Sunday, July 15, 2012

Impounded (Secret) Files to Rig all US Court Cases?

I, Steven G. Erickson, became aware of jury rigging, court case rigging, and retaliation in my own case. Following Connecticut Department of Children and Families DCF cases I see that lawyers, authorities, police, and their minions are out to harm for profit. All US states have this absolute infection. 

It is more than non-custodial parents' rights, it is about the hijacking of America by insiders and their friends who operate international organized crime through their banking and corporate spiderweb. 

I was invited to sit in with William "Bill" Windsor who is the producer of "Lawless America" still being shot. This film is to be shown to US Congress showing what is wrong with our courts, policing, and government. Will elected officials see their reflections in the mirror and do something about what stares back at them?

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Raw Footage shot by Steven G. Erickson July 11, 2012:


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Justice for Families founder, Zed McLarnon, is a forensic scientist/expert witness and documentary filmmaker. Mr. McLarnon graduated from Wentworth Institute in electronics and started his career when he helped to build and became technical director/recording engineer/producer/studio musician for the first sixteen-track audio studio in the world, Intermedia Sound, where Aerosmith recorded their first album. While at Intermedia McLarnon became an off-campus advisor for MIT’s Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) and used MIT’s sophisticated equipment to "tune" Intermedia’s control room, a pioneering effort in the audio recording industry.

In the Seventies McLarnon took over recording responsibilities from George Martin and recorded and toured with the Paul Winter Consort, credited as the pioneers of New Age and World Music.

In the late Seventies, McLarnon returned to Boston and built several world-class studios in the area including the media center at UMass, the first university to utilize telecommunications as a teaching tool.

In the early 1980’s, Zed built his own world-class audio/visual studio in his home that was featured in MIX Magazine as a world-class private studio where McLarnon composed and recorded soundtracks, jingles, albums and shot and edited videos – and analyzed audio and video media.

As a recognized pioneer in the audio/visual industry, McLarnon was recruited into forensics in 1982. McLarnon was trained by and worked for Jack Staller, a pioneer in forensic science. Staller Associates was bought out by F.E.T. in the early Nineties for which McLarnon remains a senior staff consultant (See referral letter). McLarnon has worked with district attorneys, insurance companies, lawyers and families as a forensic investigator/expert witness.
In the early Nineties, McLarnon taught at Northeast Broadcasting School and mentored work-study students at his studio.

In 1998 Zed was recognized as the first person to prove that courts illegally alter hearing tapes, transcripts, dockets and case files. He developed the scientific method to prove tapes, transcripts and dockets are altered. McLarnon’s forensic investigation of the judiciary has been featured in three novels and several articles. McLarnon wrote a few articles on the subject and became a magnet for cases in several states that involved the courts editing tapes and altering their records to victimize citizens – and to plunder federal funds. McLarnon has put together a coalition of families that are victims of court corruption prevalent in the Abuse & Divorce Industries.

McLarnon is the director of Forensic Engineers & Investigators, FEI, whose work has been featured in novels, videos and articles appeared on television and radio programs such as Air America, given speeches at national and local family rights rallies and taught seminars on court corruption, altered records and how to investigate. He has written several published articles on crimes by judges, court corruption and hate legislation that target fathers and the traditional family.

McLarnon’s credentials as an expert witness have been accepted in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania courts and U.S. District Courts. His reports have been responsible for having several judges and a police commissioner removed from office or forced into retirement.

McLarnon founded Justice for Families to develop a coalition of cases from across the country in which judges, clerks or lawyers altered court and other government records (crimes against the US Government and treason) is a pioneering web site as it documents crimes by judges, clerks, GAL’s social workers and more by the Abuse & Divorce Industries in court under color of law with cases from across the country. 

To prevent McLarnon from disclosing his irrefutable forensic evidence, the system has unlawfully incarcerated him and unlawfully assessed him over $19,000.00. McLarnon has been threatened and assaulted twice, and on a third occasion what looked like two off-duty policemen dragged him from his car and beat McLarnon with the threat "if you go back to court, you’ll never see your son again". Emergency Room report documents the damage they inflicted (Exhibit ).