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The Disparity of a State's "Questionable Justice"

WILLIAM Coleman, center, is flanked by attorneys William Murray and Aubrey Ruta at Superior Court in Hartford Thursday. (AP PHOTO/BOB CHILD / January 29, 2009)


Hunger-Striking Inmate Attends Court Hearing

By MARK SPENCER | The Hartford Courant
January 30, 2009

William Coleman, appearing gaunt from his 16-month hunger strike, listened intently in Superior Court in Hartford Thursday as a prison doctor testified that he ordered the inmate force-fed to prevent permanent organ damage, or even death.

Coleman, a native of Liverpool, England, is challenging the Department of Correction's bid to have Judge James T. Graham make permanent a temporary injunction he issued in January of 2008 that allows the state to force-feed the inmate. Coleman was sentenced in 2005 to eight years in prison for raping his wife, a conviction he says was an unjust outcome of a corrupt judicial system.

Coleman, wearing a tie and a white, button-down shirt that looked several sizes too big, waved and smiled to a handful of supporters in court. His sister, who had traveled from England this week, was supposed to have been among them. Instead, Nandy Allen was at Hartford Hospital. She collapsed while visiting her brother Wednesday at the Osborn Correctional Institution in Somers moments after embracing him for the first time in years, family members and friends said.

In court Thursday, Assistant Attorney General Ann Lynch said the prison had an obligation to protect Coleman, who has repeatedly said he is willing to starve himself to death, and a duty to preserve stability in the state prison system.

"Allowing an inmate to die — absent intervention by the state — could have a profoundly detrimental effect on other inmates," Lynch said.

Coleman's attorney, William E. Murray, of Edwards, Angell, Palmer & Dodge, said his client was not using violence or terror to make his point, "but rather the peaceful hunger protest used by Gandhi." The length of the hunger strike illustrates Coleman's commitment, Murray said.

"Most of us cannot imagine going without solid food for 16 hours," Murray said in his opening statement. "Yet, here sits a man who has done so for over 16 months."

Dr. Edward Blanchette, clinical director for the state Department of Correction, described an odyssey that began in September of 2007, when Coleman stopped eating solid food. The inmate's weight dropped steadily during the following months as he sustained himself by drinking water and occasionally milk or juice.

During a time when Coleman was housed in the infirmary at MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution in Suffield, regular prison meals were left in his cell in an effort to break the hunger strike, Blanchette said. Medical staff suspected but weren't certain that he occasionally ate something.

For a time, Coleman's weight stabilized after he agreed to take an energy drink three times a day, but he stopped all liquids in September, the one-year anniversary of his hunger strike.

Blanchette, the only witness to testify Thursday, said Coleman weighed 237 pounds at the beginning of the hunger strike, and was 139 pounds when he ordered the inmate to be restrained and given fluids intravenously in September.

"He told me directly [that] he would pull out the IV if he wasn't restrained," Blanchette said.

Later, Coleman twice was given nutrition via a tube inserted through his nose and into his stomach. He resumed using the nutritional drink after the second tube feeding and now weighs in the mid-150s.

Coleman's ex-wife accused him of rape while they were divorcing and fighting over the custody of their two sons. Coleman says the charge was fabricated and that his sons are being "abused" by being separated from him. Convicted in a jury trial, he has exhausted his appeals, other than a long-shot habeas petition.

Carol Kinsley, a friend of Coleman's who traveled from Rhode Island Thursday to attend the hearing, said she does not want him to die, but hopes the media attention the hunger strike has generated will lead to a re-examination of the case.

"He's stable, he's competent and he's intelligent," Kinsley said. "He has the right not to be force-fed."

Murray said Coleman will testify, likely next week, about what he hopes his hunger strike will accomplish.

David McGuire, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut who also is representing Coleman, said the inmate has the right to free speech and to refuse medical treatment.

"It's clear that inmates lose some of their rights when they go into prison, but not all of them," McGuire said.

My comment posted on the Hartford Courant website for this above article:
Maybe the man in this story is not guilty of anything.

Connecticut only seems to have admitted one court "mistake" in over 2 centuries. Tillman, convicted of rape, spending almost 2 decades in prison was released and paid off. He's the exception.

You have police investigators sending racist emails to each other taking pictures of dead minority citizens, putting chicken bones and watermelon seeds in the scene, putting racist captions underneath and emailing each other. You have a Trooper flying a helicopter after making terrorist threats to kill other police officers and destroy aircraft at an airport blowing it up.

You have judicial branch whistleblowers coming forward about bid rigging for court cleaning services, alteration and the destroying of evidence on court hard drives, case rigging, retaliation, nepotism, and the defrauding of taxpayers. The accused abusers in the system, sat on the panel hearing the whistle blowers. The whistle blowers were terrorized by private investigators, were threatened, and were either suspended or fired.

Coleman was processed through this "system".

* * * *
* * * *

William "Bill" Coleman can get almost a decade in prison for allegedly raping his wife during a custody battle over children.

Some women in similar situations are cunning, conniving, and almost willing to do anything to keep a Father of children away from them, seize all assets, cash, and property, and ruin the Father, so he is unable to see the children again, or even ends up in prison. [click here] for Chris Kennedy and Bill Cosby on the subject of fatherlessness and fatherhood.

I see that vindictive mothers and ex-wives are capable of just about anything, over and over.

Chris Kennedy's ex-wife stabbed him during a custody dispute in Connecticut. His wife was awarded full custody of the children while she was awaiting court hearings on her felony first degree assault charges. Chris complained, so the charges against Leanne Putnam were dropped so that Chris Kennedy could face a $500,000 bond after being arrested and facing 30 years in prison for his having accidentally checked the wrong box on a family court financial form.

After I was sentenced to a year in prison for having resisted being mugged on my former Connecticut property in Stafford Springs, I read while in prison, that a habitual criminal gang member had raped his girlfriend and was give probation, no prison! I also read where a habitual, youthful offender got 10 years of probation, no prison for armed robbery!

I had to "re-enter" society after having resisted being beaten up, fearing for my life, I ended the beating I was taking with pepper spray. The felon, would be mugger, was not even arrested. Now I am labeled an "Ex-con" unable to get most jobs and apartments. I was current on 3 mortgages and had a small business built over 2 decades at the time I was falsely arrested. My prison sentence ended the relationship I had with my daughter.

A US Marine, Stephen Murzin, coming home to the State of Connecticut and witnessed a man, Phillip Inkel, being beaten up at the Colchester, Connecticut, McDonald's by police. Inkel had witnessed a teen being beaten up at the same Colchester McDonald's and lodged a police misconduct complaint. The teen had been beaten up by police for wearing baggy pants. Inkel was being beaten up for lodging a police misconduct complaint. Murzin lodged a police misconduct complaint, so police abducted Stephen and his brother Ian and beat them at Troop K, Connecticut State Police HQ.

