Thursday, November 02, 2006

Watching the Below Video

raises some interesting questions. Were explosives planted in the World Trade Centers before the hijacked planes hit the buildings?

Seeing the footage and hearing experts talk at the time it was happening raises serious questions on whether explosives were put in beforehand.

The terrorists did not have the infrastructure to pull off such an organized plot.

The Black Hat Society in the US and/or in connection with Israel’s are probably the only ones able to pull off such a plot, if explosives were planted in the buildings.

The Anthrax scare had markers of US military strains.

Bush and Co. may have written themselves a blank check.

Saturday Night Live sketches portrayed US President George W. Bush as an absolute boob, a complete moron, incapable of leading or in garnishing any respect or backing.

That all suddenly changed and Bush had a blank check.

How else would a sociopath President get backing to dismantle civil rights, human rights, suspend Habeas Corpus the hallmark of any civilized societies since 1215, and making the US Constitution null and void?

What are our honorable fighting men and women fighting for if it is not for freedom?


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