Sunday, January 29, 2012

ACTA Explained - Spread the Word | by Anonymous

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Uploaded by on Jan 23, 2012

ACTA will be decided on the 26th of Jan. Sign the Petition to stop ACTA here:

Please spread the word. SOPA is dead but the US Government wont stop till they control the internet, lets show them that they cannot silence us. Credits of this video go to:

I'm just helping spread the word. Freedom of information


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The new look, a US Arrest

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The US Senate voted so that any American, anyone else, can now be arrested by the US Military, anywhere in the world, including inside the US, and be officially kidnapped, held in secret, tortured, and even murdered, and there is to be no hearing or evidence needed. It is all secret and anyone can be labeled a "Terrorist" on any excuse as no one will check the secret paperwork. That is, if any paperwork is assumed to exist. There is now no need for judges, lawyers, courts, honest policing, or even a US Constitution. Just make up crap, it's America, right?

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Check the bottom of the above link. I, Steven G. Erickson, ask our help in fighting the NDAA Military Detention, Torture of US Citizens after their citizenship is stripped. It is time to elect a politician who'll end the Fed, torture, the endless wars of occupation, and who will restore the US Constitution. I wish to make inspiring videos of better quality, and mobilize others. Will you help in the fight? Please click above link, check it out, and then look for my message at bottom of post.


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