Ian may have been strangled to death and then revived by police at Troop K. For complaining about the beating and police brutality, police paid Todd Vashon [video, Vashon under oath], a state registered police confidential informant $10,000 to kill Murzin and Inkel. [story with video]

When Vashon got cold feet informant, David J. Taylor, a felon on probation stabbed Murzin 13 times along with two other people. A Connecticut Judge and prosecutors saw no need to violate Taylor on probation for almost killing 3 people.

But police were so upset with Murzin having caused a disturbance being stabbed, when he woke up alive in the hospital with 13 stab wounds he was arrested by police and faced 6 months in prison for his "offense".

So, even if Coleman is guilty of raping his wife, his sentence isn't consistent with others.

If police, judges, prosecutors, and defense lawyers act like they do above, who really should be in prison for eight years, Coleman, or the police, prosecutors, and judges mentioned above?

-Steven G. Erickson

* * * *

[click here] for photo montage of Connecticut Public Corruption

* * * *

Victim on Secret Police Enemies List, Stephen Murzin speaks about various incidents

* * * *

Kenneth Krayeske, former Green Party campaign manager for Connecticut governor, and a journalist, was placed on the Connecticut State Police "Secret Enemies List" and was arrested on sight. So, in the "New America" you can be arrested on sight, spied on, terrorized, and imprisoned for Free Speech, your politics, or just because you are in the way of police, judges, or corrupt politicians. [more]

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Prosecuting George W. Bush domestically and/or internationally



2400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20008

Telephone: (202) 483-6960
Fax: (202) 234-4508

The United States Information Service (USIS) office in Asuncion is on the Web.

The Embassy of Paraguay is located on "Embassy Row," on Massachusetts Avenue.

* * * *
* * * *

Text of email to Paraguay Embassy in Washington, DC:

To whom it may concern:
It has been alleged that George W. Bush and his family members bought property in Paraguay because Paraguay doesn't have an extradition treaty with the US, and Bush could flee the US to Paraguay to avoid extradition and prosecution. Will you answer my questions posed to you, so I may post your answer on

If US citizens in the US travel to Paraguay is it possible to sue George W. Bush for damages his Presidency caused to US citizens to seize ownership of his properties if there is a judgment in your civil court system in our favor?

Does Paraguay recognize the International World Court, The Hague? If so, and if George W. Bush is in Paraguay, could George W. Bush be extradited to the Hague for prosecution for Crimes Against Humanity, for War Crimes, and for the murder of US Citizens due to his lying the US into a ground war with Iraq ?

Please get back to me with answers ASAP.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box Eight Seventy-Four
Brattleboro, VT 05302 USA

Supreme Court Justice For Sale?

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas image stolen [from here]

This Quote, in the below text, [from here]:
In The Los Angeles Times, we learn that Bush fave Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas "has accepted tens of thousands of dollars worth of gifts since joining the high court, including $1,200 worth of tires, valuable historical items and a $5,000 personal check to help pay a relative's education expenses."

A guy we pay nearly $200,000 a year can't pop for his own tires? Whatever happened to the dignity of the robe? At least we know where our possible future chief justice stands: on the side of personal corruption.

"He also took a free trip aboard a private jet to the exclusive Bohemian Grove club in Northern California - arranged by a wealthy Texas real estate investor who helped run an advocacy group that filed briefs with the Supreme Court," the paper said.

The L.A. Times reviewed the disclosures of all nine justices for the years 1998 through 2003 and found that "Thomas accepted $42,200 in gifts, making him the top recipient. Next in that period was Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who accepted $5,825 in gifts, mostly small crystal figurines and other items."

Clarence Thomas follows Antonin Scalia's lead on the law. Why not also on ethics? Justice Scalia defended taking his relatives on a ride on Air Force Two to Louisiana with Dick Cheney to go duck hunting, even though the v.p. had an important case before the court, by saying that it would have been a "considerable inconvenience" to fly commercial.

Going through a blistering confirmation hearing where his inappropriate behavior was questioned didn't teach Clarence Thomas much. Can we hope for anything better from Mr. Gonzales after he's waved through to be the man in charge of enforcing our laws?

Complete piece:

Don't Torture Yourself (That's His Job)
Maureen Dowd
The New York Times
Thursday 06 January 2005

The Associated Press headline that came over the wire yesterday said it all: "Gonzales Will Follow Non-Torture Policies." You know how bad the situation is when the president's choice for attorney general has to formally pledge not to support torture anymore.

Alberto Gonzales may have been willing to legally justify something that was abhorrent to everything America stands for, but it's all relative. Given that Mr. Gonzales is replacing the odious John Ashcroft, Democrats didn't seem inclined to try to derail the Hispanic nominee, even though his memo fostered the atmosphere that led to disgusting scandals in Abu Ghraib and Guant?namo.

Just to get things started on the right foot, though, Mr. Gonzales planned to go the extra mile and offer the quaint, obsolete Senate Democrats a more nuanced explanation of why he called the Geneva Conventions "quaint" and "obsolete."

Before he helped President Bush circumvent the accords and reserve the right to do so "in this or future conflicts," you had to tune in to an old movie with Nazi generals or Vietcong guards if you wanted to see someone sneeringly shrug off the international treaty protecting prisoners from abuse. ("You worthless running dog Chuck Norris! What do we care about your silly Geneva Conventions?")

How are you to believe Mr. Gonzales when he says he's through with torture? His mission is clearly to do whatever he thinks Mr. Bush wants.

All gall is divided into parts, so what's next?

The Commerce Department nominee promising that giveaways to big business will be done with subtlety?

The Environmental Protection Agency nominee promising that the toxin content in water will never rise to Yushchenko level?

It's comforting to start the new year in the hands of a party that cares so much about morals and values.

Tom DeLay and oily House Republicans inaugurated their new term by gutting ethics rules just in case any of them get caught in whatever misconduct they are plotting.

Rummy continued on his oblivious, dissembling path, refusing to admit that he's tapped out the Army and broken the Army Reserve with what Lt. Gen. James Helmly, the frustrated chief of the Army Reserve, calls "dysfunctional" policies. We've gotten so numb on Iraq that when eight American soldiers and over 80 Iraqi police officers get killed, when the governor of Baghdad gets assassinated, and when our puppets plead with Mr. Bush to delay the elections, it all seems like just another week of pre-election maneuvering.

In The Los Angeles Times, we learn that Bush fave Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas "has accepted tens of thousands of dollars worth of gifts since joining the high court, including $1,200 worth of tires, valuable historical items and a $5,000 personal check to help pay a relative's education expenses."

A guy we pay nearly $200,000 a year can't pop for his own tires? Whatever happened to the dignity of the robe? At least we know where our possible future chief justice stands: on the side of personal corruption.

"He also took a free trip aboard a private jet to the exclusive Bohemian Grove club in Northern California - arranged by a wealthy Texas real estate investor who helped run an advocacy group that filed briefs with the Supreme Court," the paper said.

The L.A. Times reviewed the disclosures of all nine justices for the years 1998 through 2003 and found that "Thomas accepted $42,200 in gifts, making him the top recipient. Next in that period was Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who accepted $5,825 in gifts, mostly small crystal figurines and other items."

