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Are Judges' Oath, Pledging Allegiance to a Secret Elite Attorney Society?

March 9, 2012, update to this post:

This post expanded with shorter, and more, video clips, [here on].

Bob Hurt may have uncovered some pretty important legal stuff. He is Clearwater, Florida, and what he has found out might apply to all, most, or some other US states. The IRS is an organized crime scam according to Bob and he says why in below video. Francis C. P. Knize is the cameraman and interviewer in below video and video was shot during his recent drive down to Florida from Connecticut.

Jeb Bush, the former Florida Governor, may have not legally drawn pay as Governor for not having completed the proper oaths, and procedures, to draw pay as a public employee. If he was not legally eligible to be governor, while governor, are his decisions, signings, and plans as Governor now invalid? Are all elections held in Florida, including the 2000 US Presidential debacle, George W. Bush vs. Al Gore, invalid? Is every court case invalid in Florida, prior to 2007, and should all the criminals in prisons convicted in bogus criminal court cases, have verdicts eliminated because the court cases were illegally presided upon by judges who were not qualified to be judges?

Are all civil cases held in Florida, and possibly in other states invalid if judges were not qualified to be judges in the cases they have presided over? In Connecticut all cases from about 1980 were in violation of Federal ADA laws until somewhat recently. Should the Police Brutality, Public Corruption, and Judicial Misconduct State of Connecticut have to eliminate all decisions, and convictions from about 1980 to somewhat recently? Should state government, police, and the courts be an organized crime, drug trafficking, pimping, and citizen abusing banking and international corporate criminal cartel?

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Check out

Bob Hurt, Exposing Judicial & IRS Criminality?

Political Activists vs. Nightline

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Feb 4, 2012

More info:

Bob Hurt and others talk with a Nightline host. Will the mainstream media paint these activists as crazies?

Shorter clips of this video to be posted here:

Documentary Producer Francis C. P. Knize shot footage. Steven G. Erickson edited video and uploaded. More of this theme:


The ADL, Anti-Defamation League, the international corporate banking takeover of governments is mentioned, the Jewish Mafia is only eluded to. People who are Jewish are talking about this subject among themselves, trying to figure out what to do. A "questionable" source comes up with some pretty compelling information in a video. Yes, it is controversial, keep an open mind, consider all sources, not just the mainstream ones. Do your own research. Make up your own mind, even if you don't consider yourself a Sovereign Citizen:

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Mike Nowacki tears the State of Connecticut a new A**hole:

Some more Connecticut court scams:

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Steven G. Erickson questions Phil Donahue

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Jul 12, 2008

I ask him a question about 20 seconds in.

The topics of discussion are Phil Donahue's Documentary, "Body of War":

Should Bush be arrested for being a war criminal and crimes against humanity?

What about Free Speech, a Free Press, the economy, and our youth not be unnecessarily harmed and killed?

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