Wednesday, October 13, 2010

US Gov Intentions Revealed

Read and view long enough, you have a blueprint to the lies, and you can see what is being built. Lying lawyer Hillary Clinton shows her stuff. The leader of North Korea would love to rule the world. It is the nature of government. Look what the US Government is up to in Europe. How do their ethics compare with any out of control government in history? What do you really see after viewing the below video?

Text with below video:
RussiaToday | October 12, 2010

Tough talks and difficult decisions are awaiting Serbia. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is there in a bid to persuade the country to make concessions in its refusal to recognize its breakaway territory of Kosovo. She's dangling the carrot of much sought-after EU membership. The visit is part of Clinton's tour of the Balkans and follows her previous stop in Bosnia. There she also tried to put pressure on the country's Serbian minority to embrace political reform which will eventually strip them of their autonomy. Most Serbs scattered around the territory of the former Yugoslavia still remember that NATO sided with the Muslims during the 90-s ethnic conflict and can't forgive the US-led bombings of Serbian targets. For more on Clinton's visit, RT talks to Misha Gavrilovich, a Balkans political expert.

Came in Peace? 'US up for Balkans & its resources'

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NSA’s Special Department to separate US Gov from 9-11?


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