Monday, November 13, 2006

We Contracted to Kill Him

“We Contracted to Kill Him”

(on the subject of Bin Laden)
-Bill Clinton

Well, an enemy is an enemy. War is war. But, hiring hit men and other shadowy criminals is another matter. I think Clinton is stepping up to the plate now regarding a number of important issues. Clinton’s slip might say what is, business as usual, in America. Other nations are other nations. Other country’s leaders can’t be arrested by America’s police, and America’s governing elite just can’t kill those standing in the way of their ripping off the world’s resources and assets. My two cents.

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. blogger Vikingas

P.S. Maybe I’ll just take a boat ride to see Castro in Cuba, have a drink, smoke a cigar, and if Castro will see me, take a picture of he and myself giving Bush the finger, emailing it to Bush. I think Socialism and Communism are bogus, but what the corporations and Mr. 1984, George W. Bush, are doing is nothing resembling freedom, free enterprise, or anything the American forefathers ever intended.

Fidel Castro

Mr. Castro,

I would like to take a boat ride to see you. We can each smoke a cigar. I would like to pose for a picture with you. Maybe or maybe not, we could each wave, just sit, or each give Bush the finger to be emailed to the White House. Maybe we could even have a drink. I would then like to return for the possible consequences to a “Free Country”.

Please let me know if you will receive me. I will post this message to you on

-Steven G. Erickson
A former US Held Political Prisoner held for testing Free Speech and the validity of the US Constitution

Mongers of Hate

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