Friday, November 03, 2006

US President George W. Bush's Favorite Cartoon Picture?

Have your kids taken away arbitrarily, get falsely arrested, falsely imprisoned, be retaliated against for just making a complaint against an official.

Would not you want to know the facts before moving or staying in a state. Investing in a home, having a family, and working day after day for retirement in an abusive, corrupt state is not a good thing.

Would you want the information, the proof, if it was offered? Do not you want to make informed decisions?

Would you be ok with a state that does nothing when cops hatch a murder for hire plot against someone who makes a police misconduct report?

Well, click here, for videos of others that will show you what Connecticut is really about.

Is it ok for police to help a husband beat and assault his wife, and then have her arrested? Click here for video post

Former Norwalk Connecticut Mayor Bill Collins talks about police vandalizing his house, wearing ski masks, taking citizens to warehouses, to covertly beat suspects. click here for video

My testimony, click here


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