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Court Case Rigging and Official Jury Tampering

Chris Kennedy told me that complaints that he had against a judge and/or prosecutor ended up in a legal file in another court case in another jurisdiction in the state of Connecticut. To me whatever staffers put those papers in the file the judge sees, was telling the other judge, "Retaliate against this citizen."

In Enfield, Connecticut, Superior Court, a Judge allegedly has told defendants, mostly minorities and poor, to take a deal, innocent or guilty, or suffer the worst possible wrath of the courts. Does that sound like justice? I can provide more details for those who are interested.

Citizens can be put on [Target Lists].

I know from my own case of resisting being mugged on my property, the actual trial was about different issues, not the alleged crimes. A police worker was allowed on my jury against my strike. The trial became about my having complained to police and elected officials based on what was placed in my file.

A video tape of how to find me guilty, nothing about reasonable doubt or finding me innocent was played to the jury. My lawyer, Michael H. Agranoff, told me that he had an improper relationship with an underage client and was almost disbarred and owed Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan a favor, and would be disbarred, if he hadn't helped prosecute me, not defend me. Agranoff's fee for being a 2nd prosecutor in my case was over $17,000 for my case of resisting being mugged on my own property.

By having a lawyer I was blocked from any defense, including my defending myself. I got a year in prison for resisting being mugged. Agranoff told me when he came to me in prison that I was lucky he was my lawyer because things could have been much worse for me. He said that he wasn't charging me, and then billed me 2 hours for his outrageous hourly fee and I had not agreed to his visit. He just told me I had to pay the rest of his bill when I got out, what a tool.

So, it would be a good idea to know what is in the file that the judge sees. It might be rigging of the case. If your judge pulls your lawyer into chambers, he or she might be telling your lawyer to throw your case. From what Connecticut State Senator Edwin Gomes, [video], has said I get the impression that the more passionate speakers on public corruption, judicial misconduct, and police brutality are "profiled" in my opinion. I spoke in front of legislators on the Connecticut Judiciary Committee. I was then warned by a retired police officer that I was put on the Connecticut State Police Capitol Guard list to be arrested the next time I showed up. I had said I would go to more meetings with Francis C. P. Knize, and others, if memory serves correctly. That was back in 2006. [Video of my testimony].

I wonder if the Connecticut State Police Capitol Guard pre-planned Michael Nowacki's recent arrest for testifying in front of legislators of the Judiciary Committee. [Links]

An FBI paid Agent Provocateur was hauled in from New York to answer about what he said about two legislators on the Connecticut Judiciary Committee. These two, Andrew J. McDonald and Michael P. Lawlor, now work in the Connecticut governor's office, under Governor Dannel Malloy. So, these guys in the governor's office have more juice than the FBI, or is there more to the story? Check this link. As inappropriate and inflamatory as it is, Lawlor and McDonald have been labeled as members of "The Gay Mafia", so what is said almost openly, over and over, I reiterate in print. [This pdf file link] might then show typical alleged Gay Mafia behavior when they are legislators rigging the system for the Black Robe Mafia.

Michael Nowacki of New Canaan, Connecticut [No-Wacki Leaks website].

Chris Kennedy and I witnessed Capitol Guards trying to stare us down to possibly intimidate us out of testifying, making us fear being there, make us fear being arrested for appearing in public. They came right in the Judiciary Committee Public Hearing to stand in from of us and give us their mean gorilla stares.

Police State Stress Test:

Capitol Guards pulled right up to each of the bumpers of our cars, got right up close to our cars and pulled to one side, then the other, racing the engine, and making the tires squeal with hard breaking. The lights on type were not flashing, but the officer turned the light illumination on so we would know they were the Connecticut State Police. I took it to be just more police state terrorizing citizens who believe the 1st Amendment still applies in America. This is typical Official State of Connecticut intimidation to go after non-cheerleaders of the antics of the less than 1% Elite.

A friend of mine on the Cape in Mass, called me to let me know to look on Attorney Norm Pattis' blog for what he says is possible governor's office corruption involved in a civil case regarding events unfolding in Bridgeport, Connecticut. I will when I have time.
Update, here is one of the links:

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Chris Kennedy on Vernon Rockville Superior and Family Court Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan:


The below video was uploaded Oct '06. A day, or so after, the owner of Free Speech dot com was allegedly so terrorized and/or intimidated by agents for legislators of the Judiciary Committee and/or for the Connecticut State Police that over 5000 of my blog posts were then taken from view:

