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Police Misconduct and Brutality Log

I post a lot of Connecticut State Police Brutality and Judicial Misconduct stories. The one below is from Worcester, Massachusetts. A results page for Police Misconduct stories and videos:

[source of below story, Worcester Telegram & Gazette]

Man jailed 73 days sues, alleging Worcester police misconduct


WORCESTER — A 38-year-old Worcester man filed a federal lawsuit against the city Wednesday for allowing a falsified police report to keep him in jail for 73 days. That report, the suit alleges, was allowed to stand because of a departmental culture in which officer misconduct goes unchecked.

Police Chief Gary J. Gemme said in a statement yesterday that complaints against officers are investigated, but he said he cannot comment on pending civil suits, internal investigations or personnel matters.

The suit names the city, City Manager Michael V. O'Brien, Chief Gemme and Officers Jesus Candelaria and Thomas C. Duffy.

Worcester police arrested Ricky N. Eaves Feb. 25, 2009, at a Plantation Street gas station on charges of drug possession and trafficking. Two women were arrested with him, but according to the lawsuit, police found drugs on only one of the three, a woman who had been in the back seat. In the police report as cited by the suit, Officer Candelaria wrote that Mr. Eaves was in the driver's seat when Officer Candelaria approached him, but in fact Officer Duffy initially approached the car, found a woman was in the driver's seat, and already had Mr. Eaves outside the car when Officer Candelaria arrived.

A video surveillance at the gas station shows part of that arrest. The district attorney's office decided not to prosecute the defendants or seek perjury charges against the officer.

Mr. Eaves is seeking an unspecified amount for compensatory damages, punitive damages, attorney's fees, costs and expenses.

In the complaint, Mr. Eaves' lawyer, Hector E. Pineiro, cites several other cases involving the department, some of which led to sizable settlements. The list, he said, shows a pattern of officer misconduct going largely unchallenged. He credits the chief for his handling of the case of David F. Rawlston, who was fired in connection with a 2007 confrontation with three teenagers outside his home. But more often, Mr. Pineiro alleges, police ignore discrepancies between police accounts and those described by complainants or evidence.

The case notes years' worth of alleged misconduct. It includes, for instance, Trung Huyhn, to whom the city agreed to pay $47,500 in 2010 in connection with allegations officers beat him and broke his arm. Chief Gemme cleared the officers involved, Mr. Pineiro claims.

The suit also mentions Raymond E. Dennison, to whom the city agreed to pay $48,750 in May 2009. Mr. Dennison's suit had alleged Sgt. Ronald F. LaPointe unjustly punched Mr. Dennison in the head and struck him with a baton while Mr. Dennison was on his knees being arrested for trespassing on railroad tracks. The department's Bureau of Professional Standards cleared Sgt. LaPointe of any wrongdoing, Chief Gemme told a reporter at the time.

In April 2009, the city agreed to pay Marc Muldoon $33,000 to settle his claim that an officer had hit him in the back of his head with a metal baton, fracturing this skull. The officer involved was never investigated or disciplined, Mr. Pineiro claims.

In February 2011, a Superior Court Judge threw out a confession that Nga Truong had killed her 1-year-old son. The judge believed the confession was involuntary and noted that the police confronted the teenager with “knowingly false statements.”

In March 2003, Worcester police allegedly beat, kicked and stomped on Charles Evangelista while he was in custody, and a videotape that allegedly depicted the beating was destroyed. The city paid $250,000 to settle Mr. Evangelista's claim, and the chief claimed no wrongdoing was found, Mr. Pineiro writes in Mr. Eaves' case.

In May 2002, a police beating allegedly broke bones in Daniel Houde's face. The city paid $100,000 to settle the case, which included Officer Duffy among its codefendants, but because Mr. Houde did not file a complaint with the Police Department, there was no investigation, Mr. Pineiro said.

In response to questions about Mr. Eaves' case, Chief Gemme emailed the following statement to the Telegram: “All complaints against police officers are actively investigated in conformance with collective bargaining agreements and due process. When the facts and circumstances dictate, appropriate disciplinary action to include arrest, termination, and suspension is taken. You are well aware that we cannot comment on pending civil suits, internal investigations, or personnel matters.”

Worcester Police Department's policy and procedures for its Bureau of Professional Standards and Internal Investigations, which was updated March 7, 2001, states that whenever the department learns of a civil claim or lawsuit, the chief, the bureau and the Law Department decide whether to initiate or reopen an investigation.

It also states that the official in charge of the bureau will decide what degree of investigation into a complaint is warranted. The “commander of the Bureau of Professional Standards shall ensure that every matter is investigated,” the policy states. Discipline can be “criticism; counseling session; oral reprimand; written reprimand; extra or punishment duty; suspension” or, with the approval of the city manager, termination.

Mr. Pineiro did not make Mr. Eaves available for an interview.

Mr. Pineiro himself has a pending federal case against Chief Gemme and the city because when Mr. Pineiro applied for a license to carry a concealed weapon, the department initially issued him a license restricting the gun's use for hunting and target shooting. A year later, Mr. Pineiro received an unrestricted permit. He is pursuing the federal case because of the delay, he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Pineiro's 20-year-old son, Hector E. Pineiro Jr., is awaiting trial in connection with a shooting in Fitchburg last year as well as unrelated Worcester gun and drug charges.

