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John G. Rowland, Poster Child for Corruptikut's Culture of Corruption?

I recall seeing a brag on John G. Rowland's official Connecticut Governor's webpage. Child abuse went down 45% and Rowland's then went after 445% more children to take away from even good parents. You see, Rowland was taking bribes from the Mob to allow them to build, supply, and run Kiddie Max Prisons for kids. More kids were needed for Federal Tax Dollars. Rowland was glad to oblige. Rowland is one of the slimiest pieces of shit ever to polish an official chair. 

Rowland used to be know as "Johnny" to both Presidents, Bush. Rowland was thought to be the next Republican Golden Boy before he took his tumble. Johnny, I hope you burn in hell ...

-Steven G. Erickson
stevengerickson at

Here's your legacy, John the Traitor:

Text of letter sent by Steven G. Erickson to possibly be the very first letter placed on John G. Rowland's prison bunk to be read for Rowland's last stint in Federal Prison [click here]. 

Steven G. Erickson, PO Box Eight Seventy-Four, Brattleboro, Vermont 05302 USA


The below from the Hartford Courant was cut and pasted [from here]:

An unusual dispute over whether federal authorities wrongly withheld evidence favorable to former Gov. John G. Rowland has held up the continuing prosecution of the ex-governor and the congressional candidate with whom he is accused of committing campaign-related crimes in 2012.

The argument turns on whether the U.S. Attorney's office failed in a legal obligation to disclose information to Rowland that might have helped his defense when he was tried and convicted at U.S. District Court in September of conspiring to violate federal campaign laws and obstruct the investigation.

Should Rowland succeed in proving he was denied evidence that might have enabled him to change the outcome of his trial, his conviction could be overturned. Such outcomes are rare.

Government prosecutors claim in court papers that they disclosed all appropriate evidence to Rowland. A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's office declined to discuss the matter outside court, as did defense lawyers

A jury convicted Rowland, in about six hours, of four felonies and two misdemeanors. He faces from 37 to 46 months in prison. His sentencing has been postponed while his lawyers and prosecutors argue over whether he was denied evidence.

The information in dispute involves statements that Rowland co-conspirator and congressional candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley or her lawyer claim they made in a meeting and related conversations with federal prosecutors and investigators.

The disputed statements are described to a limited degree in legal documents filed publicly Friday at U.S. District Court. The nature of the disputed material reportedly is described more fully in an affidavit filed in court by Wilson-Foley lawyer Craig A. Raabe of Hartford. The affidavit is sealed from public view at the government's request, according to the court filings.

The public court filings show that the dispute grows from Wilson-Foley's insistence that, initially, she had no knowledge of the criminal conspiracy that the government claims existed among her; her husband, Brian Foley; and Rowland.

The government claims that the three agreed that Rowland would work secretly as a top adviser to Wilson-Foley's 2012 campaign while being paid $5,000 a month under a sham consulting contract with Brian Foley's nursing home chain, Apple Rehab. All three were charged with violating campaign law by failing to report Rowland's salary as a campaign expenditure.

Raabe claims that he and Wilson-Foley have insisted to the government over a period approaching a year that she had been assured by her husband that Rowland's consulting contract with the nursing home chain was legitimate and that a campaign law expert had said it was proper for Rowland to collect fees from Apple Rehab while volunteering for the campaign.

Wilson-Foley has not deviated from her account, in spite of what appears to have been growing hostility from prosecutors, according to a document that Raabe filed in court Friday.

Raabe said that Wilson-Foley's account was first provided to prosecutors at a time when the government did not contemplate charging her in the conspiracy. It did not change, Raabe said, after prosecutors decided to charge her, after she agreed to plead guilty and after the government disclosed that it wants to imprison her for 10 months.

Federal prosecutors wrote in court filings that "the Government has no record or recollection of Ms. Wilson-Foley or her attorneys" making such statements.

Raabe has said in court filings that Wilson-Foley agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor conspiracy charge because she learned, after Rowland began working for her campaign, that his contract with the nursing home was a fraud and that her husband was really paying him for campaign work.

Rowland's defense at his trial consisted substantially of the contention that he believed that his contract with Apple Rehab was legitimate, that he was doing valuable consulting work for the nursing home chain and that there was no need to report what he insisted was his volunteer campaign work to federal election regulators.

Rowland lawyer Reid Weingarten said in his court filings that the ex-governor's lawyers would have mounted a different defense had they known that Wilson-Foley was claiming — as did Rowland — to have been deceived by her husband.