Clarence Thomas follows Antonin Scalia's lead on the law. Why not also on ethics? Justice Scalia defended taking his relatives on a ride on Air Force Two to Louisiana with Dick Cheney to go duck hunting, even though the v.p. had an important case before the court, by saying that it would have been a "considerable inconvenience" to fly commercial.

Going through a blistering confirmation hearing where his inappropriate behavior was questioned didn't teach Clarence Thomas much. Can we hope for anything better from Mr. Gonzales after he's waved through to be the man in charge of enforcing our laws?

------- for more on Gonzales, please see:

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[click here] for:

State Police "Mob Hits", "Pay to Play" for Gambling Racketeers, etc?

Steven G. Erickson's main blog The Stark Raving Viking [found here]

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Open letter to Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy

Senator Patrick Leahy,
I am posting this open letter to you on the internet and would like to post your response on my Judicial Abuse blog [found here].

I’d like to pose the “Obama question” on prosecuting George W. Bush and his co-conspirators now that Barack Obama has been elected US President.

Can [this blueprint], authored by Vincent Bugliosi, be used to go after George W. Bush and other domestic, and international criminals, who perpetrated the illegal act of waging a ground war in Iraq, causing the deaths of so many Americans serving in Iraq? If lies were told for a ground war, aren’t the culprits responsible for the deaths resulting, and shouldn’t these “perps” be prosecuted for murder here in the US?

Should the entire US Senate and Congress be asked to view Phil Donahue's documentary, "Body of War", to analyze failures and what can be done in the future for us not to make the same mistakes in our US government responses to a perceived threat and information used to get a "predictable" and manipulated response? Phil's documentary is proof of crimes committed by Bush and Co., I ask Phil about arresting George W. Bush in [this video].

My second question is, if I can prove there is too much public corruption in the Connecticut legislature, namely the Judiciary Committee, and the Judicial Branch in Connecticut is being run in an unethical, illegal, and is defrauding federal taxpayers, can we discuss [this] in an official Senate Hearing in front of you and other Judiciary Committee members? I believe it is not possible to get remedy in Connecticut from elected officials and in the courts in Connecticut. Will you hear me, Chris Kennedy on the national scourge of fatherlessness and judicial abuse, documentary producer Francis C. P. Knize producer of "In the Interests of Justice" series, Richard Hettler, Elena Sassower, and others out regarding judicial misconduct, abuse, and allow us to offer solutions to these problems?

Please advise. Please acknowledge receipt of this email to you.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box Eight Seventy-Four
Brattleboro, VT 05302

* * * *

Leahy's official webpage [click here] (
Judicial Abuse: Nepotism and Corruption in the Connecticut Judicial Branch?

Judicial Abuse: From

22nd January 2009 15:26:20

Safari 1.2

Returning Visits:
Entry Page:
Exit Page:
Referring URL:
The Hague Zuid-holland Netherlands (
Judicial Abuse
Judicial Abuse

* * * *
* * * *

added January 23, 2009, 10:00 AM EST:

Letter to Vermont Congressman Peter Welch asking for help prosecuting George W. Bush internationally and/or in America

Diary Entry by Steven G. Erickson

Vermont US Congressman Peter Welch's [website]

Text of letter I sent to Peter Welch:

Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations

I respect what you are doing.

Now that Barack Obama is in office, and Bush out of office, I'd like to make a request of you.

If the World's Court, The Hague, can be recognized by the US, is it possible to extradite George W. Bush and his co-conspirators to the International Court for causing unnecessary American deaths in a ground war the US was lied into in Iraq and for war crimes committed, to be heard in the World Court? Will you introduce a bill in Congress to recognize the world court?

Will you introduce legislation to investigate George W. Bush and his co-conspirators for murder in the US using Vincent Bugliosi's blueprint found here:

I'm an author on the website and am going to publish this open letter to you there. If you go there, you can do a word search on your name to find the post.

I would like this case reviewed by the Government Oversight and Investigations Committee:

Should any US citizen ask local and state police for help with the problem of prostitution, crack cocaine, heroin, vandalism, and rampant crime, be told to shut up, and then terrorized out his/her home, told he/she is kicked out of a US state, and then railroaded to prison? Should police pay informants to kill and beat up those who lodge police misconduct complaints, example:

Should police align themselves with drug dealers, prostitutes, and other criminals to target and retaliate against citizens who are vocal and politically active?

I went to local elected officials when I lived in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and told them I was to sue police for violating my civil rights, proposing Civilian Oversight of Police legislation, and was also vocal in letters to the editor printed in major newspapers. The Connecticut State Police answered any correspondence I thought I had, privately, with local elected officials. Police told me to shut my mouth, that I couldn't propose laws regarding police without their permission, and that I was kicked out of Connecticut. I was railroaded to prison shortly after resisting being mugged on the property I used to own. The false arrest and rigged trial, should be looked into.

Now that George W. Bush is out of office, is it possible for citizens now to get actual justice in America?

Please let me know by mail or email. My phone number is no longer good as I was not able to pay the bill.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box Eight Seventy-Four
Brattleboro, VT 05302

Steven G. Erickson is a freelance cameraman, blogger, photographer, documentary producer, screenwriter, sometimes journalist, and can and will travel anywhere if the terms are right. His objective is to reform America's courts, creating a "People's Grand Jury" system, exposing and fixing public corruption, corporate abuse of the public, and punishing police, official, prosecutorial, judicial, and attorney misconduct.

[The above, posted here on the OpEd New website]

* * * *
* * * *

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Holding the Culprits of 9-11 Profiteering Accountable?

The image of Bernie Sanders was stolen from [here]

Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders, a professed Socialist, is interviewed by Rob Kall of OpEd News. [OpEd post]

Mr. Kall's text with above video:
"Rob Kall and Bernie Sanders talking Economics

Rob Kall interviews Senator Bernie Sanders (I- VT) on:

-how big companies that are too big to fail are using bailiout money to get bigger

-on investigating who and what caused the economic crisis

-on investigating people who profited from 911

-on where's the bottom-up in the bailout"

* * * *
* * * *

Text of email I just sent to Bernie Sanders:

Sir, I just watched a video of you being interviewed by Rob Kall of and would like to commend you.

I am posting this open letter to you [here].

I would like to see those who were involved in profiteering from 9-11 on, brought to justice. I would also like to see those who caused the unnecessary deaths of our US Troops in the ground war in Iraq brought to justice and charged with murder here in the US. If we weren't lied into war, they would not have been so much suffering, death, and our US economy wouldn't be in shambles.

If George W. Bush and his co-conspirators aren't brought to justice, we could eventually have a regime similar to Saddam's here in the US. Please help us and the US to make sure it doesn't happen. Let's make it so that George W. Bush is the first American President to be arrested, hauled off in handcuffs, fingerprinted, has his mug shot taken, and is then ferried by paddy wagon or prison barge to the appropriate lock down facility or prison. Let's make sure his co-conspirators are similarly situated.

