Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Canada almost Up in Arms over C-51, similar to US Patriot Act/NDAA

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Will the US version of "Black Bag and Tag" become the Law in Canada?

Links to go with uploaded video:

Population of Canada. Wikipedia entry for New Brunswick, Canada. US Constitution Amendment 13 illegally removed. Wikipedia definition of Esquire. More debate about the Lincoln era and Stephen Spielberg movie. Canadian protest C-51 website with video. At least 50% of Canadians don't support C-51 and some cite George H. W. Bush New World Order Speech.

Slide into 23 minutes in [this youtube video] and know what the hoopla is about.

Stark Raving Viking blog

My beef with the "Queen of Mean", State of Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Chase T. Rogers and the Predatory Police and the Rip Off of the Nation she seems to support. [Beefs found here]

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