Monday, October 18, 2010

Rep. Arthur O'Neill and Connecticut Corrupt Judges?

Connecticut Republican Representative Arthur O'Neill's official website [found here]. It is reported that he is running for Richard "Dick" Blumenthal's Connecticut Attorney General seat.

I talked with a retired federal insider about Connecticut public and judicial corruption. Allegedly the FBI is involved and a grand jury is considering evidence in secret. The source claims Art O’Neil, on the Connecticut Legislative Judiciary Committee has been getting calls from judges telling him about how really bad the corruption in the courts is. The source says that terrorism is the number one concern, public corruption is now second.

Many of the same names keep coming up for bad behavior, Kevin Kane, Connelly, Richard Blumenthal, Judge Jonathan J. Kapan, Scheinblum, prosecutor Chris Parakilas, John Panone, Keith Courier, and others. The corruption and the fixing of cases is not isolated to just the Waterbury court system. Enfield, Connecticut, is a wart with hair on it, and so is Hartford, Vernon Rockville, and the entire system in Connecticut. Michelle Cruz coming in from New Hampshire and Massachusetts is allegedly trying to do her job as a victim advocate, and State’s Attorney Kevin Kane is allegedly preventing her from doing her job, obstructing justice. I'm unsure of spelling on some names.

The Connecticut Legislative Judiciary Committee seems to ignored this systemic breaking of laws, public corruption, judicial misconduct, case rigging, obstruction of justice, and racketeering:

John A. Danaher III was a US Attorney who allegedly covered up an Anthrax Conspiracy in the Fall of 2001. He then became Connecticut State Police Commissioner. Danaher is now a Connecticut judge. What does that say about the merry-go-round of corruption in Connecticut?:


As far as I know, nothing has been done to Minneapolis, Minnesota, Judge Montgomery for her judicial rigging of cases, and for sending federal and state law enforcement to the home of a bankster victim, putting guns to his head, threatening his life not to tell on the judge, lawyers, and in revealing the bankster plot:

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