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Judges make their own rules, don't break them!

The entire US Policing and Court System is broken all over the US. I mostly talk about what happens in Connecticut, but check out the below and know that is happening the same way in your state if you do not live in Connecticut. I would like to hear about your case in your state if you would like to talk to me and possibly have it posted here on this blog and on my [ video upload channel].

I have talked to so many people about the family and probate court system to even count. People would not be calling me with how much they enjoyed courts. They are also not calling to say how much they liked the bill they got from their lawyers, saying "great service", and saying how honest prosecutors, judges, and other court operators are. Some courts are actually listed as corporations. So, courts can be international terrorism and theft by fraud as the norm, not the exception.

If you are going to get an inheritance, it may end up in the hands of the state, lawyers, and judges. You may get nothing, or just a little piece.

Judges, lawyers, and pirates in State Government, can threaten one of their theft victims with gag orders, being beaten up, prison, or even killed. A victim of theft due to legal abuse, can find themselves audited, and abused at every turn possible. If you have kids or a spouse, contractors for the abusers and/or police informants will use what you post on social media to target anyone, and everyone you know. Destroying you, ruining you financially, breaking up marriages, and estranging children from their parents is just a game for insiders. They can laugh in your face as you suffer, then go out and buy a new sports car or vacation house on the funds derived from your broken dreams.

Judges and lawyers often refer to each other as friends. They socialize, eat lunch together, and many have investing or other financial dealings with each other. So, most lawyers have a conflict of interest defending their clients. They only have a short term relationship with each client. Clients are just to be strung along until they have no more money to pay lawyers their exorbitant fees.When you are broke, the case magically comes to a conclusion. Most lawyers don't care if you are innocent or guilty, and don't care when you are penniless, broken, and serving a prison sentence you don't deserve.

Too often lawyers talk about Judges making up their own rules as they go along. So, it is not what you did, or didn't do wrong, it is about who you know and whether, or not, you are able to adhere to a judge's arbitrary rules. Chris Kennedy was told his kids were being taken away because he is of Irish Ancestry by Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan, that there is strife in Ireland, and painted Chris with a broad brush of being violent. Chris' ex-wife Leanne stabbed Chris, allegedly, when she had been found out being a cheater. The court award Leanne sole custody of the kids, denied Chris being able to see his children, and Chris was facing 30 years in prison for accidentally checking a wrong box on a court financial form.

Any lawyers I have talked to about [Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan] say he is one of the most scary, evil, and vindictive sociopaths they have ever met. Vernon Rockville GA#19 Superior Court and Family Court are known as being some of the most abusive courts in the State of Connecticut. Tolland Troop C [Connecticut State Police are known from being racist, abusive, and mere armed revenue collectors]. It is my opinion that states like Connecticut should be boycotted for their ignoring the US Constitution and so abusing citizens. If you live near the Rockville Court or in an area served by Troop C, Connecticut State Police, I suggest you move.

[My story with pictures and videos for to prove my points]. [Scroll down in this post and click on documents to make them big enough to view].

Elected officials are no better. It is mostly lawyers who are legislators on the Judiciary Committee. It is a conflict of interest. These lawyers consider judges their friends, not their constituents. These lawyers make their money from the judicial branch. So, the laws they make are to make judges, lawyers, the state, immunity from civil judgements, and just make themselves themselves richer with no accountability and immunity from prosecution. BAR Associations of States should be consider foreign corporations, an organized crime syndicate.

It is my opinion the only checks and balances that judges, lawyers, government officials, international corporate organized crime and bankers, and their contractor friends and family have to worry about is bloggers, citizens posting videos, and independent journalists. The system, the courts, and police have zero ability to honestly police themselves.

-stevengerickson AT

Ritt Goldstein informed the Connecticut Judiciary (elected officials) or what was wrong with the Connecticut Courts System and Policing in Connecticut, and how to fix it, that he was so terrorized by police after making the below video, that he fled the State of Connecticut, the US, and fled to Sweden seeking Political Asylum. The entire government, court system, and US Policing has only gotten worse. So much so, is the US a good place to work, live, raise children, and retire in?

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[click here] for:

William Windsor murdered or jailed for exposing all US Judges are Bribed?


UBS Bank, elected officials, lawyers, and judges are either bribe takers or bribe givers depending on the circumstances ...

Michael Nowacki has been arrested numerous times after exposing New Canaan officials and Police for taking "gifts" that weren't declared, exposing UBS Bank as a money laundering facility for officials, judges, lawyers, police officers drug traffickers, and the Mafia, and for exposing the "payolla", nepotism, and the awarding of no bid contracts to friends, family, and associates of Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy.

Michael Nowacki of New Canaan Connecticut breaks it down:

Is Connecticut Attorney General Richard "Dick" Blumenthal saying that all elected officials take bribes from international bankers and corporate pirates, so it is okay to do if everyone does it, right? Former Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd took bribes to bankrupt America and then quietly retired after being caught, no arrest, no prison! Blumenthal now sits in Dodd's seat. What a bunch of lying and thieving scumbags.

Glenn Beck, as much as I don't like him takes Blumenthal to task, [click here] for Blumenthal in action (check out the videos):

Pedicure or Toenail Painting?


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