Saturday, August 30, 2014

Joining the American "Gee-I-Had" Movement

The US Pentagon has been using is stolen trillion taxpayer dollars to offer police departments stolen property, military equipment to bolster the international banker and corporate organized crime cartel's stealth invasion and armed occupation of America and most of the world.

Jihad is something else altogether. [Wikipedia definition]

- a wife
- a daughter in my life
- pets (a dog and a cat, mine were given away after I was railroaded to prison)
- furniture, kitchen table, my own mattress
- greeting cards, birthday cards, and invitations in the mail (I now get phone calls from family members who still talk to me to tell me that I am NOT invited to family gatherings and reunions, and was told not to call or stop by family member's homes who were close to me before I was imprisoned for resisting being mugged on my own property, my dark driveway)
- credit
- retirement
- gun permit (license to carry concealed weapons, pistols) and ownership of guns
- contractor's license
- belief in the American Dream and American "Justice"
- houses I was current on the mortgage on and a vacation ski condo in Vermont
- European vacations
- a contracting business built over decades and rental properties fixed up from a boarded up condition
- health insurance
- contractor friends and status in my community
- my father and sister talking to me and inviting me to their houses
(My father feels he has to call the state police if he finds out my address, the name and address of a woman I am dating, or where I have a job so police can have someone call to get me fired)
- clean criminal record
- ability not to have my license plate scanned where police just pull me over and harass and threaten the crap out of me, saying they have to contact the Connecticut State Police
- a closet of my own
- nice clothes
- appliances, washer and dryer, snow removal equipment, lawnmower, and a garage fully loaded with tools
- being considered "a catch" by the opposite sex
- ability to travel to Canada and other destinations
- ability to pass a background check to get most jobs, apartments, and even a rental car
- regular dental care
- ability to live or just walk around somewhere police won't tell me I will be arrested if I do not make a bee-line back to Brattleboro, Vermont
- ability to wake up and think about my bright future to wonder if each day will be my last due to being killed or disappeared by police or their operatives
- privacy
- ... too much to list

All of the above was taken away from me, Steven G. Erickson, by the Connecticut State Police, a slimeball judge, and a rigged court system.

I served Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy and Connecticut elected officials with a letter to see if the above will be the legal precedent for ALL AMERICANS. [Post with Video]

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This is what 24/7 domestic spying is now going to look for the rest of you:

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