Sunday, March 11, 2012

Corporate Global Government Mass Arrests of Americans?

I considered moving to another state. DHS Department of Homeland Security would have to approve my getting a driver's license. I applied for a job, DHS Homeland Security had to be notified and then had to approve my being able to get a job. DHS is now in charge of financial transactions. So, to be able to have, use, or save money you must have DHS permission. DHS seems to be just the goons, along with the TSA, that have American under armed occupation for our international corporate and banker owners.

I have been tipped that DHS has likely hatched the biggest mass arrest of Americans in history. There is allegedly a massive program going on now to arrest all citizens, and non-citizens, as is possible. The first tier is arresting all citizens who have outstanding warrants. The 2nd tier is most likely people like me, Steven G. Erickson, for not being on board with the international corporate and banking abuse of all citizens in the world.

This is why I posted the above text:

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Proof Cops are told to be Douchebags at Roll Call?




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