Sunday, March 04, 2012

Attn DCF, Attorneys, Officials, Police

As I have in the past, I've kept ALL of YOU who have given me information anonymous when you have asked.

I know attorneys can be disbarred, arrested, and imprisoned if they break ranks with other attorneys, the police, and the real scary Black Robed Mafia of Judges. So, I understand what you police officers, workers for courts, public officials, and members of the public who have inside information have to fear.

I have the same fears myself.

I've received death threats and the Connecticut State Police even enforced a "no dating" policy on me for my having broke up with a Connecticut State Police Confidential Informant who had confessed that she had been offered money to set me up. So, I know how absolutely sleazy the Police State can be.

Police, Officer, Official, or not, patriots stand up to tyranny.

It is good that some of you risk everything to do the right thing. The international organized crime elite want to rip you off and do you in too when there is no further use for you, or if they have stolen all they can from you. So, whose side should you be on?

So, please continue to feel free to contact me. I know there are very few places to actually go. Courts and official investigations are rigged in the US. Give me the tips, and I'll do my best to follow them up. I can cover stories and do audio interviews maybe no one else will do. I have noticed that the most abusive court workers, DCF, police, attorneys, officials, and judges can change their tune, like roaches, when light is shown on them.

-stevengerickson At

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