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Illinois “Pre-Crime” Prosecution?

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Do you remember the Tom Cruise movie, "Minority Report"? Citizens were arrested before committing crimes with a team of psychics and computer software. Rod Blagojevich is accused of trying to sell Barack Obama's vacated US Illinois Senate seat. Is a lying liar exposing a "justice system" run by liars?

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From the Chicago Sun Times

'Legal equivalent of a head butt' denounced by judge in Blago case
Judge makes clear he'll decide which tapes jury hears

April 22, 2010
BY NATASHA KORECKI Federal Courts Reporter

In the end, there was no showdown in federal court.

What began with a bombastic news conference Tuesday -- at which Rod Blagojevich summoned U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald to show up in court and explain why his office opposed playing all the secret FBI recordings at trial -- ended with a federal judge handing down a dose of reality, using boxing analogies.

"I will not allow the legal equivalent of a head butt," said U.S. District Judge James Zagel, who made it crystal clear that he -- and only he -- will decide which secret FBI wiretaps will be played at Blagojevich's trial.

"I will not have the time of these jurors needlessly consumed," Zagel said of playing all 500 hours of recordings.

Zagel invited the defense to privately submit to him the recordings they would like to play at the June 3 trial so he can rule on what the jury can hear.

Sam Adam, one of Blagojevich's attorneys, said there may be 200 hours of recordings the defense wants played.

Zagel told Blagojevich that it's not up to prosecutors to decide what gets played in court. "I am that referee and no one else," he said.

A low-key Blagojevich spoke not a word in court.

"I'm relieved with what the judge had to say today with regard to giving me a chance to play the taped conversations that matter that will show I've done nothing wrong and prove my innocence," he said later. "I'm just delighted, relieved and grateful for what the judge decided and suggested that we should do."

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Blago explodes outside courthouse - With good reason, IMO

Text with video:
Well, when the Constitution is dead and buried, and the government is corrupt beyond repair, anything is possible. And nobody has any rights anymore. Why do you think the Tea Parties were formed?

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Wrecking the lives of an entire family over a cat?

Greg Lesco, Glastonbury, CT, Hartford Courant photo [more info]

Cat Killer, Father of 5

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(1 min 37 sec) more info:

Wrecking the lives of an entire family over a cat?

What the guy in this video, Gregory Lesco, did could be considered in the wrong "area", but should a father of family of five risk jail time, the divorce it causes, loss of home, job, and an entire way of life for an intact family over a dead cat? I love animals, but yet again, Connecticut courts are about wrecking lives, revenue collection, making lawyers richer, and very little to do with criminal correction. Most States in the US are this bad when it comes to investigations and the court system.

What Mr. Lesco did, as described below, is understandable. 20 years ago, this story may have not even gotten ink. Mr. Lesco didn't get home from work thinking about committing a crime or harming anyone. Mr. Lesco isn't a danger to society, his family, and if convicted and jailed, he could be a victim in prison of assault, rape, or even homicide. All over a cat, does that sound like equitable justice? This might be a common example of what is wrong with all US "justice".

The "informer" why was he, or she, compelled to report this "crime". Is that person the real "piece of work"?

This blogger lost his home, business, relationship with his daughter, family, credit, retirement, health insurance, ability to get most jobs, and the sum total of his life for resisting being mugged in Connecticut. So, if you value your life, your family, and your future, it is best not to live in States like Connecticut.

If remedy isn't found soon, many might be moving out of the United States of America in search of liberty, freedom, job opportunities, and the ability to raise a family, own a home, and retire in peace.

Greg Lesco, Glastonbury, CT, story:

Is it not safe in the US to have pets, be married, and own a home in the US without being subject to prison and having your life ruined over petty BS? More, and more politicians hire their friends and family at 6 figure taxpayer paid positions to make up lies to take away children, process and fine citizens, to confiscate property, and to put citizens in State Prisons so states collect federal dollars. US citizens pay taxes as an incentive to be abused.

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