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Judicial Issues Videos E1

Ok for Police, Prosecutors, & Judges to Rape Women

Judges, prosecutors, court personnel, police officers, and lawyers can throw evidence in the court's trash bin, can manufacture evidence, and can just make crap up for what is an organized crime operation, the US Court System. Should a US Police Officer, if he is White, Male, hasn't broken ranks with the system, allowed to break into homes and rape women?

Longer videos called "Judicial Issues Video" [found here].

George McDermott is individual on left. James Renwick Manship Sr is a judicial reform advocate in Maryland, and is on the right.

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With all CCTV "networked" any Person of Interested can be identified within 500'

I wondered why I would be surrounded by police for appearing at a public hearing where I came to speak about public corruption, Connecticut State Police brutality, and judicial misconduct. I learned not to talk over cellphones as the police would show up in the parking lot when I agreed to meet others who had information exposing the system. If I emailed others to network to expose official crimes, police would be at meeting sites, or my computers would all fry in the same room, even computers that weren't mine. And, the computers just frying, over and over, over years has been a problem for me since the late 1990's.

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Does the below described equipment exist at Walt Disney World, with DARPA, as a scientific experiment to further the field of biometrics where people can be identified at distance without them even knowing?

The below re-posted [from here]

The United States government has become a strong advocate of biometrics with the increase in fear of terrorism since September 11, 2001.

The FBI is currently spending $1 billion to create a new biometric database, which will store DNA, fingerprints, and other biometric data. The computers running the database will be contained in an underground facility about the size of a football field.

Both the Department of Homeland Security and DARPA are heavily funding research into facial recognition systems.The Information Processing Technology Office, ran a program known as Human Identification at a Distance which developed technologies that are capable of identifying a person at up to 500 ft by their facial features.

President Bush issued a presidential directive (NSPD 59, HSPD 24) in 2008 which requires increased capability for sharing and interoperability in "collection, storage, use, analysis, and sharing of biometric and associated biographic and contextual information of individuals" among the departments and agencies of the executive branch of the U.S. federal government.

Starting in 2005, US passports with facial (image-based) biometric data were scheduled to be produced. Privacy activists in many countries have criticized the technology's use for the potential harm to civil liberties, privacy, and the risk of identity theft. Currently, there is some apprehension in the United States (and the European Union) that the information can be "skimmed" and identify people's citizenship remotely for criminal intent, such as kidnapping.

The US Department of Defense (DoD) Common Access Card, is an ID card issued to all US Service personnel and contractors on US Military sites. This card contains biometric data and digitized photographs. It also has laser-etched photographs and holograms to add security and reduce the risk of falsification. There have been over 10 million of these cards issued.

According to Jim Wayman, director of the National Biometric Test Center at San Jose State University, Walt Disney World is the nation's largest single commercial application of biometrics. However, the US-VISIT program will very soon surpass Walt Disney World for biometrics deployment.

The United States (US) and European Union (EU) are proposing new methods for border crossing procedures utilizing biometrics. Employing biometrically enabled travel documents will increase security and expedite travel for legitimate travelers.


The biometrics market in Germany will experience enormous growth until 2009. “The market size will increase from approximately 12 million € (2004) to 377 million €” (2009). “The federal government will be a major contributor to this development”. In particular, the biometric procedures of fingerprint and facial recognition can profit from the government project. In May 2005 the German Upper House of Parliament approved the implementation of the ePass, a passport issued to all German citizens which contain biometric technology. The ePass has been in circulation since November 2005, and contains a chip that holds a digital photograph and one fingerprint from each hand, usually of the index fingers, though others may be used if these fingers are missing or have extremely distorted prints. “A third biometric identifier – iris scans – could be added at a later stage”. An increase in the prevalence of biometric technology in Germany is an effort to not only keep citizens safe within German borders but also to comply with the current US deadline for visa-waiver countries to introduce biometric passports. In addition to producing biometric passports for German citizens, the German government has put in place new requirements for visitors to apply for visas within the country. “Only applicants for long-term visas, which allow more than three months' residence, will be affected by the planned biometric registration program. The new work visas will also include fingerprinting, iris scanning, and digital photos”.

Germany is also one of the first countries to implement biometric technology at the Olympic Games to protect German athletes. “The Olympic Games is always a diplomatically tense affair and previous events have been rocked by terrorist attacks - most notably when Germany last held the Games in Munich in 1972 and 11 Israeli athletes were killed”.