My two laptops and a desktop of a friend fried in Stonington Connecticut. Free Speech dot com servers fried two or 3 times. Chris Kennedy's house had a power surge where he lost all his electronics, microwave oven, oil burner electronics, televisions, and computers in a power surge that hit his house but not his neighbors. Shortly after seeing two Connecticut State Police Cruisers in front of the Wales, Massachusetts, horse farm that I was staying at, all computers, oil burner, microwave ect. fried in the house I was renting a room in MASSACHUSETTS. What are Connecticut State Police doing following me into MASSACHUSETTS if I am not wanted for committing any crimes? The neighbors didn't suffer the same electronics frying events as there were no power surges in those homes. These "events" considered separately, don't really raise any suspicions, but taken together, they do. Something is always in common, the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services. Police Officers mocking me about the content of my cell phone calls and emails is another story. My refusing to continue to date a Connecticut State Police to institute a "No Dating Policy" on me. I talk about that [here, scroll down for red italics text].

If tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars were spend to spy on Steven G. Erickson, to have two cruisers with officers follow me into Home Depot, go to where I get my van fixed, and follow me to, and from, work and to whomever I visit, to listen in on my calls, read my emails, and pay others for alleged black ops, why did police seem to just do the equivalent of roast marshmallows after Dr. Petit's family suffered a home invasion and his wife and daughters suffered rape and sodomy? Sounds like misappropriation of tax dollars and serious Constitutional Violations to me.

Warning: Foul Language, Adult Subjects, Inflammatory Video
[My video] on the Dr. Petit Family Saga makes any angst that Michael Nowacki has shown in his testimony as being a subdued and respectful member speaking as part of a church choir. I used to respectfully request, and was nice and polite. For fixing up boarded up rental properties, raising a family paying taxes, building a contracting business over 2 decades, and requesting my government, courts, and police to do their jobs, I go to prison, got my ankles kicked by guards, forced to drop my pants, spread my butt cheeks in hallways, and move my testicles side to side for the sadistic visual pleasure of guards. Made to do so in hallways and common areas. Yes, I'm angry. Connecticut prison guards would probably make excellent TSA agents if they have a fascination at looking squatting behind a person to look in the anal cavities, mostly men looking at other men that way. I guess you have to be "special" to be a guard.

My father coming to visit me, asking me, "How lazy are you lying around jail all day, instead of working, in a scale 1 to 10?" is the only reason I wasn't raped in prison. I was so angry clumps of my hair were falling out of my head. I could have killed King Kong attacking him while naked, using my bare hands, had I been able to let myself vent my rage.

When two African American inmates slammed me against a bathroom wall and held my arms apart on each of my sides, where they pulled with all their strength on my hands, my pants were pulled down, and a 6'3" muscular inmate who had his eye shot out in a Boston area armed car robbery pulled my pants down and used hand cream to start lubing his erect penis up. My comment was, "You really don't want to keep your remaining eye, do you asshole?"

The African Americans set me down. I asked the scumbag who lubed himself up if he still wanted to rape me. He punked out, so he owed me a percentage of all his sports gambling racket, my inmate bunk was made for me by someone else, my laundry was done, and I got on line first to eat as the new head of my Storrs CI prison block. Guards then had to come to me to settle any disputes between inmates and had to ask me for my decisions. That must have made the guards' blood boil. I think of nearly being raped, and blame each legislator sitting on the Judiciary Committee for being so corrupt that I believe they made it so, even when I speak to them. It is hard not to let the absolute hatred, and rage, show.

This post wasn't intended to be so much about me, or even about me, sorry. Sorry to all that I have come across as abrasive to. I don't know how to keep my mind from racing and always having to contain my rage for being so violated, paying my taxes to have been so violated. The system is so broken, I need to funnel the rage into positive, results getting action.

* * * *

The State of Connecticut is becoming even more notorious for its public corruption, judicial misconduct, Police Brutality, and official child abduction and parent fleecing scams of courts and DCF, the Connecticut Department of Children and Families.

[Steven G. Erickson uploaded videos]

I talk about public corruption and citizens abuse in a general sense, and my case, more in these posts:

The Steven G. Erickson mugshot, scroll down in this post:

* * * *

The Brigitte and Craig Jurczyk Connecticut State Police and Connecticut Court Horror Story:

[click here] for:

Police Facebook Gang out to steal your home?

If you have a car, the police want to steal it. If you have a spouse or significant other, police in the US want to break up your relationship. If you have a kids, they want to take them. If you have a house, they want it. If you don't have a criminal record, they want to change that and put you in prison. If you make a police misconduct complaint, the police want you dead.

Image to depict insane clown Colchester (Basrah, Norwich Court) Connecticut State Police Troop K Trooper


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