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Judicial Misconduct

Before the Supreme Court of the United States is case # 09-7660 ,a civil case attempting to hold the Court to limits as defined by Constitutional and Statutory Law .

In the Eleventh Judicial District of Illinois , Woodford County ,in a civil case ,an individuals civil and constitutional rights were denied as the third judge in the case ,first two Judges were recused after review by the Judicial Review Board , did deny multiple requests to have all proceedings recorded ,did state that no motions or petitions as filed by the individual would be heard ,did illegally incarcerate the individual without regard to Habeas Corpus ,did knowingly ignore Illinois state statutes, and not only violated due process of Law ,but denied equal protection under the law.

Failure to obtain substantial Justice in state courts lead to suits being filed in Federal Court under Title 42 United States Code standard 1983 .This suit asks for Relief of all orders made in violation of the Law ,that Due Process of Law be allowed ,and further issue relief as the court deems appropriate .

The Federal District Judge in the Case stated that although the Court does not know the details of the case that a Judge performing Judicial Functions enjoys absolute immunity and further stated that a Jury would not be allowed in the case .The appellate court without allowing a brief supported this order .While a Judge performing Judicial functions may enjoy Immunity ,denial of constitutional and civil rights are absolutely not a judicial function and conflicts with any definition of a Judicial function.

Response to denials were Motions to reinstate using the Constitutional Articles as a major Guide ,along with the Judges Oath of Office ,and canons of Judicial Code of Conduct .The responses also included page after page of case law where both appellate courts and the Supreme Court did hold judges accountable when their knowing and willing actions fell outside the boundries of their job description .That failure to follow simple guidelines of their post makes a judge’s action no longer a Judicial act but an Individual act as the act represents their own prejudices and goals . Case Law also states that when a judge acts as a trespasser of the law , when a judge does not follow the law ,he then loses subject matter jurisdiction and the Judges orders are void ,of no legal force or affect .

In a limited government ,a government limited by the constitution, the violation of a citizens rights should never be justified due to the overriding government goals or objectives ,and that no branch of the government be allowed to extend it’s power beyond it’s legal limits .

The above issues are one of the outstanding reasons why the framers of the constitution installed Trial by Jury as the Seventh Amendment .In a government of the people is it not a threat to our way of life to allow Government actors to ignore the guidelines that define their power .

Stephen Ulrich

4028 Illinois Apt.12

Peoria Hts. Illinois 61616

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

my life has been ruined by a frivolous lawsuit and the miscarriage of justice in New Hanover County (NC). The county courts in some instances have shown a disregard for the laws as written. Their interpretations are that their words and action overrule the general statues of N.C. in New Hanover County. The court system has become politicized and partial. The powerless, outsiders and minorities have all been subjected to this type of treatment. I had to file bankruptcy and I am about to lose my property because of these miscarriages of justice. I have been denied justice and due process in a corrupt system that is out of control. Talking with others I have found out that this is common and has been ongoing in this County. Fraud is being perpetrated on owners of historic homes and is being upheld by the courts. A frivolous lawsuit was brought against me in a case where I was clearly defrauded. The plaintiff's firm is under revenue suspension, his offices have been foreclosed and he has other serious financial problems. The officers of the court there protect their own as was referenced by the judge in this case. The court refused to accept any evidence or hear testimony in this case where I could exonerate myself. I have documentation and transcripts from the court to clearly show that I was defrauded and the judge lied and refused to except of hear the facts. I could not afford to appeal to the state courts after my funds were exhausted in New Hanover County. I have been squeezed from every angle in an attempt to take this property. My funds have been exhausted and the city now wants me to correct code violations that were reported. I have contacted local politicians who have known about this corruption, but do not have the power or means to have it investigated. I think that this should be investigated and brought into the publics’ eye. The powerless citizens of this state and New Hanover County deserve the liberty and justice as guaranteed in our constitution, not the back alley deals of injustice.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 10:11:00 AM  

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