I also would like you to look into [this constituent complaint for remedy].

Steven G. Erickson

Post Office Box Eight Seventy-Four
Brattleboro, VT

Bush/Cheney Indict Vote Brattleboro, VT 03-04-08

* * * *

What about doing something about lying, lawbreaking lawyers? [click here] for an email into me on that subject.

[click here] for:

Letter Complaining to CT Atty Gen about Attorney Michael H. Agranoff

Attorney Michael H. Agranoff

Attn. Attorney General and/or staff:

Subject: Docket # CR01-0074672,
Rockville Court, Connecticut, 20 Park St.

* * * *

[click here] for Bill Cosby, Chris Kennedy, and others on the subject of Fatherhood and Fatherlessness. Post includes links to videos.

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Lawyers have a separate set of rules and laws for them


State Attorney Pays Fine In Ethics Case

Associated Press
11:40 AM EST, January 21, 2009

A Connecticut state government lawyer has agreed to pay a $1,000 fine for posing as an anonymous whistleblower in a letter that played a role in her boss' firing.

The Office of State Ethics says Maureen Duggan, former attorney with the old State Ethics Commission, failed to conduct herself "in a manner which promotes the integrity and impartiality" of the commission.

Duggan has admitted she wrote a 2004 letter pretending to be an anonymous parking lot attendant, raising misconduct concerns about then-state Ethics Director Alan Plofsky. She says she feared retaliation.

Plofsky was later fired. He denied all charges and appealed to a state panel that reinstated him, but not to his old job. He retired in May 2008.

Duggan now works for the Department of Children and Families.

AP-ES-01-21-09 1137EST

* * * *
* * * *

The above lawyer is paid 6 figures in a taxpayer paid salary. She should at least be able to tell the truth, not manufacture evidence and commit felonies as a public servant. It is an abomination that she is only fined $1000!

* * * *
* * * *

What about arrests and prison for behavior like this?:

Attorney, prosecutorial, judicial, official, and police misconduct is an "art form" in the state of Connecticut and too many other states. There are two classes of people. Those that get taxed, arrested, and live in a "State of Fear" and there are those who run the "State of Fear" with immunity from arrest and prosecution, what US Constitution?

MAUREEN DUGGAN, right, addresses the committee reviewing misconduct charges against her related to a fraudulent letter she wrote in 2004 while a staff lawyer with the State Ethics Commission. The letter led to the firing of ethics chief Alan S. Plofsky. Her lawyer, Hope Seeley, is at left. (BOB MACDONNELL / HARTFORD COURANT / November 5, 2008)

Ethics Case
State Agency Lawyer Apologizes For Faking Identity

By JON LENDER | The Hartford Courant
November 7, 2008

A state agency lawyer apologized Thursday for posing as a parking lot attendant in a letter in 2004 that led to the firing of state ethics chief Alan S. Plofsky, a deed she said was "out of character for me."

"I ... humbly apologize," Maureen Duggan told a three-member committee in Hartford reviewing misconduct charges of "fraud and conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice."

The committee, a sub-unit of the Statewide Grievance Committee for lawyers, has 60 days from Thursday's hearing to approve or reject a settlement under which Duggan would accept a reprimand and take nine hours of ethics classes.

Duggan, a $105,000-a-year attorney at the state Department of Children and Families, must keep her law license to keep her state job. The reprimand, proposed by chief disciplinary counsel Mark A. Dubois, would preserve the license and avert disbarment or suspension.

Duggan's lawyer, Hope Seeley, asked the panel to approve the proposal, saying she has never had a client "more remorseful ... or more publicly humiliated." Seeley and two witnesses said Duggan is honest, diligent, kind and a "Super Mom."

Duggan said the experience has been "extremely humiliating, embarrassing and humbling."

The Courant disclosed May 18 that Duggan had written the letter in August 2004, when she was a staff lawyer for the State Ethics Commission working for Plofsky. In the intentionally misspelled missive, Duggan claimed to be a parking lot attendant and alleged irregularities at the ethics agency's office but wrote, "I want to be anonimus."

A week after ethics commission members received the letter in 2004, Duggan and two co-workers filed sworn "whistle-blower" complaints alleging misconduct by Plofsky. He was fired the following month based on those complaints, including claims he ordered a tape destroyed and improperly ran up compensatory time.

In her sworn complaint, Duggan referred to her own letter as "an anonymous letter" as if someone else had written it. Thursday's panel members — lawyers Shari Bronstein of Southington and David Channing of Rockville, and non-lawyer John Walsh of West Hartford — asked no questions about that aspect.

Walsh did ask why Duggan hadn't immediately availed herself of "whistle-blower" protections — as she and her two co-workers ultimately did — instead of first writing the letter under the false identity. Seeley said Duggan "was pushed to desperation and her judgment was impaired."

Plofsky denied all charges and appealed to a state panel that reinstated him, but not to his old job. He retired in May.

Seeley argued that issues raised in the "anonimus" letter were found valid by auditors, and Duggan "felt she had no viable alternatives" to hiding behind a made-up character: "She feared retaliation by Plofsky; she was ... concerned about her ability to support her family if she were fired, as her then-husband was not working at the time."

Her ex-husband, lawyer Steven Regula, had a shorter hearing Thursday on misconduct charges related to Duggan's testimony that he mailed the letter to ethics commission members. Dubois recommended dropping the charges because of a "marital privilege" barring her from testifying against him. His lawyer, Richard Brown, said Regula never read the letter. A decision is due in 60 days.

* * * *
* * * *
My Comment posted to the above on Topix:

This is how attorneys in Connecticut act everyday, on and off the taxpayer payroll.

Police, Judge, prosecutors, and too many "working" for taxpayer dollars are getting away with Maureen Duggan behavior everyday.

A post that says it all highlighting Connecticut State Trooper recruits called, "Young, Armed, Dangerous, Horny":

What passes for public service in Connecticut is beyond ridiculous

* * * *

Is the "DCF Specialist" Michael H. Agranoff the worst, most corrupt, and most incompetent lawyer in Connecticut?

[click here] for information on Stafford Springs and Ellington, CT, area Attorney Michael H. Agranoff

Is Connecticut Attorney General too busy having his toenails painted or giving his former law partners millions in no bid contracts to do anything about scheister lawyers? [pic and post on Blumenthal and toenail painting]

My still unaswered complaint to Connecticut Attorney General Richard "Dick" Blumenthal [click here]

This blogger's email:

Blogger's "Fair Use" of copyrighted materials notice [click here]

Monday, January 19, 2009

Only getting rid of Woman, Minority, and Judges who break ranks?


Postscript: E. Curtissa R. Cofield
State Officials Eager To View Recording Tied To Judge's Arrest

By EDMUND H. MAHONY | The Hartford Courant
January 19, 2009

Judge E. Curtissa R. Cofield (MICHAEL KODAS / HARTFORD COURANT / April 26, 2007)

The case of E. Curtissa R. Cofield, the Superior Court judge accused of using racially charged language during her drunken driving arrest, has slipped off the news pages in recent months. But that could soon change.

