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US Extrajudicial Kidnapping and Killing

OSHA, the EPA, FDA, and other alphabet agencies have been given tax dollars to go after the self-employed, small business, small farmers, individualists, independent journalists, to break up families, and to target independent, politically active citizens. The people of the US don't seem to be represented for their taxation. Big Pharma, banksters, military contractors, and offshore corporate pirates seem to operate US courts, policing, and the US Government. Look at what they do, not what they say. You can easily plot their course over decades. Do you wish to pay to be a slave? Do you worry about a knock on your door? Do you worry about being officially abducted or even killed?

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FDA Kidnaps and Deports Herbalist Greg Caton

Mike Adams
Natural News
December 16, 2009

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today stands accused of taking part in the kidnapping and illegal extradition of a permanent resident of Ecuador, in violation of both international law and Ecuadorian law.

Greg Caton, owner and operator of Alpha Omega Labs (, an herbal products company that sells anti-cancer herbal remedies made with Ecuadorian medicinal herbs, was arrested at gunpoint at a road checkpoint in Ecuador, then transported to an Ecuadorian holding facility to await a hearing on December 14, 2009. Caton was expected to be set free by the Ecuadorian judge at that hearing based on the facts of the case which indicated Caton's permanent residency in Ecuador is legal and valid.

Three days before the hearing could take place, Caton was taken from his holding facility and, with the help of U.S. State Department employees, involuntarily placed on an American Airlines plane headed for Miami. An Ecuadorian judge rushed to the airport in Guayaquil and demanded that Caton be released from the plane, stating that the attempted deportation was illegal, but American Airlines employees reportedly refused to allow Caton to leave the plane, stating that the plane was "U.S. territory" and that Ecuadorian law did not apply there (even though the plane was still on the tarmac in Guayaquil and under the direction of the air traffic control tower there).

The plane then departed Guayaquil and continued its flight to Miami where Greg Caton was held in a federal detention facility to await trial in the U.S.

[efoods]His crimes? Selling herbal medicine and daring to tell the truth about those medicines on his website.

The Greg Caton Story by Mike Adams

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From Wikipedia:

Extrajudicial killing

An extrajudicial killing is the killing of a person by governmental authorities without the sanction of any judicial proceeding or legal process. Extrajudicial punishments are by their nature unlawful, since they bypass the due process of the legal jurisdiction in which they occur. Extrajudicial killings often target leading political, trade union, dissident, religious, and social figures and may be carried out by the state government or other state authorities like the armed forces and police.

Extrajudicial killings and death squads are common in the Middle East (mostly in Palestinian territories (Israel) and Iraq[1][2][3][4][5]), Central America,[6][7][8] Afghanistan, Bangladesh,[9] Pakistan, Sri Lanka,[10] several nations or regions in Equatorial Africa,[11][12][13] Jamaica,[14][15][16] Kosovo,[citation needed] parts of South America,[17][18][19] allegedly Russia,[20] Uzbekistan, parts of Thailand,[21][22] and in the Philippines.[22][23][24][25][26][27][28] One of the earliest cases of extrajudical killings was in the Weimar Republic of Germany.[29]

Cold war usage

The former Soviet Union and Communist Bloc countries used to kill dissidents extrajudicially during the 1930s. Nguyễn Văn Lém (referred to as Captain Bay Lop) (died 1 February 1968 in Saigon) was a member of the Viet Cong who was summarily shot in Saigon during the Tet Offensive. The photograph of his death would become one of many anti-Vietnam War icons in the Western World.

During the 1960s and throughout the 1970s, death squads were used against the Viet Cong cadre as well as supporters in neighbouring countries (notably Cambodia). See also Phoenix Program (also known as Phung Hoang). The Viet Cong also used death squads of their own against civilians for political reasons.

Argentina used extrajudicial killings as way of crushing the liberal and communist opposition to the military junta during the 'Dirty war' of the late 1960s and most of the 1970s. Alianza Anticomunista Argentina was a far-right death squad mainly active during the "Dirty War". The Chilean Junta of 1972 to 1992 also committed such killings; see Operation Condor for examples.

During the Salvadoran civil war, death squads achieved notoriety when far-right vigilantes assassinated Archbishop Óscar Romero for his social activism in March 1980. In December 1980, three American nuns, Ita Ford, Dorothy Kazel, and Maura Clarke, and a lay worker, Jean Donovan, were raped and murdered by a military unit later found to have been acting on specific orders. Death squads were instrumental in killing hundreds of peasants and activists, including such notable priests as Rutilio Grande. Because the death squads involved were found to have been soldiers of the Salvadoran military, which was receiving U.S. funding and training from American advisors during the Carter administration,[6] these events prompted outrage in the U.S. and led to a temporary cutoff in military aid from the Reagan administration[citation needed], although Death Squad activity stretched well into the Reagan years (1981–1989) as well.