Biometric technology was first used at the Olympic Summer Games in Athens, Greece in 2004. “On registering with the scheme, accredited visitors will receive an ID card containing their fingerprint biometrics data that will enable them to access the 'German House'. Accredited visitors will include athletes, coaching staff, team management and members of the media”.

As a protest against the increasing use of biometric data, the influential hacker group Chaos Computer Club published a fingerprint of German Minister of the Interior Wolfgang Schäuble in the March 2008 edition of its magazine Datenschleuder. The magazine also included the fingerprint on a film that readers could use to fool fingerprint readers.

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Would you like to know where your local Homeland Security Fusion Center is located in your state?:

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ACTA, Obama, and International Protest


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Imagine what evil can be perpetrated with the machine below. Well, I take that back, a normal person could not even imagine what the evil doing elite have in store, until they unveil it.

From: http://cryptogon.com/

Portable DNA Sequencer Demonstrated at World Economic Forum

January 30th, 2012

Via: Medical Express:

It was the talk of Davos, grabbing the imagination of a forum otherwise shrouded in gloom: a miracle machine that cracks the code of life within hours and could revolutionise healthcare.

Patients will no longer have to wait weeks to know if they have cancer and their doctors will know immediately what kind of disease they have, allowing them to target therapies precisely and to avoid harmful delays or mistakes.

Health officials confronted by superbug outbreaks will be able to identify the bug’s strain and begin planning treatment within hours rather than days or weeks, potentially saving thousands of lives.

Soon, researchers in the developing world will take portable DNA sequencers into the field to identify new viruses and verify water quality.

And police investigators will be able to develop a suspect’s DNA profile as quickly as their fictional counterparts do in glossy television dramas, while commandos on the battlefield will identify the bodies of friend and foe.

The man behind the revolution is Jonathan Rothberg, master biotechnician and CEO of Ion Torrent, owned by US firm Life Technologies, which produces the Ion Proton — the world’s first desktop semiconductor-based gene sequencer.

Related: Homeland Security Will Soon Begin Analyzing DNA at Airports

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Is Statutory Rape usually overlooked involving White Heterosexual Male Officers?

In the state of Connecticut, White Police Officers who rape, even underage girls, for the most part aren't punished. If officers break ranks with other officers, break the code of silence, are minorities, are homosexual, or are minority or female officers, then the rules apply. With the NDAA and ACTA, police brutality, judicial abuse, official terrorism, and sexual assaults on the public will only increase.
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Leah Thompson/Staff

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s investigators survey the scene on Broadway at McElhaney Avenue, where an officer was shot and killed about 1:20 a.m. Saturday morning after he drew his weapon and fired on colleagues attempting to arrest him on suspicion of sexual misconduct with a minor

The below re-posted from [santamariatimes.com source].

SMPD officer suspected of sex crimes shot dead by colleagues after resisting arrest

‘The definition of a sad day’

By Samantha Yale Scroggin / Staff Writer / sscroggin@santamariatimes.com Santa Maria Times | Posted: Sunday, January 29, 2012

In what Santa Maria Police Chief Danny Macagni called “the definition of a sad day,” an on-duty police officer accused of having sex with a 17-year-old girl was shot and killed early Saturday morning by a fellow Santa Maria policeman.

The shooting erupted after two of the dead officer’s colleagues tried to arrest him. The accused officer allegedly resisted arrest and fired his handgun, prompting another officer to return the fatal shot.

The officer who was killed was a four-year member of the Santa Maria Police Department with no major disciplinary issues during his tenure, Macagni said during a press conference Saturday afternoon at the Santa Maria Police Station.

“We aggressively investigated this as quickly as we could,” Macagni said. “Who would ever have expected this type of outcome?”

The deadly shooting occurred about 1:20 a.m. Saturday at McElhaney Avenue and Broadway as police were breaking down a DUI checkpoint they had conducted since Friday evening.

Police supervisors were sent to arrest the officer, who was working at the DUI checkpoint, but he put up a physical fight, Macagni said, and a scuffle ensued.

“He chose to resist, to remove his weapon ... and fire his weapon,” the chief said.

Other officers, including the policeman who fired the fatal shot, came to the aid of the two supervisors making the arrest, Macagni said.

The accused officer was shot once in the chest and was taken to Marian Medical Center for emergency surgery, where he died. No one else was injured.

The police chief did not release the name of either officer involved because family members were still being notified, but he said that information will eventually be made public.

The officer who fired the fatal shot was an eight- or nine-year veteran, Macagni said. As is routine in police-involved shootings, that officer has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of internal and external investigations.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the shooting.

