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Is the US Coast Guard now under Foreign Bank Control, Policing the World?

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COAST GUARD; Testimony of Lt. Eric Shine, USNR-USMMRR Maritime Players Audio

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28:17 - 2 years ago
Host Lt Eric Shine gives testimony on USMM USCG USMI and what is really going on out here.... The Coast Guard is acting as an AGENT for the UNITED KINGDOM and other foreign - Royal interests and is attacking AMERICAN FLAG SHIPPING and AMERICAN FLAG FEDERAL MARITIME OFFICERS and crew - administratively....

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LT Eric Shine's websites:

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Whistleblowers vs. Regulators, Advertising Fail - Sunday Update

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corbettreport | July 25, 2010

Sunday Update is a public service of The Corbett Report podcast. Download the latest episode of the podcast from the home page:


Glowing WSJ article about Dodd-Frank and Whistleblowers

WaPo article about SEC ignoring whistleblowers like Markopolos and Wydler

The Markopolos Madoff memo to the SEC from 2005

Madoff's niece married SEC regulator

SEC knew of Stanford Ponzi Scheme for 12 years without acting

GATA reveals details of precious metals manipulation and Andrew Maguire

Bill Murphy testifies to CFTC about Maguire story (which they already knew)

OSHA rejects 98% of whistleblower protection claims

Eric Shine on The Corbett Report

Coca-Cola pulls Facebook campaign over porn complaints

Information on Coke's crimes

Even more information on Coke's crimes

Max Keiser on Economics 101

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INNWorld | May 30, 2008

International News Net speaks with merchant marine and military whistleblower Eric Shine about U.S. shipping controversy

INN WORLD REPORT-Eric Shine pt. 2

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Now for the conspiracy theorist version ...

Max Keiser - Prison Industrial Complex

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militiaman62656 | July 28, 2010

Max Keiser on the Alex Jones Radio Program.
Prison Industrial Complex
Corrections Corporation of America
10 Burton Hills Boulevard
Nashville TN, 37215
TransCor America LLC -- Detainee/Prisoner Transportation Services

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Definition of "Crossing the Rubicon" is the passing the point of no return. Julius Caesar crossing the River Rubicon in Italy in 49 BC was crossing a river to a point of no return:

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Below audio uploaded to is one hour, forty-three minutes long. It just may change your opinion of "American Justice" forever.

Offshore Bankster controlled US Coast Guard?

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SvenVonErick | October 11, 2010

More info:

James Corbett of the Corbett Report is an English Teacher living in Japan. He's Canadian. I think he is one of the best sources of truly independent world news out there. Corbett interviews LT Eric Shine about the US Coast Guard.

Has the US Coast Guard been taken over by offshore banksters and corporations? Has the Coast Guard hijacked citizens' rights to fair trials and US Constitutional protections? Is what the Coast Guard did to protect BP's interests proof that the organization has been compromised? Has international martial law been declared on the high seas by the US Coast Guard? Is torture, arbitrary detention, property confiscation, and even murder now sanctioned with the perpetrators being US Coast Guard goons?


August 2, 2011 update to Eric Shine's statements, click on link. James Corbett of the Corbett Report interviews Eric Shine:



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