Friday, October 08, 2010

The Story of Harold

Harold is a man living in a trailer type home on land near Keene, New Hampshire, USA. He's retirement age just about to retire. Harold's 3o year old, give or take, son is on the outs with his woman. Harold is caught in the crossfire, accused of touching a her boy's testicles one time. She lived for free under Harold's roof, rent free. I believe Harold did nothing wrong, guilty or innocent, should Harold lose everything he's ever worked for, AND his freedom?

Should false accusations in the US automatically mean a lawyer gets all your cash and assets, and you might go to jail anyway, innocent or guilty?

This post is in progress and a video below tells the story. I will post other information and video, when and if, I come upon it.

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Steven G. Erickson's story in a nutshell:

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US Taxpayer funded propaganda and censorship?

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This is the type of ethics we have in courts, policing, and in government:

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Friday, November 07, 2008

What about arrests and prison for behavior like this?:

Attorney, prosecutorial, judicial, official, and police misconduct is an "art form" in the state of Connecticut and too many other states. There are two classes of people. Those that get taxed, arrested, and live in a "State of Fear" and there are those who run the "State of Fear" with immunity from arrest and prosecution, what US Constitution?

MAUREEN DUGGAN, right, addresses the committee reviewing misconduct charges against her related to a fraudulent letter she wrote in 2004 while a staff lawyer with the State Ethics Commission. The letter led to the firing of ethics chief Alan S. Plofsky. Her lawyer, Hope Seeley, is at left. (BOB MACDONNELL / HARTFORD COURANT / November 5, 2008)

Ethics Case
State Agency Lawyer Apologizes For Faking Identity

By JON LENDER | The Hartford Courant
November 7, 2008

A state agency lawyer apologized Thursday for posing as a parking lot attendant in a letter in 2004 that led to the firing of state ethics chief Alan S. Plofsky, a deed she said was "out of character for me."

"I ... humbly apologize," Maureen Duggan told a three-member committee in Hartford reviewing misconduct charges of "fraud and conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice." [more of this post, click here]



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