Two state institutions, both with extraordinary influence over judicial appointments, have begun looking into the circumstances of Cofield's Oct. 9 arrest on Route 2 in Glastonbury, according to a half-dozen lawyers and other officials familiar with the matter.

The attention of both institutions is focused on what the officials have described as a potentially explosive video recording of Cofield made at the Glastonbury Police Department. Although the recording has not yet become public, sources have said that Cofield, who is black, spoke in a racially demeaning fashion with police officers involved in her arrest.

The state Judicial Review Council, which is empowered under state law to punish judges for unprofessional conduct, has opened an investigation of the circumstances surrounding Cofield's arrest, the officials said.

The council has the authority to issue a subpoena compelling Glastonbury police to provide it with the recording. If the council has not yet obtained the video, it is almost certain to do so in the near future, the officials said. Ross Garber, council chairman, refused to discuss the matter.

Meanwhile, the co-chairmen of the legislature's Judiciary Committee, which has oversight power over the courts, have begun quietly negotiating with police and prosecutors in an effort to view the recording themselves, the officials said. The legislature has subpoena power of its own, but committee chairmen Rep. Michael P. Lawlor, D-East Haven, and Sen. Andrew J. McDonald, D-Stamford, prefer not to exercise it, the officials said.

Lawlor declined to speak in detail about efforts to view the recording.

Should the council or the legislature obtain the recording, the officials familiar with the matter said it is likely to become public.

Cofield is being advised by two lawyers on possible disciplinary issues, the officials said. Neither lawyer could be reached to discuss the matter.

Officials familiar with the request by Lawlor and McDonald said the legislators want to review the recording to decide how, or if, they should proceed against the judge. The council is expected to examine the recording as part of its effort to determine whether probable cause exists to discipline the judge.

If the council concludes that probable cause exists, all evidence contributing to that conclusion, including video records, would become public as part of a subsequent proceeding to decide whether to discipline her.

Between them, the council and the legislature have a variety of disciplinary options at their disposal. Those options run from reprimand to removal.

According to a state police incident report, Cofield drove her 2003 BMW X5 into a state police cruiser, which was parked and protecting a construction zone. Cofield was taken to the Glastonbury police station for processing and was charged with driving under the influence and failure to drive in the proper lane. Her comments were captured on a video and audio monitoring system at the Glastonbury police station.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Judges, some are public abusers for life


Judge's Narrow Confirmation Reveals Flaws In Evaluation System

By MARK PAZNIOKAS, The Hartford Courant
January 18, 2009

The Senate's confirmation of a Superior Court judge by a single vote last week exposed old tensions over how Connecticut judges its judges.

The case renewed questions about the judiciary's ability to evaluate, monitor and counsel judges whose impartiality and temperament become suspect.

And it laid bare the ill-defined standards and uneven approach legislators employ in deciding when to exercise their authority to end a judge's career.

"What is the measure we will use to throw someone out?" Sen. John A. Kissel, R-Enfield, asked Wednesday night as the Senate debated the fate of Judge Patricia A. Swords.

To the consternation of the judges, who are subject to reappointment every eight years, it is a question the legislature has never fully answered.

As Swords learned this past week, politics, personalities and luck play a role. She survived when one senator — after a chance encounter with the judge — reconsidered her opposition, creating a tie.

After Lt. Gov. Michael C. Fedele broke the tie to confirm Swords for a second term, a question lingered:

Why couldn't the legislature have amassed enough evidence to tilt the scale decisively for or against the judge?

"Should we completely overhaul our process? Should we have a much more systematic evaluation?" asked Rep. Michael P. Lawlor, D-East Haven. "Maybe the time has come for that."

Longtime Tension
As separate and equal branches of government, a tension has existed between the legislature and judiciary in Connecticut since lawmakers began to increase scrutiny of judicial reappointments in the 1980s.

The relationship reached its nadir in 1989 with the suicide of Judge Richard C. Noren after his reappointment stalled during a contentious confirmation hearing. Noren was forced to withdraw after legislators concluded that he lied to them about the circumstances of a drunken-driving arrest.

Eighteen months ago, Superior Court Judge John R. Downey's nomination to the Appellate Court failed after lawmakers were dissatisfied with his explanation for comments he made about illegal immigrants. Suspicions that he had tried to deceive them lingered.

Gov. M. Jodi Rell declined to reappoint him this month to the Superior Court, convinced he could not be confirmed.

"I've heard judges say they dread coming back up for reappointment. I'm certain it's not comfortable for them," said Sen. Andrew McDonald, D-Stamford. "But by the same token, it's a position of extraordinary power and influence, and it can't go without review or evaluation."

But that review is spotty.

Other than a questionnaire, the legislature dedicates no staff or resources to the evaluation of judicial candidates unless a controversy arises.

"It's kind of the luck of the draw if you are going to get someone to complain about you," said Lawlor, the long-serving co-chairman of the judiciary committee, which conducts confirmation hearings.

A state-appointed legal panel, the Judicial Selection Commission, screens new candidates for the bench and incumbents up for reappointment. But their proceedings are secret.

The judiciary has fought previous efforts by Lawlor and McDonald, the other judiciary co-chairman, to get access to Judicial Selection files when considering judges for confirmation.

Jon L. Schoenhorn, a defense lawyer who testified against Swords at her confirmation hearing Tuesday, was surprised that legislators were unaware of objections to Swords that he made to Judicial Selection last spring.

The Swords Case

Swords, 58, a former Tolland County state's attorney, came before the legislature last week with no reason to suspect her career was in danger.

The limited evaluations the judiciary conducted were mediocre, but she faced no disciplinary proceedings, no allegations of misconduct and no assertion that she was physically or mentally incapable. There were grumblings among defense lawyers, mainly expressed anonymously, that she favored prosecutors.

Schoenhorn's on-the-record complaint involved a single case: In 2002, she refused to grant a continuance when he took over a case on the eve of trial for a critically ill attorney. Swords later acknowledged that probably was a mistake.

But she had been judged competent by Judicial Selection, although the panel took the unusual step of conducting two formal reviews of Swords before approving her.

To the judiciary committee, her record did not generate great confidence. But it did not did overcome the presumption in law that judges deserve confirmation.

By a 23-17 vote, the judiciary committee recommended her reappointment Tuesday night. Lawlor and McDonald each called their decision a close call. Lawlor supported her; McDonald opposed her.

On Wednesday, the House voted 100-41 to confirm her, heeding Lawlor's suggestion that the evidence against her was insufficient to overcome the presumption for reappointment.

But in the Senate, Swords faced another problem: Sen. Eric Coleman, D-Bloomfield, a soft-spoken lawyer not given to histrionics. In the Democratic caucus, he urged rejection based on her reputation for unfairness and on his own experience in her courtroom.

