Monday, November 13, 2006


If you are a man or a woman, imagine being stalked and harassed for weeks at a time. Imagine coming home to your dark driveway with your key ready to rush to your door. Imagine the police doing nothing about your tormentor, but instead encouraging him, and also following you around. Imagine being attacked on your property, you have to use pepper spray to avoid a knife the was promised to be used could be used after the initial beating. You use the pepper spray.

The cops arrest only you, the victim.

What if you were a woman and a victim of rape, would you want to see your attacker free and you arrested for assaulting his sexual organ? Well, such abuse is probably possible in wreck your life and take all of your cash and assets, Connecticut.

I do not have to imagine anything, Connecticut, Official Connecticut, raped me in a legal and civil rights sense, because I wanted Civilian Oversight of Police, proposed to Stafford Springs Connecticut Officials, for what I wrote about being abused by Police and the Courts in newspapers, and for trying to sue Police and Official Connecticut. Sprig

I was charged over $17,000 by Stafford and Ellington Connecticut Attorney Michael H. Agranoff for defending me against two misdemeanor charges, Breach of Peace, and Assault 3rd. Every first time offender for misdemeanors, guilty or not is entitled to AR, accelerated rehabilitation, with little to know supervision and the charges being erased. The cost of the program is $100. Agranoff, the hack, could not even get this. At trial he dismissed our only witness to the actual crimes committed against me, to leave only character witnesses that testified for me about my character and perjuring State Police Officers and a tenant that I had started eviction on before I was attacked by her felon friend that is also an alleged police informant.

I had gone to Agranoff originally to sue Stafford Springs Connecticut, the Connecticut State Police, and Connecticut for violating my Civil Rights BEFORE I was attacked on my property. Agranoff told me that life was unfair as he was almost disbarred for allegedly having improper contact with an underage client, saying that Judge Jonathan Kaplan of Rockville Court had told him he wasn’t allowed to defend me. Why then did Michael H. Agranoff expect to be paid in the excess of $17,000 to refuse to do his job and to help get me railroaded to prison and to lose the sum total of my life’s work?

My pictures and story on an International Injustice Site, Click Here

Were your tax dollars used to pay a married woman to sleep with me and gather information to ruin me? Was a taxpayer and honest citizen taken down to cost you even more money to leave behind scum and common criminal parasites, aids to armed revenue and undeclared tax collection? Click here for picture and post


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