About seven officers were on scene clearing up the checkpoint when the shooting happened, and there was very little traffic in the area at the time.

Police were made aware Thursday of some minor misconduct on the part of the accused officer, Macagni said, but explained it wasn’t even serious enough to suspend the officer. Instead, police initiated an investigation, and then the new information came to light.

According to Macagni, information surfaced shortly before the shooting that necessitated the immediate arrest of the officer who was suspected of having an illegal sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl.

“It was not only compelling, it was egregious and needed to be dealt with immediately,” the police chief said.

“There is some witness intimidation involved,” Macagni added, but declined to reveal further details about the alleged crimes.

It’s devastating when police officers must take any life, Macagni said. While Saturday was a tragic day for law enforcement, he said, illegal activity on the part of public servants can’t be tolerated.

“My officers don’t take that lightly. I don’t take that lightly. It’s tragic anytime it happens.”

He said that while typically the Santa Maria department might call in another agency to handle the arrest of one of its own, it was urgent that the accused officer be arrested immediately to preserve public safety.

“Who do you call at 1 a.m.?” he asked.

“If you violate the law, I don’t care if you’re wearing a uniform or not,” he said. “The protocol is, as soon as you identify enough information to proceed with a criminal investigation, a criminal arrest, you do so.”

The accused officer won’t be honored the way a fallen member of law enforcement usually is, Macagni said, because “that would be totally hypocritical on my part.”

Late Saturday morning, Broadway remained cordoned off with yellow police tape in the area of the shooting.

Members of the Sheriff’s Department knelt down in a patch of grass outside a stretch of businesses, gathering physical evidence. Several police officers stood watch.

Curious bystanders stood close to the tape, gazing at the scene.

By Saturday night, a small memorial made of a balloon and religious candle had been placed in the area as vehicles once again drove along Broadway.

Drew Sugars, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Department, said the agency conducts investigations for other law enforcement departments when it is asked to do so.

He said that while he had no comment right now on the incident, the Sheriff’s Department will eventually submit its findings to the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office.

Saturday’s shooting has struck a nerve with many in the community, including Santa Maria resident Pedro Reyes.

Reyes, vice president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, a civil rights group, showed up to the press conference Saturday afternoon to express his concern about the safety of Santa Maria residents.

After the conference, Reyes said he finds it troublesome that a police officer entrusted with public safety was committing crimes.

“At the end of the day, they are a liability to the city,” he said.

In addition, he wondered if the accused officer’s life could have been spared with other arrest tactics.

“How well trained are they to respond to these crises?” Reyes asked.

Santa Maria has recently been the site of numerous officer-involved shootings.

On May 4, Santa Maria police fired at Andrew Wittke, striking him once and wounding him, after he pointed a gun at them. He pleaded guilty in September to charges of brandishing a firearm at a person in a motor vehicle and exhibiting a gun in the presence of a police officer.

The county District Attorney’s Office determined that police used reasonable force.

In early December, Santa Maria police shot and killed 24-year-old Samyr Ceballos, a documented Santa Maria gang member, after Ceballos reportedly confronted them with a gun.

One officer suffered a hand wound and another was shot in the leg by bullets from other officers’ guns during the flurry of gunfire. Both are recovering, and that event remains under investigation.

Copyright 2012 Santa Maria Times. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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ACTA Explained - Spread the Word | by Anonymous

Text with below video:

Uploaded by on Jan 23, 2012

ACTA will be decided on the 26th of Jan. Sign the Petition to stop ACTA here: http://www.stopp-acta.info/english/get+involved/petition/petition.html

Please spread the word. SOPA is dead but the US Government wont stop till they control the internet, lets show them that they cannot silence us. Credits of this video go to: http://www.youtube.com/user/btb617

I'm just helping spread the word. Freedom of information


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The new look, a US Arrest

Text with video:
The US Senate voted so that any American, anyone else, can now be arrested by the US Military, anywhere in the world, including inside the US, and be officially kidnapped, held in secret, tortured, and even murdered, and there is to be no hearing or evidence needed. It is all secret and anyone can be labeled a "Terrorist" on any excuse as no one will check the secret paperwork. That is, if any paperwork is assumed to exist. There is now no need for judges, lawyers, courts, honest policing, or even a US Constitution. Just make up crap, it's America, right?

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Check the bottom of the above link. I, Steven G. Erickson, ask our help in fighting the NDAA Military Detention, Torture of US Citizens after their citizenship is stripped. It is time to elect a politician who'll end the Fed, torture, the endless wars of occupation, and who will restore the US Constitution. I wish to make inspiring videos of better quality, and mobilize others. Will you help in the fight? Please click above link, check it out, and then look for my message at bottom of post.

