Monday, November 13, 2006

Help Wanted

September 28, 2006
Help Wanted

Please apply in person to President George W. Bush.
Finger nail pullers, torturers, arsonists, child predators, sodomizers, rapists, murders, sociopaths, liars, scum, etc are needed for harassing citizens, torturing prisoners, and violating the US Constitution as much as possible for Bush Co., worldwide employees needed.
Also sought, a Peewee Herman look alike, or Peewee Herman himself for masturbation contests with Bush watching torture and snuff films of annoying bloggers in America and other big mouths,
“Sick Method” Specialists for those that fight back against American occupation abroad are also needed to make the same old boring torture more interesting.
Catholic Pedophile priests are requested to apply in person for oral sex services and other duties for the Pres to dress up as “Boy” George and role playing for the live and canned torture sessions.
Also sharp shooters are needed to kill Americans heading for the borders looking to leave the Bush Regime’s abuse and for those getting a clue and informing others.
Also, turn in your parents, siblings, teachers, co-workers, your annoying neighbors, false allegations accepted. Please do your part to terrorize Americans not on the Bush plan.
No intelligence or experience required, just like Bush.
Also, please pass on any real intelligence to the Mossad, Israeli Intellingence, as the American FBI and CIA are generally considered idiots, and don’t blackmail the legislators and others into submission for their drug and alcohol abuse, sex scandals, ripping the public off, and general debauchery.
Please do your part, apply now.


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