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Lawyers and Judges- Mobsters, a Secret Society, Riggers of Courts?

You don't have to be in the US to feel that lawyers are scumbags out to rip off your last dollar. Courts are about revenue collection. These criminals operate with similarity in other countries. The opinions of the below video uploader aren't necessarily mine. I posted the below for debate.

Text with below video:

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Once again the BBC make a complete arse of a report about lawyers ripping off clients. The biggest financial scam across the globe is the ease with which lawyers and judges are getting away with stripping men of all their worldly possessions. So how do the BBC start this report? Using as an example a woman going through divorce who gets ripped off, NOT a man.

As many millions of men know it is the men that are picking up the legal bill, not only for themselves, but for their ex-wives in the most absurd and manipulative legal chicanery as the legal mafia GUARANTEE the wife ALWAYS wins in divorce, unless the man is a freemason and then his brothers in the judicial mafia ensure the ex-wife suffers the seem fate with persecution campaigns that millions of ex-husbands endure thanks to the mobsters running the courts for their own and the crown's self enrichment.

The BBC are the protectors of that system with media lawyers acting for the Law society's ensuring nothing gets out about how they operate these huge financial scams and why there are endless propaganda reports on domestic violence , as this is the weapon they use to ensure the trillion pound legal aid trough continues unabated while men's lives are destroyed on a daily basis by the utter scum and dregs of the earth. Another shocking and heavily misleading report by the Bloody Big Con and not unusual as men are sick and tired of the vile feminist claptrap manufactured by a publicly funded broadcaster run by a feminist leaning, homosexual leaning , judicial leaning and legal mafia leaning tv station.

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I, Steven G. Erickson, was attacked on my property, 10-11-01, in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. I owned 3 rental properties that I had fixed up from a boarded up condition. I had my 15 year old daughter in my life and we did things regularly. I had built up a contracting business over 2 decades. I was arrested for pepper spraying a mugger, a felon, who threatened to cut my penis off and kill me if I didn't hand over my wallet.

We fought, and I didn't want to get stabbed, so I pepper sprayed him, and myself, and we continued to fight. I crawled into my home, ran my eyes under water. Police showed up refused to take my complaint against my attacker and later committed perjury about that fact. They refused to take statements from witnesses. Then police committed perjury about that too. Only I was arrested. It was retaliation.

With no record I faced a year and half in prison, no deals. I had evicted a prostitute, Lana Thompson, who allegedly gave the Rockville Superior Court Prosecutor, Keith Courier, oral sex to retaliate against me for evicting her. So, Courier refused to give me the $100 program where my charges could be erased after 6 months, a program I was entitled to as a first offender resisting being mugged on my own property. The mugger was given immunity for committing felonies to prosecute me for misdemeanors. Self-defense is illegal in Connecticut.

So, I hired Stafford Springs, Ellington, Connecticut, area Attorney Michael H. Agranoff, to represent me. I had talked to him about suing the Connecticut State Police for violating my civil rights for refusing to protect and serve because I didn't know the right people (organized crime). Agranoff charged me over $17,000 and couldn't get me the $100 AR, Accelerated Rehabilitation Program in which I was entitled to.

There was a diagram in front of the court. It showed my properties. A tenant I was evicting was harboring the felon who attacked me. He attacked me around side my other adjacent house. The tenant said she saw me being attacked and defending myself where I parked my work van when I returned from double shift of work. She would have had to be able to see through a house in the dark. I requested that Agranoff point out on the diagram that the tenant could not see through a house in the dark. Agranoff refused to do it saying that the judge told him that he wasn't allowed to defend me. The judge, [Jonathan J. Kaplan], refused to let me point that out on the diagram, and refused to allow me to make a statement in my defense when Agranoff refused to defend me.

So, the attorney fee of over $17,000, I got a second prosecutor. As it seemed Attorney Agranoff was more of a help prosecuting me when he refused to defend me. Agranoff told me he owed the judge a favor for not being disbarred for having an inappropriate relationship with an underage client. Agranoff was supposed to appeal my case or submit a reason why he didn't. He did neither.

Agranoff refused to supply my client case file, something he is required to do. He refused. Agranoff sent me conflicting bills with conflicting hours and why the charges were on their. Agranoff lost his copy of my billing hours and asked me for a copy of what I had.

This is why America and everywhere else, lying lawyers are hated. I lost my properties, my daughter doesn't speak to me, I have trouble getting a job, a place to live, my life is in shambles. Thank you lying lawyers and scumbag judges you ruined my life. You are ruining America and most countries.

I had intended on posting this. I'm just pissed, still. I posted the above video and just couldn't help venting ...

-stevengerickson At

[Post on Attorney Michael H. Agranoff] the self professed DCF Specialist. If you have a problem with Department of Children and Families, I myself wouldn't get a scumbag lawyer, especially Agranoff.


[click here] for:

Lawyers are Needed to Bribe Judges, Disadvantages of Pro Se

I talked with a legal reform advocate for over 2 hours tonight. He is well versed, and English Common Law goes back to 1066, and most states' laws are based on this law.

A lawyer can lose gambling with a judge. Bet on a round of golf and lose a grand a hole for whatever number of holes, purposely playing badly. The cash may not even need to be handed, hand to hand, with some excuse. There are favors and other things that can be done to pay for rulings in cases. Let's call the guy I talked to tonight, Mr. X.

Mr. X says that if you are involved in a property dispute in a civil case with a mortgage company, or another individual, it is good to get an organized crime lawyer. The lawyer has preferred judges that he, or she, works with, called a "judge in the pocket". Organized Crime lawyers can predict the outcomes of cases, civil and criminal.

A Pro Se litigant can't just bribe a judge.




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