"Ms. Wilson-Foley representations, if accurate, are highly favorable to Mr. Rowland," Weingarten wrote in a Jan. 2 letter to Rowland's trial judge, U.S. District Judge Janet Bond Arterton. "They are entirely consistent with Mr. Rowland's theory of the case at trial: that there was no conspiracy and that any illicit intent was secreted in Mr. Foley's mind."

"Assuming that Ms. Wilson-Foley's representations are accurate and this material was not produced, Mr. Rowland has suffered material prejudice," Weingarten wrote.

Wilson-Foley's sentencing has been postponed to Tuesday, but her lawyer has asked that it again be postponed. Arterton has yet to work out a schedule to resolve the evidentiary dispute.

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Monsanto Corporate Whore Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas?

Image of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was [found here]. 

Is if fair to say, "Monsanto Corporate Whore Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas?"

Is there a revolving door between Monsanto and regulators of Monsanto? 

Are there worms in McDonald's food?

What is the safety of GMO foods?

Do fast food restaurants in urban areas kill more Blacks than drive-by-shootings?

Is it illegal to grow a garden? Is it an act of civil disobedience having a garden? Can you go to jail for growing your own food or raising your own farm animals? Do police consider those who want organic and/or GMO food to be domestic terrorists? 

Are international banker and corporate organized crime scams harming your health and wealth?

Did Monsanto institute 90 day testing on GMO "food" because tumors and cancers show up in testing lab rats in the 4th month? 

Is your beef really horse meat?

Are we slaves to bankers and corporate whores?

Is there a solution to these problems?

Is Monsanto a predatory monopoly?

Can you learn to be self-sufficient? 

James Corbett of [The Corbett Report] asks and possibly answers all the above questions, and more, in below video.

Steven G. Erickson video uploads and favorites are [found here].

Will the Gold Confiscation Executive Order 6102 be used as model for Barack Obama to confiscate all US guns and ammunition from average citizens?  [Stark Raving Viking blog post]

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Steven G. Erickson's open letter to the State of Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen about police brutality, judicial misconduct, public corruption, my beef, and the asking for a solution that has yet to be answered as of this post date [found here on the Stark Raving Viking blog]

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The Foundations of Organized Crime (Documentary)

(Scroll Down for video) [Links and much more video is found here, click]

The Irish Mob is the oldest organized crime group in the United States, in existence since the early 19th century. Originating in Irish American street gangs of the 19th century—depicted in Herbert Asbury's 1928 book The Gangs of New York—the Irish Mob has appeared in most major American cities, including Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Twin Cities, and New Orleans. rish-American street gangs such as the Dead Rabbits and Whyos dominated New York's underworld for well over a century before facing competition from other, primarily recently arrived Italian and Jewish gangs, during the 1880s and 1890s. Although gang leaders such as Paul Kelly of the Five Points Gang would rise to prominence during the early 1900s, gangs such as the Hudson Dusters and the Gopher Gang would remain formidable rivals during the period.

In the early 1900s, with Italian criminal organisations, such as the Morello crime family, encroaching on the waterfront, various Irish gangs united to form the White Hand Gang. Although initially successful in keeping their Italian rivals at bay, unstable leadership and infighting would prove their downfall. The murders of Dinny Meehan, Bill Lovett, and Richard Lonergan led to the gang's disappearance by 1925, and the waterfront was taken over by Italian mobsters Vincent Mangano, Albert Anastasia, and Joe Adonis. The Winter Hill Gang, a loose confederation of Boston-area organised crime figures, was one of the most successful organised crime groups in American history. It controlled the Boston underworld from the early 1960s until the mid-1990s. It derives its name from the Winter Hill neighbourhood of Somerville, Massachusetts, north of Boston, and was founded by first boss James "Buddy" McLean.

While Winter Hill Gang members were alleged to have been involved with most typical organised crime related activities, they are perhaps best known for fixing horse races in the northeastern United States. Twenty-one members and associates, including Howie Winter and his right-hand man and bookkeeper, Salvatore Sperlinga, were indicted by federal prosecutors in 1979. The gang was then taken over by James J. "Whitey" Bulger and hitman Stephen Flemmi. Decades after the disappearance of James J. "Whitey" Bulger, a rise in recruitment and strong family ties prompted the return of the Irish Mob under the supervision of Bob Hogan and the Winter Hill Gang. New faces were recruited from as far south as New York in places like Hell Kitchen; and as far north as Maine. The Westies are an Irish American gang hailing from Hell's Kitchen on the West Side of Manhattan.

