Monday, November 13, 2006

Impeach Bush

The War Crime President

The War Crime President? Does the image above represent how most of the world view President Bush?

Would American President George W. Bush be prosecuted for War Crimes if the World breaks out in Peace?

Nuking Iran, blowing up Syria, and striking North Korea will only allow those now in power to be even less accountable for their actions, and it will be too late for America to ever even slightly resemble free ever again.

Having an all electronic election would for me, be very suspect. Will King George actually allow an election in 2008?

Should Americans see George W. Bush as the first American President hauled off in handcuffs after being slammed against a wall, have to deal with local police and a local lock-up, like any other common criminal, for the world to see on live television.

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Bush Co. and The Raiders of the Lost America

Before we had W, we had H.W.

It was Dukakis and the first Bush in debates. Dukakis was said to be soft on crime and would run up the deficit.

My father pointed out that the first Bush, the former director of the CIA, had a speech blasting an Iranian with a question, with Bush blasting the Iranian with some sort of ignorant, possibly even a racist comment. Applause was canned in, where there wasn’t in the speech my father originally saw before the altered campaign ad clip.

The Reagan era Iran-Contra scandal and the lack of any real punishments told HW that any type of covert-op was possible. Having been in the CIA, Bush must have known what a bunch of saps most Americans are, and anything is possible. How little, Americans really know, and the corporate media only reports would the big advertisers allow them to.

Fast-forward to the academically and common sense challenged George W. Bush, before the alcohol and possible chemical/cocaine pickling and rewiring of the brain.

Would these people in power let the World Trade Centers to be hit, to eliminate all opposition to the HW grand plan?

Could Sociopath George have pulled it all off, had it not?


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