Monday, November 13, 2006

Why Lawyers are Lying, Sleazy, Scumbags

Why Lawyers are Lying, Sleazy, Scumbags
Well, you can’t say that about all of them, but I have some thoughts of my own, below the fold.
Drunk driving, not paying child support, committing fraud, embezzling, not serving clients, and other immoral and illegal behavior is ok for lawyers, unless they defend their clients against the wishes of those really in power and/or goes against the rank and file, Black Robed Mafia, or the power players behind the scenes.
Lawyers fear being exposed for what they have done wrong and so do officials, police, judges, prosecutors, and others that are part of the system in some way.
If the courts were fair in Connecticut there would have been no Rowland scandal in Connecticut.
If lawyers actually were able to do their jobs there would be no separate and unequal.
Is a lame attorney angry with me for what I posted about him?


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