Monsanto Corporation Thugs vs. Farmers

I am currently watching a documentary on RT America live feed. It is called, "David vs. Monsanto", the below cut, and pasted from RT link. Imagine having your crops contaminated against your will by Monsanto's GMO scourge blowing onto your property. Monsanto can seek damages for their contaminating your property. If there is ANY of their patented plants on your property they can seize your profits, all of your profits. You for the most part, aren't allowed to sue corporations such as Monsanto in court in the US, and Canada. Corporate thugs, lawyers, investigators, and police can come on your property, harass you, investigate you, threaten you, and manufacture evidence. Corporations, such as Monsanto, put gag orders on citizens so they can't tell on the real criminals, corporate organized crime. Neighbors are turning against neighbors. Monsanto rewards snitches who rat out other neighbors with leather jackets. Should you pay Monsanto a "Protection Fee" yearly, or on every food purchase, just to eat and live? This one documentary shows how corporations have become your world government. These people have no incentive to be fair, reasonable, or to not just take everything you have ever worked for in your life. They can take your life. It is corporate rule. Is this all okay with you? Silence signifies acceptance.

-stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com

David vs Monsanto

Imagine that a storm blows across your garden and that now, genetically manipulated seeds are in your crops. A multi-national corporation pay you a visit, demand that you surrender your crops – and then sue you for $200 000 for the illegal use of patented, GM seeds. In this definitive David and Goliath battle, one farmer stands up against a massive multinational, and their right to claim ownership to a living organism.

“We knew by checking license plates that Monsanto or people hired by Monsanto were watching us constantly,” says Percy Schmeiser. When the court ruled in Monsanto’s favour, Percy counter-sued Monsanto for environmental pollution, seed destruction and slander. With the crop he had worked on for 50 years officially “owned” by Monsanto, Percy launched a nationwide campaign defending farmer’s rights. Monsanto did everything they could to stand in his way. “Monsanto is big,” came a voice down the telephone one night. “You can’t win. We will get you. You will pay.”

Percy doesn’t use Monsanto’s popular herbicide “Roundup”. “People have to ask themselves what they are really eating,” Percy says to an outraged auditorium. “Monsanto said Agent Orange was safe – are we now to believe them when they say that roundup is safe?” Percy had no use for the canola seed Monsanto developed to resist Roundup. Yet the court ruled that even if Monsanto’s seed is in a crop by cross-pollination, they own the entire crop as a result of their patent. GMO’s bring lower yield than natural seeds and increasingly toxic food. “The people don’t want GMO’s, they don’t want toxic foods,” Percy declares. “But there is no co-existence between GMO and non-GMO – it’s just a matter of time before it’s all GMO.”

Monsanto have brought fines from $20 000 to $100 000 against several farmers, completely unaware that Monsanto’s canola seed is mixed with their own. “The way the court system in America works is that whoever piles the most money on one side of the balance wins,” says Troy. He lost his case against Monsanto after coming up with $400 000 in legal fees. Monsanto gives out leather jackets to farmers who inform on other farmers who they suspect of using the Monsanto seeds. It’s a way of eliminating competitors and something, which Percy’s wife believes has changed the farming industry for good. “No one trusts anyone anymore,” she sighs.

Percy appeals the Supreme Court decision. Whilst they find that the presence of Monsanto seeds in his field does infringe the patent, without exercising the patent by spraying the roundup on his field, Percy is not liable to pay $200 000 in fines. “Today is a personal victory,” Percy says with tears in his eyes. “Six years of personal struggle – we fought for the rights of farmers to plant their seed from year to year. We never thought it would come this far.”

But the court also ruled that Monsanto own the entire plant as a result of placing a gene in it. “The Supreme court will have to revisit this judgment,” Percy explains, undeterred. “Their decision means that a corporation can control anything they put their genes into or anything they put their patents on. We have more questions than answers now. Who owns life?”

The definitive documentary on our increasingly genetically-modified world

Due to copyright restrictions, this video can only be viewed on RT’s live feed. Time of broadcast is available on RT’s schedule page.


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Links that Steven G. Erickson thinks go with the above piece:


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What type of crap is George H. W. Bush asking Obama to pull?

