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Judge, Lawyer, and Prosecutor Profiteering, Judicial Farce

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An expensive, taxpayer paid survey of lawyers who who use the court system was instituted back in December 2007, The Connecticut Public Service and Trust Commission. How Orwellian is that?

The general public should have been surveyed. This is just one example of a skewed system run by insiders who are breaking up the American Family, ending property ownership, self-employment, self-sufficiency and a general belief that courts are fair and government serves the people, not themselves.

Lawyers are "customers" of the courts best served? WTF

About 2/3 of the elected officials on the Judiciary Committee in Connecticut are attorneys, that is a conflict of interest. These lawyers should recuse themselves on every vote to nominate a judge or decide anything that will continue to enrich lawyers, riggers of courts, their organized criminal friends, or the state where official thieves and their criminal and corporate friends divvy up the money stolen from all of us, we the people. The GAL system is an example of the graft and corruption. Kickbacks for those who get 6 figure paychecks who work few hours, but are devastating humanity, the intact family. 

Judges, lawyers, and prosecutors are criminals of the highest order and swear allegiance to each other, not the US Constitution. This infection of the nation needs to be dealt with.

Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers should not be re-nominated as Judge in the State of Connecticut. The abuse must stop. [story]

Here are the scammers who claim to be for justice, it is beyond disgusting, and two members of the public showed up to witness the farce, me Steven G. Erickson, and Chris Kennedy. Chris Kennedy, and I, have a problem with the abusiveness, and life altering psychopath behavior, and rulings of Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan aka Judge Satan. [story]

Text with video:

Uploaded on Dec 11, 2007

CLICK HERE, Explanation of Video:

12-11-07 CT Public Service and Trust Committee meeting #3 of the Judicial Branch in Connecticut was held at the Rocky Hill Marriot. The 12-6 meeting was held at the Bridgeport Superior Court:

and a 12-3 meeting was held in Hartford at the Connecticut Supreme Court:

Today's meeting was about the Judicial Branch survey, I explain it here:

 Commission Members

    * Honorable Alexandra DiPentima, Chair
    * Sandra Sosnoff Baird, Family Support Magistrate
    * Honorable Robert E. Beach Jr., Appellate Court Judge
    * Honorable John D. Boland, Superior Court Judge
    * Joseph F. Camilleri, Information Technology Division
    * William H. Carbone, Court Support Services Division
    * Honorable Patrick L. Carroll, III, Superior Court Judge
    * Honorable Thomas J. Corradino, Superior Court Judge
    * Attorney Joseph D. D'Alesio, Superior Court Operations Division
    * Honorable Nina F. Elgo, Superior Court Judge
    * Attorney Melissa A. Farley, Division of External Affairs
    * Honorable Roland D. Fasano, Superior Court Judge
    * Honorable James T. Graham, Superior Court Judge
    * Ms. Lisa Holden, Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    * Attorney Norman K. Janes, Statewide Legal Services of CT, Inc.
    * Honorable Clarance J. Jones, Superior Court Judge
    * Attorney Kevin T. Kane, Chief State's Attorney
    * Justice Joette Katz, Supreme Court Justice
    * Ms. Caren Kittredge, Public Member
    * Honorable Sandra Vilardi Leheny, Superior Court Judge
    * Honorable Douglas C. Mintz, Superior Court Judge
    * Attorney Joseph Mirrione, Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association
    * Attorney William H. Prout Jr., Connecticut Bar Association
    * Honorable Barbara M. Quinn, Deputy Chief Court Administrator
    * Honorable Kevin A. Randolph, Superior Court Judge
    * Honorable Antonio C. Robaina, Superior Court Judge
    * Attorney Kenneth B. Rubin, Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
    * Honorable William B. Rush, Superior Court Judge
    * Attorney Michael T. Ryan, Connecticut Defense Lawyers Association
    * Attorney Mary Sommer Sandak, Attorney at Law
    * Honorable Dan Shaban, Superior Court Judge
    * Honorable Joseph Shortall, Superior Court Judge
    * Thomas A. Siconolfi, Administrative Services Division
    * Carolyn Signorelli, Chief Child Protection Attorney
    * Attorney Toni M. Smith-Rosario, Connecticut Hispanic Bar Association
    * Attorney Robert Stillman, Representative of the Connecticut Business and Industry Council
    * Attorney Susan O. Storey, Chief Public Defender
    * Honorable Hillary B. Strackbein, Superior Court Judge
    * Attorney Frederic S. Ury, Attorney at Law
    * Attorney Dawne G. Westbrook, NAACP
    * Alex Wood, Journal Inquirer
    * Attorney Jennifer Zito, Criminal Defense Association


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Boland and DiPentima are two corrupt bookends self serving one another.

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