Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CNN and Aljazeera exposed by Russia Today?

I'm watching this RT [live feed] right now. Whoever is funding some networks want to promote excuses for war with Syria, Iran, in Africa, etc. Getting news from various sources, and then deciding that some of it is skewed isn't a bad attitude.

Aljazeera might be controlled by British Intelligence. CNN is known for being a mouthpiece for international corporate owners and bankers. These people aren't about honest reporting. They are about making profits and in controlling the masses.

RT shows footage of Aljazeera operatives setting up for video shoots. Gunfire is staged. An explosion is simulated by shaking the camera. A girl with a fresh bandage over her face is coached on what to say. CNN then goes on live with the bogus report.

[This] is my opinion on those matters.

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