Obama would not just meet with George H. W. Bush and Jeb Bush in an unscheduled meeting to socialize. Shit is up. The CIA Grand Klan Master wanted to put the world elite's orders directly in Obama's ear, not over any electronic conveyance, probably no tongue intended, or maybe there was. Just my opinion, they are all a bunch of sick fucks to be doing what they are doing, and lying so frequently. We are ants to them, expect them to treat us as such.


Steven G. Erickson mugshot and message to elected officials:


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Former Army Ranger Set-Up by APD: Infowars Nightly News

Text with below video:

Uploaded by on Jan 28, 2012

Former Army Ranger Captain Antonio Buehler of the Austin (Texas) Police Victims Legal Defense is in-studio this evening on the Infowars Nightly News to talk about his organization's work against police abuse.

Help support a driver who was coerced into a breathalyzer, a passenger who endured police abuse - and former Army Ranger Captain Antonio Buehler, who was fraudulently arrested upon questioning and photographing the abuse.

The above is an update of video found embedded in [this post]

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Will International Corporate/Bankster Network Enabler News Host skate if he raped?

Billions of dollars of US taxpayer dollars are now spent on the NYPD, an international spying, and covert operation "police force". These Mossad-like officers coordinate with the CIA and have secret, black budgets. Fox News is known to be a propaganda mouthpiece for the most elite organized criminals who own the US Government through their international corporate and banking holdings. If the a Fox News host actually raped a woman and is backed by billions of dollars and a Father who is a US Spy Czar, will the case be honestly investigated? Will the woman who was allegedly raped be a victim of harassment and police stalking? In the State of Connecticut White Police Officers seem to have a free pass to assault, rape, rob, threaten, stalk, and murder people, sometimes using "cutouts" called "Police Informants".

Greg Kelly, son of New York City's police commissioner, is under investigation by prosecutors and denies any wrongdoing, his lawyer said Wednesday.

NYPD commish's son, a Fox anchor, in rape probe

[MSNBC source of photo and story]

NEW YORK -- The son of New York City's police commissioner Raymond Kelly is under investigation after a woman accused him of rape, sources tell NBC New York.

A source confirms a woman filed a sexual assault complaint against Greg Kelly, co-host of Fox 5’s "Good Day New York," with authorities at the 13th Precinct.

Details of her complaint are unknown at this time, but Greg Kelly has not been arrested or charged with any crime.

For more, visit NBCNewYork.com

Kelly's attorney, Andrew Lankler, said that his client was aware of the investigation and strongly denied any wrongdoing.

"Mr. Kelly is aware that the New York County District Attorney's office is conducting an investigation. Mr. Kelly strenuously denies any wrongdoing of any kind, and is cooperating fully with the district attorney's investigation," Lankler said in a statement. "We know the district attorney's investigation will prove Mr. Kelly's innocence."

The District Attorney's office declined comment. An NYPD spokesman also declined comment, referring all questions to the district attorney.

The New York Times, quoting an anonymous law enforcement official, said the woman is in her late 20s or early 30s. She walked into the 13th Precinct with her sister after 8 p.m. on Tuesday and made her complaint, according to the Times.

The woman told police she met Kelly on the street, and the two had drinks together on Oct. 8, the paper reported. They then moved on to her office at a Lower Manhattan law firm. According to the Times, the woman told the cops that the rape occurred at the office. The two continued to keep in touch by phone and text message after the encounter.

Sources tell NBC New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was approached by an unknown individual at a public event who told him that his son had “ruined my girlfriend’s life.”

The police commissioner asked him to explain, but the man said he didn’t want to discuss the issue there. Ray Kelly told him to put it in writing and send it to him.

It wasn't clear if the letter was ever sent.

Greg Kelly, 43, joined Fox News Channel in 2002 and was the White House correspondent from 2005-2007, according to his biography on WNYW's website. A Marine Corps veteran and reservist, he also covered the Iraq War, including four assignments in Baghdad.

Before that, he covered politics for local cable news channel New York 1 and was an anchor and reporter for NewsChannel 34, an ABC and NBC affiliate in Binghamton, N.Y., his bio said.

He also served for nearly a decade in the Marine Corps and is now a lieutenant colonel in its reserves.

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More information on the FBI, CIA, NYPD, US Police State:

[click here] for:

Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Abused to Make NYPD, WORLD POLICE

Right on network television, right before your eyes, offshore corporate banksters show you how they steal billions.

NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly


stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com


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License Plate Scanners, CCTV, Facial Recognition Police State

It is amazing how far the rabbit hole we have gone as a people. It is amazing we the people keep accepting more, and more, tyranny. We are under armed occupation. The international corporate owners and banksters run the US Government, police, and courts. Is that okay with you?

