Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Police Are Corporate Armed Revenue Collectors"

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"Police Are Corporate Armed Revenue Collectors" - caller in is a jail guard or sheriff's deputy (or his wife was).

[The source of the Alex Jones Infowars video]

I posted the below text as a comment to the infowars video, below the video:

Pre-9/11 cops in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, would get a husband or boyfriend fired from his job, and would set up a false arrest.

The cop would then try to scoop the woman while the guy was in prison. It is lost homes and broken families so cops can try and get laid.

Word search Steven G. Erickson. [Text to CT Atty General George Jepsen]

After a cop wrecked my marriage he wanted to set me up for a DUI. I didn't drive down to the bar. A blond with large breast said she like to go back to my place to sleep with me. She wanted me to drive her SUV, State Cops were waiting for me in front of my house. I was tipped didn't drink and drive.

Then the State Police got this absolutely smoking hot police informant. Again, I was tipped by a minority officer. The woman would give me whatever sex I wanted, except regular intercourse. She then said she would sleep with me if I gave her money for crack and that I could have a hit if I wanted. I said no, so I was not felony busted.

The police then sent police informant thugs to attack me at each of my rental properties. The minority officer said that if I got attacked on my property, State Police would be there to arrest me and I would get prison. I got prison for pepper spraying a mugger. I broke no laws and was targeted first because of a police officer wanting to sleep with my wife. But police target concealed carry pistol permit holders, the self-employed, and the outspoken.

My daughter has had nothing to do with me for 12 years. I lost my contracting business, home, rental properties, everything. I broke no laws. I got prison. More than 1/2 my family won't talk to me because I was in prison. I have no retirement and am crippled with a bogus criminal record.

[Steven G. Erickson video favorites and uploads]

stevengerickson At yahoo dot com

Prison Guard Reveals New #1 Drug In America

"The Judges are the Criminals"


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