own abuse. We are paying for our own abuse.

Much of what is on RT America can be considered BS. [Thom Hartmann] is a shameless Democrat and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton supporter. Republicans are equally as bad. Both political parties in the US have sold out to the offshore elite.

I contacted Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy's office. [my letter] Leahy does not interfere with operations between branches is what I got back from his office. The real answer is that he has sold out. You can look Leahy up on the IMDb database. It is for those in the corporate movie industry. Leahy was in Batman movies. State and federal elected officials have mostly sold out to get elected. Corporate and international money flows into campaigns. It is money stolen from you and then used against you.

If you want to know about more on these subjects, check out other videos on my channel. Or check out [this blog]

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Trayvon Martin is the Poster Child for the Weak-minded to do Elite Bidding?

Steven G. Erickson's channel [click here]. 

I placed the below comment to [this posting on]:

George H. W. Bush is nothing more than a cocaine and heroin king pin. When the former leader of Panama allegedly owed Bush cocaine money, US troops invaded Panama and arrested Noriega for drug trafficking and went to Miami Florida prison. Bush is a CIA scumbag and so is his son and so is Obama. US Troops catch bullets and absorb bombs for international bankers and corporate organized crime. US Troops do not protect average American interests and freedoms and uphold the US Constitution. US Troops are to dismantle the US Constitution and to help the elite tyrants reduce our populations, enslave, and rob us. The Travon Martin case being spouted off about 24/7 in the corporate organized crime media is a distraction. It is to inflame the weak minded. Those who have robbed us, want us to fight amongst ourselves and then ask the tyrants to take away the rest of our rights and give up more of what we thought was ours for their blessings. We the people are under siege. In Stafford Springs, Connecticut, the FBI, CIA, State Police and their contractors were having surveillance cameras and microphones strung from poles pre-9/11. Alleged FBI contractor Bruce Brown told me that if I told other citizens about he spy program I could be killed or jailed for life. Brown was also a fireman and threatened me with indefinite detention pre-9/11. Word search Steven G. Erickson. Police were out to investigate and put out of business farmers, restaurant owners, bar owners, landlords, contractors, and the self-employed. 100% spying does not make us safer, it makes us slaves. Your masters want you to loot, burn, protest, and commit crimes in the name of Travon ... because most of you out there are just that stupid.

[Steven G. Erickson's saga, picture, video, and contact information, click here]

The Police State makes scumbag, lying, theiving lawyers like Ellington, Somersville, Stafford Springs, Rockville, Vernon, Connecticut area Attorney  Michael H. Agranoff richer:

The FBI is out to arrest and prosecute those who provide tips in, more so, than going after the actual criminals. The FBI has asked me nothing about the below, nor have I seen any evidence that they care to:

Sunday, July 21, 2013

James Walbert to Bill Windsor of Lawless America

Should the government be able to chip and track you without you knowing? Should you be radiated and be tested by the government or their contractors without your knowledge? Should you be domestically spied on and abused 24/7? Well, some people, like the gentleman below are fighting back. Are you?

Prostitute Patron running for New York City Comptroller?

CNN host Eliot Spitzer who was the former New York State Attorney General and Governor might no be best known for spending $5000 or more to get laid. As attorney general, Spitzer would go after prostitutes, prostitution establishments and brothels, and all those involved. Can you say "Hypocrite"?

Former representative Anthony Wiener allegedly was taking his cloths off and doing his version of sexting online. So, Wiener and Spitzer are probably good to be on the same ticket together. I don't know if they will run as independents are start their own whore party.

John Oliver Mocks Spitzer-Weiner New York Redemption Tour - The Daily Show - July 17, 2013

Text with video:

Published on Jul 17, 2013
John Oliver Scorches Spitzer-Weiner New York Redemption Tour: 'Surprising Everyone With Their Solid Polling' - Daily Show guest host John Oliver had some fun tonight going after Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner for their reentry into New York politics

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What is the real push behind the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman case?

In a nation with the NDAA, the Patriot Act, and covert international corporate organized crime and banker declared secret Martial Law, is there really any justice? [NSA spying in the real world]

Have you seen this website:


Text with below video:

RT America asks me about Zimmerman/Martin 
This video is what it is like to get an email to be on air, possibly worldwide, and then get put on the spot to answer questions on an issue that is currently a topic in our short attention span theater news, unprepared.

I woke up this morning and was surprised to get an alleged email from Karaseva Ekaterina from RTTV, [ live]. I really think the Travon Martin and George Zimmerman murder case verdict in Florida is small news compared to the international banker and corporate organized crime occupation of the US. I think all the wars that are needlessly being fought is the real news. I do not know if there will be a caption under what I said if it appears on RT News, such as "Steven G. Erickson, Brattleboro, Vermont USA".

I wonder if it will be made to appear that I am answering the on air personality's questions, not the person I actually talked to. I did not have time to adjust the focus, white balance, or any of the manual functions of the high definition camera with XLR cable inputs. I just fired it up as I got the call on my Skype on my old Windows XP mobile laptop.

So, an un-showered, ill prepared, unshaven Steven G. Erickson may have appeared worldwide on RT.

I found it odd that RT was contacting me to comment on that particular case. I find it odd that they would want me to go out possibly live, worldwide, on their network on this subject. I am not versed in the law, and have not been keeping up on this case on the international corporate organized crime news networks.

My thoughts can easily be assertained by my two more recent blog posts here on [this blog] and here on [this blog].

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