Monday, November 13, 2006

The Connecticut DCF "Fraud Broad"?

Fucking and Sucking out of being Prosecuted?

Kristine D. Ragaglia

Ms. Ragaglia is the former head of Connecticut Department of Children and Families. She got the same bribes and freebies that former Governor John G. Rowland went to Federal Prison for. After being caught being a fraud, she was made the head of Connecticut’s Fraud Investigating Unit. What!!!???

Who is she Fucking and Sucking not to be prosecuted? Maybe key FBI agents in Connecticut, someone in the Connecticut US Attorney’s Office in Connecticut, and/or Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s Office could be asked. Why were undercover investigators told they would be thrown in Gitmo and be detained under the Patriot Act with no hearing after their cameras and Regaglia evidence was illegally confiscated by the Connecticut FBI and/or Connecticut State Police?

DCF and Connecticut’s Official Whore House

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

To: governor.rell@po,,,

Subject: The criminal KRISTINE RAGAGLIA and US Attorney Kevin O’Connor

Date: Monday, September 25, 2006 08:03:18

We would like to know why the FBI roughed up the private investigators who were collecting evidence on Ragaglia for the Tomassos. And why the FBI took their
evidence of Ragaglia’s, um, lifestyle.

It looks like the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office (the CT US Attorney Kevin O’Connor’s is friends and former Bantam Lake Neighbors with former CT Governor John Rowland) were protecting Ragaglia.

For those who don’t know, Ragaglia was the cheezy whore of DCF-Rowlandgate, as head of the DCF. Rowland was using the DCF as a federal money farm, and Governor Jodi Rell continues this practice.

The CT DCF rip off the US federal government to the tune of over 100 million dollars a year in Temporary Aid to Needy Families- money from the federal Agency
for Children and Families intended for CHILDREN AND FAMILIES, and not the payroll of the DCF to rip off more children in these outrageously bogus secret DCF

Meredith Inkel was not even allowed to have an attorney. That’s clearly grossly unconstitutional:

She was also not allowed to bring her own witnesses for her defense. “Judge”
Stuart Bear did that.

She was allowed NO LAWYER, and she could not bring any expert witnesses to show that she was a fine mother and was taking care of all of her kids’ health needs,
contrary to what the DCF said about her as their usual PERJURY in “court.”

The foster carer of Meredith’s children not only abused Meredith’s kids, but she abused the children of other people, too. DCF knew about this and did nothing.
DCF staff were not penalized for breaking the law: placing children with dangerously insane people, and having those same dangerously insane people perjure themselves against Mrs. Inkel. The records are there and scanned in, so I am not making a false statement to law enforcement.

The ACF Temporary Aid to Needy Families does not go to the families, it goes into “processing” more families and ripping off their children.

We would like to know why Rowlandgate O’Connor was protecting Ragaglia, and why she has been given no prison time for partaking in the illegal PARTY AND SCREW for the no-bid contracts for the DCF jails and new courthouses.

We demand an answer on WHY DCF staff are never prosecuted for their chronic criminal behavior.

WE DEMAND AN ANSWER, as to why “law enforcement” is selective.

This has never been answered. All I get is bullshit from Blumenthal’s office.

Kathleen M Dickson
23 Garden Street
Pawcatuck, CT 06379

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