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Are elected officials helping rig revenue collecting courts?

Feb. 17, 2012, Hartford Connecticut Legislative Office Building LOB Judiciary Committee Public Hearing. Mike Nowacki lets alleged lying lawyer legislators have it:

Text with video:
Michael Nowacki of New Canaan Connecticut might just be fighting for his life. If you complain about judges, or the courts, in the US, you can end up arrested and in prison. Others commit suicide under mysterious circumstances. Nowacki would have ended up in a mental hospital had it not been for an influential documentary producer who accompanied him to a Homeland Security meeting. The UK, Australia, Canada, and most of Europe also have a similarly abusive system.

[post on Michael Nowacki with link to his website]

Laws are made by legislators who are mostly lawyers. They make money in the courts and they make laws (legislation) to keep people in the court system as long as possible so lawyers make more money. The more unfair the system is, the more money lawyers make.

Look at the [legislators bios], they are Free Masons, have affiliations to other lawyers and they swear an oath to each other that takes precedence over the US Constitution. International corporations and banks run the courts, police, and governments. Prisons are being privatized as corporations are bribing politicians to put more people in prison and to guarantee prison populations will be kept at certain levels. We pay taxes to be slaves and prisoners. We pay to have our families broken up and to have our homes and property seized. [Is this okay with you]?

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Youtube video at bottom of post includes raw footage of the public comment portion of the Feb. 15, 2012, Legislative Judiciary Committee Hearing on Judge nominations, Hartford, Connecticut. What is wrong with the entire US "justice" system might be exposed by the range of complaints and comments.

White Male Judges, Racism, Abuse, Birth Control?

Text with video:
In the US, Judges and Lawyers swear oaths to each other, invalidating the US Constitution. The secret societies, even the Free Masons, legislate abuse. Courts are to rip off houses, break up families, and railroad "Big Mouths" to prison. If there is enough abuse, the elites call it, "Mud People Reduction". [More info]

Either all courts are equal for all, no matter what, or they aren't. Taxation without representation is a crime. These criminals want to bomb Iran. International corporations and banks own America. They want to bomb us in America with their unmanned drones as much as they want to bomb Iran. Elected officials are getting that arrogant. They have chosen which side they are on ... traitors!

Monica Fore really tells it like it is. All states in the US have gotten this bad. Let's fix it.

Citizen blasted for Free Speech at Public Hearing

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Connecticut State Senator Ed Gomes representing Bridgeport is known for falling asleep during hearings, getting angry for having to listen to public testimony, and having to read typed up official letters of citizens regarding issues to be voted upon. [More info, click here]

In Connecticut, as in most US States, the majority of legislators can be lawyers, making money from court cases, be Free Masons, have other affiliations, have declared secret oaths that take precedent over the US Constitution, are illegally meeting with Executive Branch or Judicial Branch officials to rig legislation, break rules, obstruct justice, break up families, rip off the public, and further the aims of an international corporate and banker owned US Police State. John DiBiase Jr. gets blasted for wearing a "Court Watcher" tee-shirt getting sworn at by a taxpayer funded official, being called a racist, because he corrected another official's error in quoting a statistic.

All judges and legislators on the Judiciary Committee should have their finances, their spouse's finances, and their affiliations checked into. Most legislators on the judiciary committees should not be allowed to sit on them because of a conflict of interest. Lawyers should not legislate for lawyers to make more money. Lawyers should not pander to judges who curry them favors in court if they bend rules in the legislature. If the elected officials make money by legislating to rip the public off, they are racketeering, obstructing justice, are organized crime, and are denying citizens representation for their taxation while jailing citizens for exercising Free Speech.

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Check out the bios on Connecticut Judiciary Committee Legislators [click here]. It seems like a total conflict of interest. How can they be for us when lawyers legislate to curry favor with judges to put more money in their pockets?

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[click here] for:

Police Surveillance for walking in a Park?

There were almost no people out during the day in Lawrence, Massachusetts, February 18, 2012. The above black car, appeared to be a police cruiser. The 50 year old plus, overweight, graying man shadowed me and got out of his car to observe my every move. I was just walking in the park, and decided to start snapping pictures. I have been looking for a setting for a fictional independent movie on the US growing Police State.


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2-15-12 CT Judiciary Public Hearing

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Feb 19, 2012

More info:

Documentary Producer of Wilton Connecticut Francis C. P. Knize, Bill Mulready of Bridgeport, Ken Krajewski are some of the many who speak. There are major problems with Connecticut Family and Criminal Courts all over the US, but in Connecticut, Stamford, New Haven, Hartford, Vernon Rockville Superior Court GA #19, Derby, Manchester, etc stand out.

How bad can policing and the courts be? Are courts about DCF stealing children for federal tax dollars. Are judges compromised financially, owing favors, to become judges. Is state and federal government just part of international corporate and banking international crime?

DCF post:

This is an hour and 50 minutes of citizens complaining about the system. Who knows when the internet, blogs, and upload video sites like youtube go down. This video might be good to use in your own court case to prove that authorities can abuse your rights in concert.

Suggest you buy your own full quality version of this hearing here from CT-N:


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