Worcester Police Officer Duffey and Officer Candelaria

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Steven G. Erickson 2-21-12

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Feb 21, 2012

Some links: Lawrence, Massachusetts, click on pictures to make bigger.

Yale University has only gotten rid of art displaying "The Good Ole Slaving Day", New Haven, Connecticut, part of that story:

Press Pass for Masses: hoping that Rob Kall of, James Corbett of the Corbett Report, Alex Jones, or some independent news outlets starts issuing press passes to citizens like me. A $40 price would be fair to help support their efforts.

Michael Nowacki New Canaan Connecticut link and info:

Do judges and lawyers take a secret oath that voids and nullifies the US Constitution?:

The Jewish Mafia, Free Masons, secret societies, raising bond money, the bar association, working for the courts, making illegal money in secret, furthering the international banking and corporate New World Order agenda shown in bios of these Connecticut Legislative Judiciary Committee members:

You should be aware of your local Homeland Security DHS Fusion Center location in your state. Find it here:

Blog critical of an elected official, be put on a secret police enemies arrest on sight list:

The Rich Murzin Family saga:

Ritt Golstein proposed civilian oversight of police legislation in the State of Connecticut at a special hearing, Dec. '96, and then was so terrorized by police he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum after making this video:

All my content on a Free Speech website after I testified live on CT-N saying that word searches for Connecticut State Police brutality, judicial misconduct etc led to my posts: when I was getting 5000 to 10,000 hits a day. I was recognized for my efforts supporting divorced fathers and non-custodial parents when I was working in Gulfport Mississippi and New Orleans Louisiana in 2005 just from my blogs.

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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 02-24-12

Here are the 25 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Friday, February 24, 2012:

  • Hamilton MA police sgt critically injured a Beverly MA cop when he shot him several times then he fatally shot self as police closed in on him. [0]
  • Hamilton ON cop with history of excessive force cases is being investigated for fatally shooting a man who was driving a van. [0]
  • Oakland CA pays $43k to settle a lawsuit by a man claiming cops beat him w/batons & maced him on a false stand-alone resisting charge [0]
  • Aransas Pass TX police are being sued by the family of a man still in a coma after cops allegedly beat him. The police say he fell when they stopped him for riding a bicycle while intoxicated. [3]
  • Noth Chicago IL cop suspended for unspecified period of time as discipline for hitting a man in custody on video [2]
  • Powder Springs GA cop gets reprimand for tasering man pulled over for a malfuncitoning license light on video [0]
  • RCMP officer faces assault w/bodily harm charges after accused of excessive force on a detainee in April 2011 [2]
  • RCMP officer convicted of assaulting & forcibly confining a teen while investigating a noise complaint [0]
  • Harris Co TX deputy was fired and indicted on improper sexual activity with a person in custody charge [0]
  • New York NY cop investigated for alleged sexual assault while he & 3 others were allegedly drinking on duty [1]
  • Clive IA police lieutenant charged w/assault with intent to commit sexual abuse after investigation into complaint [1]
  • New Hanover Co NC deputy charged with 15 felony counts of allegedly sexually assaulting & abusing his 2 children [0] (Report removed after updated information revealed he wasn’t an officer at the time of the alleged incidents. We restrict tracking to incidents that occur when an officer is currently employed as a certified or sworn officer.)
  • Marion Co IN deputy fired after child protection services finds his children living in filth when 1 found wandering [0]
  • New York NY cop sued for detaining woman & having her drugged, straightjacketed & hospitalized for being tipsy [3]
  • Waterloo ON police detain man in cuffs at school & strip search him after daughter draws pic of him holding toy gun [0]
  • Worcester MA police sued by man alleging he was held 73 days on false charges contradicted by video [3]
  • 4 Patton Village TX cops indicted along w/3 cops from other agencies & other officials on corruption charges [0]
  • East St Louis IL police officer faces theft charges after caught stealing Rolex in federal sting operation [0]
  • Lawrence KY cop fired and another still suspended for allegedly fixing tickets in exchange for sports tickets [0]
  • 104 Minnesota police officers in 18 agencies under investigation as ex-cop sues them for accessing her driver info just to look at her picture. [0]
  • 2 Bunnell FL cops, husband & wife, get probation in plea deals for theft and drug possession charges [0]
  • Somerset Borough PA cop arrested for allegedly taking bribe in exchange for not filing charges against suspect [0]
  • Pinal Co AZ sheriff’s dept under federal investigation for alleged illegal political activity by employees [0]
  • Alice TX cop & clerk on leave while investigated for treating traffic citation in an unspecified “irregular manner” [2]
  • New York NY cop faces disciplinary action after photgraphed sleeping on train while armed and in uniform [0]

* * * *

Florida Police Brutality, Court Rigging

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Feb 4, 2012

More info:

This is the last 45 minutes of a special meeting of what is considered the Sovereign Citizens movement. The FBI and Police, and ABC News Nightline host may consider these people criminals, a threat, and terrorists. An informed public is dangers to an international corporate banker occupied US.

Let's see how the mainstream media spins this story.

A man is beaten and gets brain damage for having a taillight out. He is arrested and faces years, if not decades in prison for driving while Black. If the police can be this brutal, and if courts are rigged there is no justice for the rest of us either. No mainstream media outlet or newspaper picked up this mans story. I, Steven G. Erickson did, edited the video and uploaded it. Documentary producer Francis C. P. Knize, the high definition cameraman made the footage available to me. Click link for full video:

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