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Connecticut putting people back to work?

You have to give the guy below a thumbs up for the art of bullshit.

If Connecticut is for small business that is not organized crime, for the elite and by the elite, corporate, or for who is the spawn of those who brought Small Pox on blankets to Native Americans to found this country, I am Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Jesus Christ returning to say hello, protest unfair taxes, complain about big government, and not get nailed for it this time.

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The guy below isn't as big a sleazebag, or as good a liar as is Richard "Dick" Blumenthal, or torture you for questioning his better than you status, Joe "Mr. NDAA and Internet Censorship Advocate" Lieberman, so he probably doesn't have a chance to be a Connecticut US Senator, even if he does Supreme Joe, a Lawlor or McDonald style favor.

Connecticut State Rep William Tong Runs for Senate

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William Tong called to discuss his platform. William is the State Rep for the 147th District (Stamford and New Canaan). He has decided to throw his hat in for US Senator.
Is he a strong enough candidate to win against sitting US Congressman Chris Murphy; how about beating Linda McMahon? His mission (or part of it) may have already been completed. The state knows of him now. Win or lose, William Tong is becoming a household name in Connecticut.
Below is a reference of what was discussed.


William's first priority is jobs -- that is "a war on unemployment." Though some of his language is lofty, there are some interesting specifics, like: government subsidized business -- part of a new hires unemployment compensation would continue to employee after being hired for a short period of time. The company hiring would only need to make up the difference between salary and subsidy.


Refinancing mortgage debt, William says, to 4% of government backed loans will put nearly $2,800/yr back in the pockets of Connecticut residents. Moreover, William wants to establish bridge loans to people who have lost their jobs. Even business owners, I asked?

Small Business

This is the weakest part of William's platform. Business loans, work Visas and grants are the solution presented. I was expecting more for someone in small business. The life cycle of a business begins with a lot of nurturing. Helping business owner accumulate debt is anything but nurturing. We need to stop the BET (Business Entity Tax). We need to lower taxes for younger companies so the owner can build a reserve of cash for reinvestment without fear of double taxation. Think like people starting a business.

There is also an odd section to his Small Business section; I'll quote it and let you decide what it means.
"Pass the Job Creators Visa to help talented entrepreneurs create jobs right here on our shores. Google, Yahoo, Sikorsky, Electric Boat — all of these companies were founded by immigrants. We need to make sure the next Google isn't started in Russia or China just because we didn't give entrepreneurs a chance to start it here."


Business writer Jim Collins wrote about business build to last -- he also explained his term BHAG. There needs to be a Big Hairy Audacious Goal. William has a BHAG for education. Connecticut will be the #1 state for education in 10 years.

I love it. I'm in. Let's do it.


William seems very practical on the matter of energy. Unafraid to call "Big Oil" out on its gouging greed, William questions way prices are rising in a mild winter. He also explains his feeling on the centuries of natural resources we have here and why nuclear energy needs to be part of the solution.

National Security

The biggest discretionary spending item for the Federal budget is defense spending. Can we cut some of that spending to help heal our national debt?

Campaign Funding

William wants to join the fight for a disclosure act. Perhaps unrealistic, William thinks there is a way to get the huge money out of politics.


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