The most prominent members have included Mickey Spillane, Eddie McGrath, James Coonan, Mickey Featherstone, and Edward Cummiskey.

In the Irish/Italian Mob War of the 1970s, the Irish mob saw an increased threat from the Italian Mafia as the Genovese crime family sought control over the soon to be built Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Since the convention center was located in Spillane's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood, Spillane refused to allow any involvement by the Italians. Although the Italian gangsters greatly outnumbered the members of the Irish mob, Spillane was successful in keeping control of the convention center and Hell's Kitchen. The Italians, frustrated and embarrassed by their defeat to Spillane, responded by hiring a rogue Irish-American hitman named Joseph "Mad Dog" Sullivan to assassinate Tom Devaney, Eddie "the Butcher" Cummiskey, and Tom "the Greek" Kapatos, three of Spillane's top lieutenants.

Also around this time, a power struggle between Mickey Spillane and James Coonan a younger upstart from Hell's Kitchen emerged. In 1977 Spillane was murdered in a hail of bullets by assassins from the Genovese crime family. This prompted Coonan to form an alliance with Roy DeMeo of the Gambino crime family. The Genoveses decided that the Westies were too violent and well led to go to war with and mediated a truce via the Gambinos.

Coonan was imprisoned in 1986 under the RICO act. Featherstone became an informant after his arrest in the early 1980s.


The Real Sopranos


The Key to what is wrong with all US Policing and Rigged Courts [Post]

A possible growing list. Blogs and websites linking to this blog:

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Karma catches up with Corruptikut's former Governor John G. Rowland

Former Gov. John G. Rowland of Connecticut arriving at federal court on Thursday. Credit Jessica Hill/Associated Press

Above picture and below article was originally [found here on New York Times online edition].

NEW HAVEN — Former Gov. John G. Rowland of Connecticut, who nearly a decade ago was forced to resign from office in disgrace, was found guilty in federal court on Friday of engaging in corrupt political acts even after serving prison time for his previous conviction.

The verdict came just one day after closing arguments and represented a second major downfall for the 57-year-old politician, who as a young man had been hailed as a rising star in the Republican Party.

Mr. Rowland was found guilty on seven counts, and faces a maximum sentence of 57 years in prison. He will be sentenced on Dec. 12 by Judge Janet Bond Arterton, who is known for being tough in public corruption cases.

For more than two weeks, jurors heard testimony regarding allegations that Mr. Rowland sought to inject himself illegally into two congressional campaigns in roundabout ways that would have concealed any payments for his work from campaign regulators and voters.

Just before the verdict, the judge asked Mr. Rowland to stand. His wife, Patty, leaned into his shoulder and gripped his left hand.

As the foreman read the guilty verdicts, sobs could be heard from Mr. Rowland’s relatives, and from one juror.

On the courthouse steps a few minutes later, Michael J. Gustafson, the chief of the criminal division of the United States attorney’s office, said, “Clearly, this is a sad day.” But he strongly defended the prosecution, handled by two of his assistant United States attorneys, Christopher M. Mattei and Liam Brennan, and aided by the United States postal inspectors.

Tweaking a remark that had been made by the defense a day earlier, Mr. Gustafson said: “I have heard it suggested that this case was not a criminal case, but simply politics as usual. It was far from that.” He said that transparency was a bedrock of the legal system. “What voters see is what they get,” he said. “The defendant today didn’t want that to happen.”

Six of the seven counts Mr. Rowland was found guilty of involved obstructing justice, conspiracy, falsifying documents relied on by federal regulators and other violations of campaign finance laws in connection with services he provided Lisa Wilson-Foley, a Republican candidate for Congress in 2012, and her husband, Brian Foley, an operator of nursing homes.

The Foleys pleaded guilty this year to related crimes and await sentencing. Mr. Foley served as the government’s star witness in Mr. Rowland’s trial.

Another of the seven counts, an obstruction charge, involved a contract Mr. Rowland drafted and presented to Mark Greenberg, a Republican congressional candidate in the 2010 election. That contract was never executed and Mr. Greenberg testified at Mr. Rowland’s trial that he ripped it up for lack of interest.

