Saturday, December 26, 2009

World Powers out of Connecticut

Many of the richest, most powerful people live in Fairfield County, Connecticut. It is a short drive or train ride into the Financial Center, Manhattan, New York City. War Corporation money, Big Pharma, big wigs in the entertainment industry, and many others meet, socialize, and plot in a small area of Connecticut. Is this how the powerful still conduct their business, operating behind the scenes?:

Greenwich Settles Police Discrimination Case
Associated Press

GREENWICH, Conn. - Greenwich has agreed to pay $887,000 to settle a racial discrimination lawsuit involving several minority police officers.

Town officials revealed the terms of the settlement after the Board of Selectmen unanimously approved the deal Wednesday.

Insurance will cover the cost.

Five officers will split $167,649.

Lewis Chimes, an attorney who represented the five officers and three others who were not awarded damages by a jury, will receive $631,351. The balance of $88,000 pays court costs and expert fees.

The lawsuit was filed in 2006 by the officers, who said they endured a hostile work environment and were held back from special assignments because of racial bias.

A jury in July found the town allowed a policy or practice of discrimination on the basis of race.

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The former Stamford, CT, mayor's son can commit, or attempt, to commit armed robbery and may have operated a drug factory or drug distribution ring, and gets probation, not prison! Dannel Malloy is acknowledged as a contender for Connecticut Governor. Was his son's trial rigged for leniency because of the political power of the father? Are "little people" barbecued in courts when they just complain about public corruption and the abuse of the public by powerful? [more]


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