A Bad Experience
Swords had deferred to a prosecutor in 2003, jailing Coleman's client for violating the letter of a restraining order obtained by the mother of his child.

Rather than use an intermediary, the man dropped off the boy at the mother's house after a visit; another time, he stopped at the house and left a new lunch box for his son by the door.

Coleman argued that the man's behavior fell into a gray area: His client made no attempt to contact the mother, and instructions given to his client were unclear.

The Appellate Court agreed, though even that rebuke highlighted a positive for Swords: It was the only one of 25 appealed decisions on which she was reversed.

McDonald backed Coleman, although he expressed sympathy for Swords. He noted that she was a judge for more than four years before the Judicial Department gave her any "meaningful feedback" that attorneys complained of deficiencies in her demeanor.

The news prompted her to get greater supervision and monitoring. "In fact, she is to be commended for the fact she reached out for help," McDonald said.

Patrick Carroll, the deputy chief court administrator, said the new chief justice of the Supreme Court, Chase T. Rogers, has stepped up the monitoring and mentoring of new judges.

"It's not something we do cavalierly or take lightly," Carroll said.

Sen. Joan Hartley, D-Waterbury, the legislator who switched her vote to save Swords, said the scare of her close, contested confirmation may be constructive for the judge and judiciary without sacrificing a career.

McDonald said the case should prompt reflection at many levels.

"I think at all levels of the review and approval process we can do a better job of ensuring that candidates are properly prepared and vetted before being returned to the bench," he said. "They deserve it, and the public deserves it

* * * *
* * * *

[click here] for previous post on Judge Swords, Howard Scheinblum, Jonathan J. Kaplan, and questionable judges.

Public Corruption, Attorney and Judicial Misconduct are present because there is a lack of an effective Grand Jury System. The need for a strong Grand Jury system, and the process explained [click here]

* * * *

[click here] for:

Anatomy of a Political Scumbag?


* * * *

This blogger's email:
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

"We appoint judges who are dishonest"

"We appoint judges who are dishonest" Vote NO to Judge Swords‏
Sent: Wed 1/14/09 8:04 PM

I watched today as Representatives in the House voice their support of Judge Swords and as I saw Rep. Hovey twist the truth from the judicial committee hearing the night before I was reminded of her support for abusive judges in the past. It is unacceptable to reappoint judge Patricia Swords and put our families through 8 more years of absolute tyranny by such an abusive judge. A vote for this judge, condoning what she has done to the families in Connecticut would send a clear message that there is no hope for justice or children in this state

In opposition to the delay and investigation to reappointment Judge Howard Scheinblum, Judicial committee Public Hearing March 6, 2006

REP. HOVEY: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Before you, I'm not sure what the protocol is, do you want to close the public hearing? I have a comment I want to make.

REP. LAWLOR: Oh, sure, I can close the public hearing. No problem, it's okay.

REP. HOVEY: Okay, I just wanted to say that I respect the, respectfully object to the delay in the votes on these judges because it's my understanding that the delay is due to one of the nominees specifically.

And, from my perspective, we've appointed and appraised judges who have had significant issues with demeanor.

They're arrogant, pretentious and even dishonest, and that we have recently approved a judge who knowingly put children back into harm's way instead of using their judicial latitude to protect these children.

And the particular individual that we had earlier today, I believe the terms willful neglect and this or that about their circumstance, personal circumstance.

And what I would say is, someone who sits on this Committee with a--

[Whereupon, the hearing was adjourned.]

Chris Kennedy
314 Jobs Hill Rd
Ellington, CT 06029

* * * *
* * * *

[Connecticut] Renomination Battle
Judge Barely Survives Senate Vote

By MARK PAZNIOKAS | The Hartford Courant
January 15, 2009

Lt. Gov. Michael C. Fedele broke a tie vote in the Senate on Wednesday night to save the career of Superior Court Judge Patricia A. Swords.

Senate Democrats, including a senator who once clashed with her as a defense attorney, appeared poised to end Swords' career over poor evaluations and complaints that she favored prosecutors.

The House of Representatives confirmed her renomination, 100-41, but the Senate was set to reject her, 19-17, after a day of frantic lobbying on her behalf by judicial officials.

But Sen. Joan Hartley, a Waterbury Democrat, reconsidered after a chance conversation in the corridor with Swords, to the surprise of judicial officials, creating an 18-18 tie broken by Fedele, the presiding officer. No one could recall a judge confirmed by such a narrow margin.

Swords had given up and was driving home to Mansfield when she got a call that her judicial career had been resurrected.

One of the 18 Democrats who opposed Swords was Sen. Eric Coleman, D-Bloomfield, who convinced the Appellate Court in 2004 that Swords erred in jailing a client on a probation violation.

Swords' handling of Coleman's case, deemed a denial of due-process by the Appellate Court, was the only one of 25 appeals on which Swords was reversed. Her supporters said her appellate record should outweigh complaints about her demeanor.

"We should put greater weight on whether a judge is getting the law right," said Sen. Andrew Roraback, R-Goshen.

Coleman's opposition to her was described as influential in the Senate Democratic caucus, but Coleman said he offered his experience only as part of a larger record.

In a confirmation hearing Tuesday night, Swords acknowledged mishandling another case in 2002.

She denied a continuance to a lawyer, Jon Schoenhorn, who took over a criminal case on the eve of trial. The original attorney had collapsed and was in a coma.

Some legislators were appalled by her refusal.

During the House debate, Rep. Patricia Dillon, D- New Haven, said the provision of competent counsel "is at the root of our judicial system."

But in the Senate, Sen. Leonard Fasano, R-North Haven, said that Swords had acknowledged her mistake during her confirmation hearing Tuesday night.

"She made a mistake. She said, 'I get it.' She understands the problem. It's not going to happen again," Fasano said.

In a late attempt to salvage the nomination, judicial officials took Swords to the Capitol, where she met privately with Coleman.

"We had a nice, cordial discussion," Coleman said.

But he did not change his vote, and at 9:45 p.m. he rose to his feet and argued for her removal from the bench.

* * * *
* * * *

Steven G. Erickson's comment posted to the Hartford Courant piece:

It is a shame that this is the only checks and balances for judges.

They can act outside the law and the US Constitution, and there is only a vote after years and years of abuse.

Legislators almost always re-confirm judges who are known to harm children, families, AND THE ECONOMY.

It is time for everyone to be accountable to laws, even judges in Connecticut.

It is a dark day, Swords is still a judge.

* * * *
* * * *

Christopher Kennedy talks about "Stalker Judge", Jonathan J. Kaplan of Rockville Superior Court in Connecticut:

* * * *
* * * *

[click here] for:

Nepotism and Corruption in the Connecticut Judicial Branch?

* * * *
* * * *

Wife stabs husband, gets custody of children

Diary Entry by Steven G. Erickson

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Chris Kennedy helped design the F-35 fighter jet.