Mr. Rowland’s lawyer, Reid H. Weingarten, told reporters outside the courthouse, “We’re extremely disappointed with the verdict.” He said the defense always believed that the prosecution team made far too much of “an all-too-political dust-up” and that it was “very much looking forward to litigating this case” further, he added. Continue reading the main story Continue reading the main story Continue reading the main story

This was the second time a case named “U.S.A. v. John G. Rowland” had landed at the federal courthouse in New Haven. In 2004, Mr. Rowland had to step down from office midway through his third term to halt an impeachment inquiry. Within months, he pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit tax fraud and deprive taxpayers of his honest services, for which he served 10 months in prison.

Moreover, his reputation was in tatters after years of battling allegations that he had accepted renovations at his lakeside cottage, including a hot tub, expensive vacations and other free services from politically connected businessmen and vendors seeking state contracts.

“I acknowledge that my poor judgment has brought us here,” Mr. Rowland said in June 2004 as he announced his resignation on the back lawn of the governor’s mansion with his wife by his side.

For the 13 days he was back in federal court this month, his wife remained a close supporter, clutching his hand tightly as they walked outside at day’s end and faced the cameras.

Legally, Mr. Rowland could have worked for a candidate’s campaign and received payment, had it been properly reported. Mr. Rowland’s problem, as Mr. Mattei told the jury, was that candidates valued his experience but his criminal history made the association too risky.

“Hiring John Rowland on your campaign is like giving your opponent a loaded gun and saying, ‘Shoot me,’ ” Mr. Mattei said, quoting the testimony of one of Ms. Wilson-Foley’s campaign aides.

With much of the government’s case hinging on dozens of incriminating emails and on Brian Foley’s testimony, Mr. Weingarten sought to undercut Mr. Foley’s credibility. He challenged jurors to ask themselves how it was that Mr. Foley gave his wife $500,000, which she slowly added to her campaign funds, along with other donations he arranged from family and associates, without running afoul of campaign laws. He also expressed outrage at how Mr. Foley and his wife were allowed by prosecutors to plead guilty to only one misdemeanor, even though they could have been charged more harshly.

Testifying before the court, Mr. Foley explained how he had a corporate lawyer for Apple Rehab, his nursing home chain, hire Mr. Rowland as cover for his work as a political consultant to Ms. Wilson-Foley.

The defense team maintained that Mr. Rowland’s work for Apple Rehab was legitimate, but the prosecution called in a retired postal inspector, Mark Borofsky, who testified to the wide disparity between the volume of emails and phone calls Mr. Rowland made while doing campaign work and those that related to the nursing home business.

“It’s bittersweet, in the sense that justice has been done,” said Mike Clark, a former agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation who played key roles in both of Mr. Rowland’s convictions.

In 2004, he was charged with investigating public corruption and with the help of colleagues gathered much of the evidence that led to Mr. Rowland’s conviction. In the current case, Mr. Clark, who now teaches criminal justice classes at the University of New Haven, was a Republican contender in the same 2012 congressional race as Ms. Wilson-Foley, and spotted some of the irregularities that helped unravel the scheme.

“The jury certainly accepted what was charged in the indictment,” Mr. Clark said.

The bitter part, he added, was that Connecticut’s corrupt politicians have alienated the young adults he teaches from the political process. “They’ve lost their trust in the democratic process,” he said. “That’s the sad part; that’s the legacy John Rowland is leaving.”

Correction: September 19, 2014

An earlier version of this article misspelled the given name of a retired postal inspector who testified at former Gov. John G. Rowland’s trial. He is Mark Borofsky, not Marc.

Marc Santora contributed reporting.

* * * *
* * * *
* * * *

John G. Rowland's corruption did not occur in a vacuum.When will victims of Connecticut's Culture of Corruption be compensated and have some corrections made to their ruined lives?

Why isn't M. Jodie Rell also being prosecuted for election rigging and/or election fraud? [This post also contains Steven G. Erickson's text of letter to arrive for John G. Rowland's first stint in Federal Prison]

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Joining the American "Gee-I-Had" Movement

The US Pentagon has been using is stolen trillion taxpayer dollars to offer police departments stolen property, military equipment to bolster the international banker and corporate organized crime cartel's stealth invasion and armed occupation of America and most of the world.

