Saturday, October 16, 2010

ADA, Justice Denied

Conversation with David Cummings, Connecticut. ADA violations Americans with Disabilities Act ex-parte communications, sovereign judicial immunity, perjury, omissions in transcripts to protect the guilty and connected, violations of federal law, the USDOJ, current FBI investigations into public and judicial corruption in Connecticut? Connecticut State Police perjury, brutality, and misconduct, false statements, retaliation. Rockville Vernon GA19 Superior Court, Housing court, Hartford Superior Court Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan Judge Berger, Judicial managers rigging cases rigging investigations obstructing justice lawyer racketeering

More video and information about David Cummings, the ADA, and Connecticut's Kangaroo Courts:

My beef:

This blogger was blacklisted by the judicial branch and police in Connecticut. Police refused to protect and serve, and I would be ruled against and abused in courts at every turn. It seems to have continued, most recently in Vermont. Police seem to refuse to protect and serve when I made a criminal complaint against Mark Lanoue. [This] Brattleboro case of used car dealership owner of Mark's Motors Inc., Mark Lanoue, seems to get preferential treatment, and I get the run around. Are cases rigged before they're even held? I had to pay to have the other party served 3 times, the case was delayed 3 times, two judges recused themselves just before a hearing was to be held twice, and the case was held Sept. 2, 2010, and as of last Friday, no answer has been given for the case!



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