Not Without A Warrant: Infowars Nightly News

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Jan 24, 2012

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Sues Obama Over NDAA 1/2

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Jan 24, 2012

On the Tuesday, January 24th edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, author and Middle East expert Chris Hedges about his lawsuit challenging the legality of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which Obama signed at the end of 2011. Hedges is the author of The World As It Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress, Collateral Damage, American Fascists and other titles.

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Sues Obama Over NDAA 2/2

Rand Paul Held by TSA at Nashville Airport: Infowars Nightly News

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[click here] for:

US Policing we pay for, the Actual Policing We Get


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Censor Ability Free speech preachers seek SOPA-powers



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In SOPA, PIPA protest, Wikipedia to black out

The Wikipedia website is shown on a computer screen. | AP Photo

The online protest puts Wikipedia in the company of other websites such as Reddit. | AP Photo

Might want to get your Encyclopedia Britannica set out of storage: Wikipedia will go dark Wednesday, joining a growing number of popular websites staging an online revolt against two anti-piracy bills.

Founder Jimmy Wales made the announcement in tweets on Monday, telling followers his goal is to "melt phone systems in Washington" in opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act in the House and the PROTECT IP Act in the Senate.

Text Size

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The online protest puts Wikipedia in the company of other websites such as Reddit and popular games such as Minecraft in leveraging its substantial size and clout to campaign against the bills. Wales suggested on Twitter the impact of the blackout could be significant, given that "comScore estimates the English Wikipedia receives 25 million average daily visitors globally."

The site began weeks ago soliciting input from users on whether to implement a full or partial blackout of Wikipedia. Wales said Monday that the protest will involve only the English site.

"Final details under consideration but consensus seems to be for 'full' rather than 'soft' blackout!," he tweeted.

More details are due later this evening, according to Wikipedia.

The debates over SOPA and PIPA are drawing even some of the most politically averse Internet companies into the Washington fray. They argue the bills would threaten the architecture of the Internet by giving copyright holders and federal law enforcement too much power to shut off access to foreign websites peddling movies, music and other illegal content.

Responding to overwhelming criticism, the leading authors of SOPA and PIPA — House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) and Senate Judiciary head Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) — abandoned provisions that would allow the feds to seek a court order to block domain names of such sites.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has scheduled a critical Jan. 24 cloture vote on PIPA. And during an appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday, Reid showed no sign of backing down, though he did call for opposing sides to compromise.

Internet companies say the removal of the domain name-blocking provisions isn't enough. Buoyed by a statement from the White House Saturday that criticized parts of the House and Senate bills without explicitly opposing the measures, Wikipedia vowed to join the online assault against SOPA and PIPA this week.

"Student warning! Do your homework early," Wales tweeted. "Wikipedia protesting bad law on Wednesday!"

This article first appeared on POLITICO Pro at 3:51 p.m. on January 16, 2012.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0112/71500.html#ixzz1jfqrbq3l


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Felony Arrests for videotaping Police Brutality and Misconduct

Should law abiding citizens who videotape police on private property, or out in public, be subject to being beaten by police and 2 to 10 years in prison. Should citizens who care about justice become felons?

West Point Grad, Iraqi Vet Attacked, Arrested for Filming Police 1/2

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Jan 6, 2012

West Point graduate and Iraqi war veteran Antonio Buehler also appears to discuss his harrowing treatment & arrest on New Year's Eve in Austin, TX after he simply recorded video of what he considered to be police mistreatment of a woman being arrested at a gas station. Buehler gives his take on why he was arrested for 'harassment of a public servant' — a third degree felony after police claimed he was interfering with the DUI suspect already in the process of being arrested. He is currently gathering witness of the event-- including those who recorded video-- to build his case.

Antonio Buehler, 34, was stopping for gas on his way home early Sunday morning when he and his friend heard a woman scream. "We look over, and we see the cop violently yanking the female out of the car," Buehler told KVUE. As seen on the video -- taken by a cell phone from across the street -- the woman had her hands pulled straight out behind her back. Buehler said, "It just looked extremely painful."

Buehler began taking pictures of the scene, which caught the attention of the officers. Officer Oborski approached Buehler and accused him of interfering with the investigation before pushing him into the white truck seen on the video. Buehler was then taken to the BAT (Breath Alcohol Test) bus and asked to take a breathalyzer. Buehler was the designated driver that morning and had not been drinking.