His wife stabbed him about 5 years ago. While Leanne Putnam was awaiting her days in court for felony assault, she was awarded sole custody of their 3 children, allegedly by Rockville Superior Court Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan in Connecticut. Abuse of Fathers and their children in courts is not uncommon.

Chris Kennedy then lodged complaints against Judge Kaplan and other judges. The retaliation began, where he would have less, to no access, to his own children. His saga has been going on for about 5 years. After Chris lodged complaints, the charges were dropped against his ex-wife, and Chris Kennedy became the target of an out of control Judge, Jonathan J. Kaplan. Complaints Chris had lodged were put in his “secret, sealed folder” for other judges to see and to likewise help retaliate.

Chris Kennedy has violated no laws, isn’t on probation, and is a good Father. Children suffer when they are denied being able to see a parent they want to see and have regular family contact with. [click here for pictures, videos, and more information]

After Christopher Kennedy of Ellington Connecticut contacted Governor Rell’s legal staffer, Kevin Rasch, about the Judicial and State Police Misconduct in the State of Connecticut, Kennedy was promptly arrested and faced 30 years in prison for having accidentally checked the wrong box in a court financial form. [click here for more information, scroll down]

Chris’ ex-wife can reschedule court dates, have them at her convenience, and can ignore pretty much all court orders and isn’t held in contempt of court! Chris’ motions are denied without even being read. There are countless delays and an “agenda” can be observed. Cases are rigged and there is overt bias.

Getting a divorce might mean a father loses his small business and might be order to pay more per week than is netted. Not being able to pay more than you make might mean being sent to jail.

Leanne Putnam’s lawyer for most of the child custody and divorce proceedings were allegedly linked to law partners, or their firm, to Congressman Joe Courtney. Judge Jonathan Kaplan and Joe Courtney allegedly have personal ties.

Judges make federal dollars for a state by breaking up families and abusing citizens. [OpEd piece] Check out links to former Governor John G. Rowland and DCF head Kristine Regaglia. They took bribes and the Mob allegedly was going to build, run, and supply a national franchise of “Kiddie Max” prison system for children.

Bill Cosby recently spoke at the Capitol, Hartford, Connecticut on the subject of Fatherhood and Fatherlessness. [videos and pictures] Scroll down for videos and video links.

Breaking up families might help states out financially in the short run in Federal Tax Dollars coming in, but it is harming the economy, families, children, and the quality of life of all Americans.

Silence signifies acceptance

-Steven G. Erickson

Steven G. Erickson is a freelance cameraman, blogger, photographer, documentary producer, screenwriter, sometimes journalist, and can and will travel anywhere if the terms are right. His objective is to reform America's courts, creating a "People's Grand Jury" system, exposing and fixing public corruption, corporate abuse of the public, and punishing police, official, prosecutorial, judicial, and attorney misconduct.

* * * *
* * * *

Sent to CT legislators on Fatherlessness Task Force

Scroll down for text of email

Previous Post on the Connecticut Fatherhood Task Force with Bill Cosby as the main speaker at a Hartford, Connecticut, hearing [click here]. Scroll down in link for list of videos.

Bill Cosby 12-08-08 arriving at Room 2C, the Legislative Office Building, the LOB, Hartford Connecticut for the Fatherhood Task Force Hearing, one of many, also known as the Fatherlessness Taskforce. [Previous Post on Subject] [The Post Before the Previous Post]

To legislative aids and legislators mentioned in the subject line of this email:

Please forward this email to those in the subject line. Ms. Giannaros provided me information, scroll down for that.

Should judges be able to take bribes, break the law, rig cases, commit fraud, be involved in bid rigging, and retaliate against citizens who want an honest court system?

I am dismayed with what is passing as "good judges" and "judging" in Connecticut. I would be further upset if Chief Justice William J. Sullivan is renewed as a judge. He thumbed his nose at all citizens, the US Constitution, and basically told legislators he'd legislate from the bench telling legislators they are mere puppets. I heard Justice Sullivan in a hearing when he was to be disciplined, that he (Justice Sullivan) would be a prostitute if he were a minority woman, without a job, and with children. He said this to Minnie Gonzales. I was horrified.

I am asking that Judge Jonathan Kaplan be looked into for his harming of families, children, and especially fathers. What he has done to Chris Kennedy alone is alarming. [video]

I complained to the clerk of Rockville Court putting the docket # for Haas vs Erickson. Kaplan would make faces at me when I was in court and I would glare back at him. A judge should not be involved in juvenile behavior, retaliation, breaking laws and fixing cases. Consider this email official correspondence reporting felonies I believe Judge Jonathan Kaplan has committed asking for a special hearing regarding his removal and discipline.

I was trying to have Judge Kaplan removed for bias in civil cases and had complained about him. I used to own property in Connecticut and owned a small business built over 2 decades. I was a father to a then 14 year old National Honor Society student. My daughter was everything to me, and I to her.

Judge Jonathan Kaplan arranged it so that I would get a year in prison for resisting being mugged on my own property. I had no previous record. He took my lawyer aside, told him that he was not allowed to defend me. A tenant who I was evicting was the only witness against me. She said I attacked the mugger in my driveway. Judge Kaplan would not allow me to go to the diagram to prove that the tenant being evicted could not see ME being attacked in my driveway through a tree and a house IN THE DARK based on the tenant's testimony and the diagram.

Kaplan prevented my lawyer from defending me, would let me speak to defend myself, and allowed a VHS tape to be showed to the jury on how to find me guilty, but nothing about innocence or reasonable doubt was in the tape. A worker for the police who wanted to be a police officer was the jury foreman and I had asked to use my right of strike for that juror. He became jury foreman.

Judge Kaplan knew that my assailant told me he'd kill me if I didn't hand over my wallet. The judge knew I was attacked on my property. He knew that I was the victim and that my assailant was not arrested. Kaplan knew I was having a dispute with the Connecticut State Police over lack of protection and service. So, if a judge is willing to wreck a family, make a citizen jobless and homeless to send him to prison for a year for resisting being mugged, should that judge be a judge?

If the judge put a citizen in prison for a year for trying to have him removed, isn't that reason to remove the judge?

Please review the transcripts, docket # CR01-0074672

There should be ample evidence in that docket # to remove Kaplan as soon as possible.

My daughter has not had a father since I was wrongly imprisoned. I am no longer able to own a home, get most jobs, and have had no reason to pay taxes.

Should I have gotten a life's sentence for wanting to remove a criminal sociopath judge?

My family is suffering, and I can't get most jobs with a criminal record. I should not have a criminal record and should not have been put in prison. Look into the judge, please.

Please look into my allegations and get back to me.

-Steven G. Erickson

telephone # and address given upon request.

A tenant tells my story [video]

* * * *
* * * *

2 Past Posts:

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire?


Enfield Connecticut Judge Howard Scheinblum

Judge Scheinblum went before the Judicial Committee to be reappointed amid all sorts of accusations of improper, and Unconstitutional behavior as a Judge. There are hundreds of stories in newspapers and other publications critical of the Enfield Connecticut Superior Court Judge.

