Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ranting 10-31-10

Zero Representation for our Taxation

The mainstream media and campaign attack ads are corporate propaganda. Politicians are bought and paid for by the banks and corporations. Politicians servicing constituents do so at their own peril. The biggest sign of the times is the obvious rigging of the courts.

A lawyer who exposes judicial corruption is disbarred and jailed. Word search Richard I. Fine and Barbara C. Johnson.

A citizen who wants to go after a police officer for misconduct or brutality, may have to come up with $100,000 if a lawyer will even take, his, or her, case. The lawyer faces disbarment, arrest, and prison for daring bring such a case. Judge will often rule for the defendant in such cases just throwing the case out, "Summary Judgment for the Defendants".

If a citizen contacts an elected official exposing public corruption, he or she can be blacklisted against ever getting police protection and service, just barbecuing, harassment, and being threatened out of ones job, family, and home. Being blacklisted means being denied access to the courts and malicious prosecutions. [Example, scroll down in post]

The above comment was posted as a comment in the below article:

Cash and Carry: The Business of American Politics and the Politics of Business

By Danny Schechter

New York: We live in a country in economic distress. Millions are out of work and cutbacks in public services are pervasive at the city and state levels. The "great recession' is deep and could go deeper. Most families are tightening their belts and in some cases at the breaking point because their benefits have run out and money is so hard for many to find.

Hard to find, perhaps, for the people, but, curiously, not for their political representatives, their nominal public servants. Despite the fact that popularity for politicians, especially members of Congress, is at an all time low, campaign contributions are at an all time high. (A recent poll showed a majority of Americans want to toss out all incumbents)

The Washington Post reports, "House and Senate candidates have already shattered fundraising records for a midterm election and are on their way to surpassing $2 billion in spending for the first time, according to new campaign finance data.

To put it another way: That's the equivalent of about $4 million for every congressional seat up for grabs this year."

Think of that number, think of all the pressing needs in this country, and the world, and weep. But also think about why politics is so associated with, and seemingly dependent, on big bucks.

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