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Malicious, Illegal Conduct of Prosecutors Common in US

More Connecticut Judicial Misconduct. The below story should be exposed to the nation to show what is wrong with the "justice" system.

The below, re-posted from the Hartford Courant and was [found here]

Patrick Lenarz walks outside the courthouse in Manchester after he was set free Tuesday. (CHRISTINE DEMPSEY / HARTFORD COURANT / November 2, 2010)

Simsbury Man Freed From Prison

State Supreme Court Ordered Patrick Lenarz's Immediate Release

By CHRISTINE DEMPSEY And DAVID OWENS, dowens@courant.com

1:00 p.m. EDT, November 2, 2010

MANCHESTER — A Simsbury man serving a four-year sentence for child endangerment walked out of Superior Court in Manchester a free man Tuesday, days after the state Supreme Court ordered his immediate release.

Patrick Lenarz, 54, hugged his wife Roberta at 11:40 a.m., shortly after a judge, at the order of the Supreme Court, released him on a promise to appear in court.

"I am excited beyond belief," Lenarz said after court. He thanked his lawyer, Kevin C. Ferry, and several others who worked on the appeal of his 2007 conviction on a single count of risk of injury to a minor.

Lenarz, a former karate instructor, was accused by three children, including former karate students, of improperly touching them.

A jury acquitted him on eight of nine counts at trial.

Now that he's out of prison, Lenarz said he plans to call his 19-year-old daughter, who's away at college, and his son, who is serving in Afghanistan with the armed forces.

"I hope to meet my grandson soon," Lenarz added.

Ferry appealed Lenarz's conviction, arguing Lenarz's Constitutional rights were violated, and the state Supreme Court took it up on Thursday.

On Friday, the court ordered Lenarz freed, although it has not yet issued its ruling on Ferry's claims.

Ferry argued that Lenarz was denied his Sixth Amendment right to counsel because the prosecutor in the case, Christopher Parakilas, read five documents that Lenarz had prepared to help his attorney in defending him. Those documents were on Lenarz's computer, which police seized after his third arrest.

Those documents, Ferry argued to the court, were protected by attorney-client privilege. Ferry argued at the trial that the case against Lenarz should have been dismissed because the prosecutor read the documents, even after discovering that they were covered by attorney-client privilege. The trial judge agreed that the documents were privileged, but declined to dismiss the charges.

The trial judge also barred Ferry from calling an expert to counter the testimony of the victims in the case.

After hearing the arguments Thursday the Supreme Court, in a highly unusual move, ordered Lenarz's immediate release on a promise to appear in court.

Ferry said he suspects the court found merit in his claim that Lenarz was denied his Sixth Amendment rights when the prosecutor read the privileged documents.

"That order by the Supreme Court directing Mr. Lenarz be released loudly suggests that it believes Mr. Lenarz was a victim of a serious Sixth Amendment violation by the office of the state's attorney," Ferry said. The documents "outlined our entire trial strategy, how we were going to attack the credibility of the accusers," he said.

The documents gave the prosecution an advantage of "knowing our every move at trial," Ferry said.

Parakilas could not be reached for comment Monday.

Lenarz was convicted in March 2007 of risk of injury to a minor after a trial at Superior Court in Manchester. He was acquitted of eight other charges, including fourth-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor. Lenarz had been arrested by police in Granby and Simsbury.

In June 2007, he was sentenced to four years in prison and, upon his release, six years of special parole. At his sentencing, Lenarz maintained his innocence. He was scheduled to be released from prison Feb. 18, 2011.

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Chris Kennedy suffered prosecutorial misconduct perpetrated by Prosecutor Chris Parakilas and judicial misconduct at the hands of Vernon, Rockville Connecticut Superior Court Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan. Elected officials and legal authorities can't claim they haven't been tipped about bad prosecutors and judges over and over. This needs to be looked into for remedy. Chris Kennedy explains well, what too many Americans need not suffer, daily:

Chris Kennedy testifies in front of the Connecticut Legislative Judiciary Committee in February 2010. Bad judges and prosecutors are exposed for their crimes committed. Legislators side with the official abusers, not their constituents. Where is representation for our taxation? Who are these officials really for? Does a high percentage of lawyers "working" as legislators in the Legislative Branch a conflict of interest if these lawyers make their money in the Judicial Branch?

* * * *

A Connecticut retired FBI agent tipped me off about a Mr. David Cummings suffering continued judicial abuse in Connecticut, and that I should investigate more into that case. Mr. Cummings allegedly has been falsely arrested again in Connecticut for exposing judicial and prosecutorial misconduct. My last blog post on Mr. Cummings:

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Are police and courts too busy wasting tax dollars abusing citizens, retaliation, and covering up public corruption to actually protect and serve the citizens who need it? Dr. William Petit's family was violated, his wife and daughters suffered rape, sodomy, and died in a horrific fire at the family's home, known as the "Cheshire Home Invasion". Citizens on target lists can be arrested on sight for blogging critically of Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell. Criminals who invaded the Petit home should be the ones watched and tax dollars used to keep track of, not bloggers critical of judicial, police, and prosecutorial misconduct.

[click here] for:

11 year old sodomized and set on fire

At the same time the Petit's home was invaded in Cheshire Connecticut, Ken Krayeske was critical of Governor M. Jodi Rell in his blog. Rell's staffers had a google alert set up for Rell's name. So, if you are critical of Governor Rell and other politicians, police, judges, etc., you can be put on their arrest on sight, enemies list. Criminals who murder, rape, rob, and steal aren't as important for police to arrest on sight or have under 24/7 surveillance and harassment. [That Story]

From left: Hayley, Michaela and parents Jennifer and Dr. William Petit. Image [found here].

* * * *

Green Party Campaign Manager, law student, and journalist Ken Krayeske was placed on the Connecticut State Police "Arrest on Sight", Target List and Secret Enemies List, to be arrested on sight. A google alert set up by Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell's staffers allows them to read anything posted on the Governor. Anyone critical of Governor Rell can be placed on the maliciously target, arrest, and maliciously abuse in Connecticut Courts, anyone on the list. I, Steven G. Erickson, Kenneth Krayeske, and Chris Kennedy were placed at the very top of the list. The State of Connecticut is not after real, or pretend terrorist or organized criminal threats, they're after bloggers and fathers critical of police, judicial, prosecutorial, and official misconduct.

The story of Ken Krayeske on the "Target List":

* * * *

This blogger's email: stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com

If you are blacklisted, police will refuse to protect and serve, and will only falsely arrest you, make false statements, solicit false witness statements, and set you up to be railroaded to prison. If you are in court, you are going to get barbecued. If you are blacklisted, judges will refuse to hear your cases against others, especially officials, their corrupt organized crime friends, and the system. If you finally get a hearing in court, it can be 2 months after the hearing, and there is no obligation for them to send you an official answer from court. It has 2 months since I finally got a court hearing in Vermont. Still no answer from the court for this:



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