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Vacciness -The truth behind vaccinations-

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Chemical Corps too Dirty for Clean Vaccines, adding Aluminum, Mercury, Embalming Fluid, and MSG to Poison Cocktail?

Are Chemical Companies like Union Carbide, factories, and packaging facilities so dirty, having so many bio-hazards, that they feel they need to mix the poisonous cocktail, vaccines, with Aluminum, Mercury Embalming Fluid, and MSG?

Human embryos, monkey and/or chicken brains, muscles, organs and/or other parts may be used in vaccines. Anti-biotics, toxins, detergents, cleaners, plastics, pesticides, PCBs, and harmful industrial chemicals may also be used. In 1980 there were 1/3 less vaccinations. So babies, kids, and adults get triple the aluminum, mercury, embalming fluid, and other poisons.

Are 7 children who got sick at Disney Land with Measles, because of vaccines going to be the excuse for mandatory vaccines nationwide when kids with HIV, Hepatitis C, etc are allowed in schools, but vaccinated kids are not. There is no risk of babies getting Hepatitis C all the way up to sexually activity or illegal drug use with needles, so babies don't need this vaccine. Chemical and Pharmaceutical companies make 100's of billions of dollars on vaccines, they have huge lobbying power and own politicians. 

Why are doctors not liable for giving vaccines, but are for malpractice? Why are vaccine makers almost immune from civil lawsuits and criminal prosecution? Why are YOUR tax dollars being used to force you to get vaccinated, even against your will?

Please check out more of my videos on this channel. I embedded most one of the most disturbing vaccine videos I have seen, here.

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Published on Jan 14, 2013
A collection of many documentaries such as:
Shots in the Dark- Silence on Vaccines.
The Greater Good.
Vaccination -The Hidden Truth.
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and... many many more.

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Vacciness -The truth behind vaccinations-


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