Honduras also had death squads active through the 1980s, the most notorious of which was Battalion 316. Hundreds of people, including teachers, politicians and union bosses, were assassinated by government-backed forces. Battalion 316 received substantial support and training from the United States Central Intelligence Agency.[30]


During the 1950s a regime was put in power through the efforts of the CIA, in which the Shah (hereditary monarch) used SAVAK death squads to kill thousands. After the revolution death squads were used by the new regime. In 1983 the CIA gave one of the leaders of Iran Khomeni information on KGB agents in Iran. This information was probably used.The Iranian regime later used death squads occasionally throughout the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s however by the 2000s it has appeared to almost entirely if not all cease their operation. This partial Westernization of the country can be seen paralleling similar events in Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, and Northern Iraq beginning in the late 1990s

Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, various paramilitary groups and members of the British armed forces and the Royal Ulster Constabulary killed without lawful excuse during The Troubles.[47][48] During the 30 years of The Troubles in Northern Ireland, both nationalist and loyalist paramilitary forces organised assassination squads. Notable cases include Brian Nelson, an Ulster Defence Association member and British Army agent convicted of sectarian murders.[49][50][51]

United States

In 1934, a group of six law officers ambushed the outlaw couple Bonnie and Clyde, and opened fire with automatic weapons and shotguns.[52] Since that incident, it has become standard procedure for law officers to order suspects to halt or stop.[citation needed] Laws in the U.S. continue to be reviewed and revised, and agents are monitored in a system of internal checks and balances coupled with citizens' advocacy groups, to minimize the possibility that government officials will exceed their lawful authority.

In 2010 it was announced that U.S. President Barack Obama had ordered the extrajudicial killing of U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki. The Islamic cleric resides in Yemen, but was born in New Mexico. The U.S. President issued the order, approved by the National Security Council, after it became evident that al-Awlaki was directly involved with the 2009 Fort Hood Massacre and with the 2009 Christmas Day bomb plot, the attempted destruction of a Detroit-bound passenger-plane. With this evidence, it was decided that al-Awlaki's normal legal rights as a citizen should be suspended and his death should be imposed, as he had effectively taken up arms against the United States and was a threat to its citizens.[53]

[Wikipedia source]

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The US Grand Jury System is a rare opportunity for citizens to pursue justice. Most people don't know that they can also just the validity of laws, and can use discretion in pursuing prosecutions. US policing and the courts seem more about revenue collection and citizen/family abuse than anything to do with justice ...

The Kenny's Sideshow blog on the Grand Jury System:

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True Bill

I woke up this morning with a slight feeling of negative anticipation but the day turned out to be very interesting and even what I tentatively might call fun in a learning experience kind of way.

I had been summoned to court for grand jury selection like I have had to do about every three years for more times than I can remember. Living in a small county and having a drivers license and a voting record makes it a fairly frequent occurrence.

But I had never had my name drawn out of the can until today when I won the grand jury lottery and got to walk to the jury box. Out of maybe 125 called for potential selection I was one of 2 guys and 10 ladies chosen by the random method of civic duty. My first thought was that maybe the luck of the draw is turning my way and that I should buy a powerball ticket.

The judge gave us the history of the grand jury dating back to at least the 12th century. Created for the protection of individuals from false accusations and oppressive governments. Instructions were given and we had the chance to try and opt out by declaring that we were of unsound mind or a habitual drunkard or drug abuser. Nope, not going there but for weeks I had thought of how I could honestly get dismissed if I wanted to when the judge asked if there's any other reason that might disqualify us from serving. I had always remembered the statement a Quaker man gave to the judge many years ago in a jury selection . He said:
"Your honor, my personal beliefs allow me to stand in judgement of my fellow man when they are accused of breaking the rule of law. But that duty also extends to my right and duty to also judge the law itself if I believe it is necessary. The concept of jury nullification of an unjust law must sometimes be taken into consideration."

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Take Back America w/ Grand Juries

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Nancy Lazaryan speaks with her co-host, from many public access broadcasts, that they have done together out of the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

This or other video clips might be used in our "In the Interests of Justice" documentary series co-produced by Steven G. Erickson and Francis C. P. Knize.

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75 years in prison for filming police in public?

Police in Massachusetts can arrest anyone filming them in public, claiming the citizen is "wiretapping". States such as Illinois are following suit. It is time to push back for freedom and liberty as the framers intended.
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In Illinois Michael Allison, a 42 year-old man, is facing 75 years in prison for recording police officers. In Illinois, and about 12 other states, it is illegal to record audio without a person's consent. Many civil right advocates say Allison doesn't deserve the same punishment a murderer or rapist would get. Alex Jones, radio host of the Alex Jones Show, tells us the part this plays in the bigger picture.

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Alex Jones: "Illegal" recordings of cops are a hoax