Jihad is something else altogether. [Wikipedia definition]

- a wife
- a daughter in my life
- pets (a dog and a cat, mine were given away after I was railroaded to prison)
- furniture, kitchen table, my own mattress
- greeting cards, birthday cards, and invitations in the mail (I now get phone calls from family members who still talk to me to tell me that I am NOT invited to family gatherings and reunions, and was told not to call or stop by family member's homes who were close to me before I was imprisoned for resisting being mugged on my own property, my dark driveway)
- credit
- retirement
- gun permit (license to carry concealed weapons, pistols) and ownership of guns
- contractor's license
- belief in the American Dream and American "Justice"
- houses I was current on the mortgage on and a vacation ski condo in Vermont
- European vacations
- a contracting business built over decades and rental properties fixed up from a boarded up condition
- health insurance
- contractor friends and status in my community
- my father and sister talking to me and inviting me to their houses
(My father feels he has to call the state police if he finds out my address, the name and address of a woman I am dating, or where I have a job so police can have someone call to get me fired)
- clean criminal record
- ability not to have my license plate scanned where police just pull me over and harass and threaten the crap out of me, saying they have to contact the Connecticut State Police
- a closet of my own
- nice clothes
- appliances, washer and dryer, snow removal equipment, lawnmower, and a garage fully loaded with tools
- being considered "a catch" by the opposite sex
- ability to travel to Canada and other destinations
- ability to pass a background check to get most jobs, apartments, and even a rental car
- regular dental care
- ability to live or just walk around somewhere police won't tell me I will be arrested if I do not make a bee-line back to Brattleboro, Vermont
- ability to wake up and think about my bright future to wonder if each day will be my last due to being killed or disappeared by police or their operatives
- privacy
- ... too much to list

All of the above was taken away from me, Steven G. Erickson, by the Connecticut State Police, a slimeball judge, and a rigged court system.

I served Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy and Connecticut elected officials with a letter to see if the above will be the legal precedent for ALL AMERICANS. [Post with Video]

stevengerickson at yahoo dot com

Steven G. Erickson video uploads and favorites [found here]

This is what 24/7 domestic spying is now going to look for the rest of you:

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Bill Clinton Murders

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Do elected officials serve international criminals, or us?

Text with below video:

When elected officials don't ask questions, or lift a finger, when they are told that citizens are threatened with being beaten up, murdered, or spending the rest of their life in prison for voting, being married, dating after police spying and abuse causes a divorce, for having children, owning a home, owning guns, being outspoken, or even worse, being self-employed.

Prior to 9/11 police were listening to my phone calls, trolling my internet use, and bugged my house because I was self-employed, outspoken, and advocated paying less property taxes. Police told me I would be murdered if I exposed the installation of video cameras and surveillance microphones strung from telephone poles before 9/11. I refused and went to elected officials and news reporters about the illegal spying and police harassment of citizens using the illegal spying information. Police were out to control voting and eliminate self-employment of non-connected citizens. Police were looking at finding ways to suspend the driver's licenses of targets on their [secret police enemies list]. Police were, and are, lookouts for vandals, drug dealers, thieves breaking into houses, and protection for prostitutes and other criminals.

Stafford Springs, Connecticut, State Senator, Anthony "Tony" Gugliemo knew all about this and doesn't care. [his website]. My fax to the him and the FBI, [Text and links].

I told Enfield, Connecticut, State Senator John A. Kissel, who is also a lawyer what was happening, before, during, after. [his website]. I wrote Kissel from prison telling him that my redressing grievances, and talking to him, may have been a contributing factor for my being railroaded to prison, losing my home, contracting business, daughter, and that police had told me I was kicked out of Connecticut after I got out of prison. Kissel's response was, "Life isn't fair," in a letter he wrote back to me while I was in prison for resisting being beaten up and stabbed by a police informant on my property. [Video of properties and story].

Former Connecticut Congressman Christopher Shays is the only one who asked questions, and to have a hearing on my case, and other cases, in a special hearing in Washington DC. Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy, and/or his staff don't seem to care about the abuses above. [his website]

[The Connecticut Judiciary Committee and other elected officials have not responded to this fax].

Location of video is Winchester Massachusetts, not Stafford Springs, Connecticut, USA.

Keywords: Connecticut State Police Brutality judicial misconduct Steven G. Erickson

stevengerickson At yahoo dot com

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Happy Father's Day from your Police State

Image was [found here]. 

I have the State of Connecticut and police to thank for what might be permanent estrangement from my only daughter. [The story of abuse, domestic spying, and rigged courts].

The Police in the State of Connecticut and rigged courts are responsible, wholly, or in part for:

My no longer being registered to vote, and voting.

My no longer owning a home. I probably never will again.

Me not being a contractor and landlord, changing my occupation. I no longer paint or use power tools.