According to APD spokesman, Corp. Anthony Hipolito, it was likely Oborski took Buehler to the BAT bus in order to complete paperwork on the DWI arrest. However, when Hipolito was asked to provide the reason Buehler was requested to take a breathalyzer he responded with, "I don't know."

West Point Grad, Iraqi Vet Attacked, Arrested for Filming Police 2/2

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Re-posted from Blacklistednews.com


Operation Shield: DHS Officers Armed With Semiautomatics Running Unannounced ID Checkpoints

January 6, 2012

It may have looked like they were ready for war or some deranged person looking for his late Social Security benefits.

But it was only Federal Protective Service officers with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security who were conducting a random training operation early Tuesday morning when they surprisingly showed up at the Social Security Administration office in downtown Leesburg.

With their blue and white SUVs circled around the Main Street office, at least one official was posted on the door with a semiautomatic rifle, randomly checking identifications. And other officers, some with K-9s, sifted through the building.

"I thought someone was upset about not getting there check," said Laura Kelly, who took a friend to the office on Tuesday.

According to one Homeland official in the Washington, D.C. office, Operation Shield. is an effort that uses routine, unannounced visits by FPS inspectors to test the effectiveness of contract guards, or protective security officers -- "detecting the presence of unauthorized persons and potentially disruptive or dangerous activities."


SOPA-Supporting News Outlets Aren't Covering SOPA

January 6, 2012

I mean you can't blame them if they think SOPA is in their self interest.

Yet SOPA is so important it is still sickening that it gets no news coverage by the mainstream. This is why the alternative media must focus on the issue. Frankly SOPA in many ways is a a potential law aimed right at alternative media and social media. The gatekeepers want the key back. It is up to us, the everyday folks, the people who rely on the Net for our livellhood and for real information without mainstream censorship, who must fight this battle. And time is short.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Do Government Workers feel entitled to steal?

Should these same workers be trusted to police and investigate themselves? Well, most government workers want to operate in secret and destroy your life if you dare ask any questions. So, do you have any questions?

The below re-posted from the Hartford Courant

Attorney Charges Breach Of Privacy In D-SNAP


HARTFORD (Connecticut)—

An attorney for state employees is charging that the administration of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy made a "huge breach of privacy'' involving the release of the Social Security numbers of state employees who are under investigation for food stamp fraud.

The names were included on a subpoena and were released to other state employees who are also under investigation for possibly falsifying their finances in order to qualify for emergency food stamp benefits following Tropical Storm Irene. The information was part of a sweeping subpoena for bank account records at Wells Fargo/Wachovia Bank as investigators are trying to determine whether state employees misstated the amount of money they had in the bank at the time.

Instead of a separate subpoena for each individual, the omnibus subpoenas from the Department of Social Services had dozens of names on a single document, said attorney Rich Rochlin, who represents state employees who face possible firing for food stamp fraud. As a result, state employees who are under investigation could not only learn that their fellow employees were under investigation - but could also see the listing of their Social Security number.

"This is amateur hour,'' Rochlin told reporters Tuesday during a news conference at his office. "This is incompetence at the highest levels.''

But Andrew McDonald, the chief legal counsel for Malloy, said that it was Wells Fargo - not the Malloy administration - that released the information.

Citing section 36a-43a of Connecticut state law that deals specifically with subpoenas by the Department of Social Services, McDonald said, "There was no obligation for Wells Fargo to notify the customer. If [Rochlin] has a gripe with anybody, it's with Wells Fargo. They did not have to consult with us.''

McDonald added, "That's not our fault. If Wells Fargo sent that information to other people, we're responsible for that?''

Overall, 130 names appear on the subpoenas, including many state employees. Some of the names appear to be the dependents of state employees, who were named on the D-SNAP applications. One subpoena had about 90 names and another had about 40 names, Rochlin said.

The state law cited by McDonald is as follows:

a) Except as provided in section 36a-44, a financial institution shall disclose financial records pursuant to a lawful subpoena, summons, warrant or court order served upon it if the party seeking the records causes such subpoena, summons, warrant or court order or a certified copy thereof to be served upon the customer whose records are being sought, at least ten days prior to the date on which the records are to be disclosed, provided a court of competent jurisdiction, for good cause, may waive service of such subpoena, summons, warrant or court order, or certified copy thereof, upon such customer. If such subpoena was issued by the Commissioner of Administrative Services or the Commissioner of Social Services pursuant to section 17b-137, 17b-452 or 17b-454, service of such subpoena upon the customer shall not be required.

The final sentence of that subsection shows that Wells Fargo was not obligated to notify the customer, McDonald said.