Even with accusations of serious breaches of the law, perjury, obstruction of justice, etc., the panel reconfirmed Scheinblum for another 8 year term. What!!!???

Chris Kennedy says he had proof that the Judge committed perjury under oath at the March 21 hearing at the Capitol in Hartford.

If that Judge can be confirmed there is on bottom to Connecticut cesspool of sleaze and corruption.

* * * *

Chris Kennedy of Ellington, Connecticut, stood alone against a judge that in my opinion, is one of the most blatantly arrogant, acting illegally, Unconstitutionally, and is helping retaliate against whistleblowers that try to expose Judicial, Prosecutorial, and Police Misconduct.

It is a shame that Chris Kennedy had to stand alone on your behalf, March 6, 2006, at the Judicial Hearing, Room 2C, at the Hartford State Capitol, for the whole State of Connecticut.

Chris’ email:

(For a link to a partial rendering of the transcripts of March 6, scroll to bottom)

* * * *

Connecticut: In The News

OPED: ‘War on Drugs’ Not Meant to Be Won
Norwich Bulletin; June 4 2005
Chris Powell

With remarks to a civic group in Enfield recently, Superior Court Judge Howard Scheinblum engaged in what is seldom forgiven in Connecticut’s public life: candor.

The judge asserted what can neither be denied nor acknowledged — that public policy on drugs doesn’t work. Speaking from his 15 years of experience on the bench, Scheinblum estimated 90 percent of criminal cases in Connecticut are connected in some way to the pursuit of illegal drugs, and he asserted that society would be far better off to let users of such drugs obtain them by prescription and to be charged for them according to their ability to pay. More

* * * *

My Open Letter to Chief Justice William J. Sullivan of Connecticut

Police are often too arrogant and lazy in Connecticut to do their jobs regarding helping with quality of life issues for those living in mostly downtown areas. Minorities and those that are deemed worthless, “White Trash”, or what have you, don’t get police protection and service.

The three or more important families in a Connecticut town depend on certain people being kept in their place. Putting minority kids on the right track would mean intact families and less Federal dollars for processing, arresting, and throwing the Elitists’ unwanted citizens away to prisons. Breaking up families, especially those with kids that can be labeled, “Special Needs” is another boon for Connecticut to break up families and keep unwanted citizens, down and out.

If Connecticut wasn’t making a big profit on the drug trade in taxing it as a business in confiscated assets, property, and cash of middlemen, drugs wouldn’t be selling as they now are in the criminal breeding grounds, downtown Connecticut.

To share this post click on the white envelope. This post accepts anonymous comments.
This blogger's email:

added April 30, 2006, 5:12 PM EST:

The Connecticut Judiciary Committee re-appointed Judge Howard Scheinblum even though they had been informed of what is in the transcripts below. Is that conspiracy and obstruction of justice? Should members of the committee be arrested with the exception of Rep. Green?

A link with some of the Judicial Hearing Transcripts, March 6, 2006, at the Hartford Capitol Building in the Legislative Section, Room 2C.

Smoking Gun Text: My Testimony March 21, 2006, in front of the Judiciary Committee, Hartford Connecticut

Liberty Taken, Free Speech Tested

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Connecticut Chief State's Attorney Christopher Morano

Connecticut Chief States Attorney Christopher L. Morano

I talked with Chief State’s Attorney Christopher L. Morano yesterday night at the Capitol in Hartford.

I asked to speak to him and he pulled me out into the hallway outside room 2C of the Legislative Section of the Capitol.

I asked him why he wasn’t going to criminally prosecute any of Rell’s staff for election campaign actions where there were fines of $500 for improper campaign collections of donations during taxpayer paid hours worked.

That is theft and also encompasses a realm of impropriety and stinks of corruption. After Rowland was sent to federal prison for corruption related charges, his former staff, commissioners, and others should have known better.

Something stinks and I think the Chief State’s Attorney and others need to be federally investigated, and the federal investigators should not be from offices in Connecticut where everyone knows each other, socializes with each other, and works together to silence whistleblowers from within and also barbecue anyone out in the public that dare say, “boo.”

It is my opinion that Morano owes favors and is so entwined in the backroom deals, back scratching, and covering up for others, the people of Connecticut will have to suffer and pay for all the illegal acts and waste of a government out of control which includes all 3 branches and every department in the state.

posted by The Stark Raving Viking at 9:16 PM

* * * *
* * * *

Subject of email sent to those on the Legislative Fatherhood Task Force in Connecticut, January 15, 2009, 4:30 PM EST:
Bill Cosby

Do you have to be [Bill Cosby] to be listened to by elected officials?

With the Fatherhood Task Force studying and finding solutions to Fatherlessness should take individual accounts and their offers for solutions to the problem into account. Why aren’t you taking information from citizens by email, mail, by phone, and in person AND THEN responding?

This letter to you is being posted at the bottom of [this post]

One of the biggest problems with Connecticut is with its courts. If a judicial branch employee exposes felonies being committed by judges and judicial managers, and then the employee is suspended and faces being fired, is there really any justice in Connecticut? Just ask Andrea Wilson, former or present, librarian at the Stamford Connecticut Superior Court. Scroll down in [this post] for video of Andrea testifying at an official Connecticut hearing.

I owned a home, had a great relationship with my then 14 year old daughter, and had built up a small business over 2 decades. I complained that Connecticut State Police were rude and refusing to help with heroin, cocaine, and prostitution problems in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. I went to elected officials. Instead of getting answers from elected officials, police contacted me telling me I was not allowed to propose legislation regarding them. I had also proposed court reform and removing Judge Jonathan Kaplan for his bias in civil cases. Kaplan retaliated by giving me a year in prison for resisting being mugged on my own property AFTER I had complained about him in previous civil cases.

State Police threatened me with arrest and prison if I didn’t shut up and leave the State of Connecticut before Kaplan colluded with former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada to railroad me to prison. Do legislators on the Fatherhood Task Force condone Connecticut State Police and Judicial Misconduct?

Should children face being fatherless and their father being sent to prison just for talking to YOU elected officials regardless of whether you do anything to help fix the public corruption problems with police, the courts, DCF, and the prison system?

Will you Connecticut legislators look into [these accusations with a docket #], and get back to me with an answer?

[click here] for text and video to go with Chris Kennedy’s “We appoint judges who are dishonest” post.

Chris Kennedy’s 3 children, my daughter, and other children would probably not be fatherless if judges like Jonathan J. Kaplan were removed and faced arrest and prosecution for their illegal acts. [video]

Shouldn’t judges who display attitudes and judgments consistent with being a sociopath or psychopath be removed?

There currently is no way to get justice in Connecticut courts, will you elected officials help us to reduce fatherlessness by listening to our testimony and then consider remedy?

Do you with to fix the public corruption revealed to you above, or do you wish to help cover it up by ignoring it, and us?

Please let US know.

Thank you,

-Steven G. Erickson

The above sent to these email addresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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