Sunday, February 01, 2015

$534 billion - Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama requests record-high Pentagon budget

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Why was Obama issued a "Peace" prize? How many trillions has the Pentagon, Obama, and the international banker and corporate organized crime cartel that has us under stealth occupation stolen from us?

Former State of Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd took bribes from bankers while on the US Senate Banking Committee. If Dodd hadn't taken bribes would the US economy be currently tanking? Why wasn't Dodd arrested and prosecuted? Why do we allow our fellow citizens to be ripped off to the tune of all we will ever make?

Why do you allow all of your hopes and dreams to be stolen as well? 

Text with video:

Published on Jan 29, 2015
President Barack Obama’s administration has submitted a record shattering budget request to Congress, asking legislators to approve $534 billion in Pentagon spending for 2016. Although defense spending perennially increases, this year’s amount is the largest ever, and does not even include the billions needed to fund the ongoing wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Stephen Miles, advocacy director of Win Without War, breaks down why the Nobel laureate is taking such an unprecedented step.

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