Monday, July 22, 2013

Trayvon Martin is the Poster Child for the Weak-minded to do Elite Bidding?

Steven G. Erickson's channel [click here]. 

I placed the below comment to [this posting on]:

George H. W. Bush is nothing more than a cocaine and heroin king pin. When the former leader of Panama allegedly owed Bush cocaine money, US troops invaded Panama and arrested Noriega for drug trafficking and went to Miami Florida prison. Bush is a CIA scumbag and so is his son and so is Obama. US Troops catch bullets and absorb bombs for international bankers and corporate organized crime. US Troops do not protect average American interests and freedoms and uphold the US Constitution. US Troops are to dismantle the US Constitution and to help the elite tyrants reduce our populations, enslave, and rob us. The Travon Martin case being spouted off about 24/7 in the corporate organized crime media is a distraction. It is to inflame the weak minded. Those who have robbed us, want us to fight amongst ourselves and then ask the tyrants to take away the rest of our rights and give up more of what we thought was ours for their blessings. We the people are under siege. In Stafford Springs, Connecticut, the FBI, CIA, State Police and their contractors were having surveillance cameras and microphones strung from poles pre-9/11. Alleged FBI contractor Bruce Brown told me that if I told other citizens about he spy program I could be killed or jailed for life. Brown was also a fireman and threatened me with indefinite detention pre-9/11. Word search Steven G. Erickson. Police were out to investigate and put out of business farmers, restaurant owners, bar owners, landlords, contractors, and the self-employed. 100% spying does not make us safer, it makes us slaves. Your masters want you to loot, burn, protest, and commit crimes in the name of Travon ... because most of you out there are just that stupid.

[Steven G. Erickson's saga, picture, video, and contact information, click here]

The Police State makes scumbag, lying, theiving lawyers like Ellington, Somersville, Stafford Springs, Rockville, Vernon, Connecticut area Attorney  Michael H. Agranoff richer:

The FBI is out to arrest and prosecute those who provide tips in, more so, than going after the actual criminals. The FBI has asked me nothing about the below, nor have I seen any evidence that they care to:


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