Me being married. I no longer believe in marriage if police can spy on you, tell you about your conversations, or whether you got laid, or not the night before, and then mock you in the driveway the morning after. I learned you have to have police permission to be married or to date.

My family unity being destroyed.

My losing the sum total of what I built over a lifetime. What I built, police spying meant they were out to destroy and wreck everything. I picture the shadow government and police like the creatures from the movie, "Gremlins".

Police in Connecticut told me I was not allowed to date in Connecticut. I broke no laws. A State Police Officer pulled a woman I was dating from the Avon/Canton area, sexually assaulted her twice, pulling her over twice, threatening her with her losing her home, beauty salons, and being imprisoned if she continued dating me. She broke it off out of fear. That is just one story.

I no longer have a pistol permit or firearms. Police had asked me to help them ruin gun owners, and identify gun owners, so police could target them before police targeted me for being self-employed.

I no longer have pets as mine were given away after I was railroaded to prison for being attacked on my own property. Police refused to protect and serve. They said the only thing they were willing to do for me was to arrest me if they had to show up for anything at all.

I no longer have a retirement.

I no longer buy new vehicles.

I no longer have credit.

I no longer make checks paying out $5000 to $6000 per month. I no longer even make out checks.

My own father thinks it is his job to data mine for the Police State. He would demand to know my girlfriend's name, what she drove, her phone, number, the same for friends, and where I worked. He would angrily hang up and then call the State Police and then give them the information. I told him that police know where I am 24/7 whenever I use a cellphone or am online and if police are doing a legitimate investigation of anything that they did not need his help. I told my father that police were harassing, threatening me, and want me to suffer and die and not to help them with their campaign. My father would not stop calling police and giving them information to harass me, so I have not talked to him in about 4 years, and may never again.

When I see police, I think of them as an LA Street Gang, armed thugs, not law enforcement.

I no longer believe in the American Dream.

If there is a gun ban and Free Speech is eliminated, why shouldn't I, or any other American consider going to live out their living under a less oppressive regime such as in China or former Soviet Union?

24/7 domestic spying is not freedom. Being forced to suffer to pay for the rise of the Police State and for endless wars is complete Bullshit! I wish to opt out of this circle fuck. 

Happy Father's Day.

stevengerickson AT yahoo dot com


[click here] for:

I Dream of Freedom (From USA Police State)


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Police Shooting the Public, Rampages?

Police, for the most part don't get investigated when they rob, rape, beat, torture, kidnap, and even murder civilians. Police investigate police actions. So, how is that working out for us?
The videos of the Florida and New York City incidents are not isolated. 

Police now have bullet proof, bomb proof, armored cars with turbo diesel motors to get on scenes to better rape, rob, torture, abduct, abuse, and even murder you. [Picture of vehicle with post]. 

Text with below video:

Published on May 10, 2014
MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- On December 10, more than two dozen police officers from across Miami Dade County converged on a blue Volvo that had crashed in the backyard of a townhouse on 65th Street just off 27th Avenue.

As the car was wedged helplessly between a light pole and a tree, nearly a minute passed before officers opened up -- firing approximately 50 bullets at the car and the two unarmed men inside the vehicle.

The two men inside the car survived that initial volley of gunfire, according to witnesses, who said they could see the men moving inside the Volvo. Everything went quiet for nearly two minutes before the officers opened up a second time -- unleashing an unrelenting torrent of bullets that lasted almost 25 seconds. By the time it was over, the two men inside the car were dead.

CBS4 News has learned a total of 23 officers fired a total of at least 377 rounds.
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Miami Cops Go on Wild Shooting Frenzy

Long Island Cops Caught on Video Beating Black Man


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We are taxed to make elite richer, for division, and for wars

The below RT America, "The Truthseeker" video called, "The Truthseeker: Regime Change America (E37)"

[Direct link to video on]

Asking for accounting of where are taxes are being spent and/or for a reduction in taxes can result in arrests, prison, being beaten, having your family broken up, losing your job, home, retirement, and maybe even your life. [Video on]

Post about being arrested for voting or for advocating paying less taxes [click here].

[Click Here] for:

The Duck and Drake Inn used to be for Conspirators



Judge Napolitano: DNI James Clapper Belongs In Prison

Text with video:

Published on Apr 2, 2014
Air Date: April 2nd, 2014

This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

Goldman Sachs Banker Laughs About New Job As [Connecticut] Congressman [Representative James "Jim" Himes]

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The Sandyhook Hoax, Newtown Connecticut, the Jewish Mafia aka "Judencia"


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