But Rochlin rejected that interpretation.

"The problem with that is the bank can't pick and choose which part of a subpoena they send to you,'' he said. "It's not the bank's fault. It has no duty to go through it and cherry-pick it. The state should have a separate subpoena for each individual. Your account agreement says that 'if we are subpoenaed to provide your records, we will notify you of that.' They are subject to federal rules that preempt state law.''

The state law cited by McDonald also states:

(c) A financial institution shall disclose financial records pursuant to a certificate, signed by the Commissioner of Administrative Services or the Commissioner of Social Services in accordance with the provisions of section 36a-42, or pursuant to an agreement with the IV-D agency under subsection (c) of section 17b-137.

(d) No such financial institution shall be held civilly or criminally responsible for disclosure of financial records pursuant to a certificate, subpoena, summons, warrant or court order which on its face appears to have been issued upon lawful authority.

A Wells Fargo spokeswoman said that the bank had just heard about the issue Tuesday, and she referred questions to another spokesman. He said he would likely be unable to comment until Wednesday morning.

"I am now in possession of evidence that, in the process of subpoenaing records belonging to D-SNAP applicants, the Malloy administration disclosed the names and Social Security numbers of all D-SNAP recipients who maintain bank accounts at Wells Fargo/Wachovia Bank to each other,'' Rochlin said earlier in a statement Tuesday. "This negligence is indicative of the way in which the D-SNAP program was run from the start. This act also constitutes numerous violations of state and federal laws and regulations as well as a violation of uncharged applicants' Constitutional rights to due process.''

Rochlin added, "This is the exact reason why the D-SNAP investigation needs to be taken away from DSS and placed into the hands of an independent agency or the federal government. The Malloy administration has now proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is incapable of conducting this investigation in a manner that ensures the due process and privacy of those being investigated. This incident has forced me to call on the Human Services Committee to hold an emergency hearing about the D-SNAP process and the ongoing investigation.''

Rochlin held a news conference at 4 p.m. at his office in Berlin that included reporters patched in on speaker phone.

"As a result, everyone knows who is being investigated,'' Rochlin told reporters. "We are calling upon the Governor's office to immediately pull this investigation from the Department of Social Services. ... How can we expect them to conduct this in a far and honest way?''

Two of Rochlin's clients had hearings last week about possible firings, but they have not heard the official results yet.

"Social Security numbers are private information. That could lead to identity theft,'' Rochlin told reporters. "More importantly, now their privacy has been violated. ... We cannot accept this type of behavior by this administration. It needs to be stopped. ... The governor needs to put an end to this now.''

In another twist, the subpoeana was signed by high-level DSS employee Craig Zimmerman on behalf of Michael Starkowski, who has since been replaced by Commissioner Roderick Bremby. Bremby was selected by Malloy and appeared with him on a Sunday afternoon at the state Capitol when the food stamp fraud investigation was announced.

"How does Craig Zimmerman sign subpoeanas on behalf of commissioners who are no longer there?'' Rochlin asked.

"The state almost always has a separate subpoena for each particular request,'' he said.

Sen. Joseph Markley, the ranking Senate Republican on the human services committee, said the emergency food stamp program has been a problem from the start.

"If DSS was running their programs well, we would not have had these problems with the D-SNAP program,'' Markley told Capitol Watch Tuesday in a telephone interview. "The evidence of the poor management was there because of the lines, because of the confusion. The governor's office has gone into this mystifying mode of dribbling bits of the investigation. ... There's been perhaps an effort to make the story: 'state employees break the law' instead of 'Department mismanages program.' ''

He added, "It raises the question of how programs are being run by DSS. In the end, DSS should not be investigating itself. It was a chaotic program, and now it seems to be a rather chaotic investigation. If it clears itself, it doesn't disperse the cloud as if'' an outside, independent agency conducted it.

He added, "It sounds like a terrible mistake.''

Markley said he will speak to his fellow leaders on the human services committee, including Senate chairman Anthony Musto of Trumbull and Rep. Peter Tercyak of New Britain.

"He's a few degrees to my left ideologically, but we get along,'' Markley said of Tercyak. "We're both true believers in a sense. We're kind of idealists of two different casts.''

Markley laughed out loud upon hearing that Zimmerman had signed the subpoena on behalf of DSS Commissioner Starkowski, a well-known state employee who has long since retired.

"How long ago did Starkowski leave?'' Markley asked rhetorically. "I hope that things are not so bad that DSS has form subpoenas. You would think there would be a little proofreading. Proofreading is a thing of the past.''

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