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Domestic Spying/Racism, Westport, Connecticut?

Is Wesport, Connecticut, or "Bankport" one of the centers of all average citizen abuse in the US, and possibly the world?

Does the Wesport, CT, Superintendent of Schools make more than the US President? [blog post]

Do you have to have some sort of political connections in Westport, Connecticut? How about Stamford, New Canaan, Greenwich, Bethel, Wilton, Redding, Bell Haven, Norwalk, Fairfield, Darien, and surrounding communities? Should the finances of judges, lawyers, officials, and police officers be looked into for public corruption, fraud, and pay to play schemes?

I hear, yet again, about the public corruption in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Is there a "shul" in Westport that is an 8 acre compound with 8' high field stone walls surrounding the entire property? Is it a place where the connected meet to "divide and conquer"?

Property taxes are high. You need to pay these high taxes and fees to live in the area. Many of these people get large income, declared and undeclared. If you speak out about the racism, public corruption, and entitlements of the elite, you can lose your life, your freedom, your family, your home, and/or your future.

What happens to those who dare talk about, or investigate, the schenenigans coming out of the Temple Israel in Wesport, Connecticut? Are these world elite telling the rest of us what we can watch on television, produce movies, offer us banking "products", and decide who gets what and when all over the world? Who is this Mafia, and why isn't there more coverage of it?

Is it just "rumors" I hear?

Is it true, what is being said?

About a decade ago, did someone rich and powerful in the town of Westport face divorce, separate from his wife, then up her life insurance policy by millions, then her naked body was found burning behind a popular restaurant where he could then travel south to live the lifestyles of the rich and famous, happily ever after? 

Mary Alice Cook, a Westport, Connecticut, resident was getting divorced from her husband. Westport police then helped her husband beat her up and then charged a beaten Mrs. Cook with felony assault. That story is talked about by Mrs. Cook herself [within this video].

It can't all be "wives' tales". There are victims and they have contacted me over a number of years.

Your lawyer, or you yourself, can have your electricity, internet, cell phone, bank accounts, debit and credit cards, your credit, ability to live in your own home, and/or operate a business just arbitrarily shut off by unseen powers when you are being officially retaliated against. Even your postal "Snail Mail" can be stolen, opened, and even defaced.

Police, insiders, and others are coerced, told, or given incentives to help the system target individuals that are minorities or "Big Mouths".

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[Steven G. Erickson's LiveLeak.com video uploads]

[His beef with Connecticut State Police Brutality, Judicial Misconduct, and Public Corruption]

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Michael Nowacki connects UBS banker fraud, tyranny, bribery, and crap the elite get away with in the State of Connecticut, and elsewhere here:

Text with video:

Uploaded on Feb 1, 2012
More info: http://judicialmisconduct.blogspot.co...

Feb. 1, 2012, Steven G. Erickson interviews Michael Nowacki by phone. I can understand why corrupt judges, politicians, and lawyers milking themselves a fortune by legislating being lawyers, for other lawyers, and for expanding tyranny of the courts. Text placed in shorter version of video:

This is Michael Nowacki

Swiss Bank UBS, the Catholic Church in Connecticut, Corrupt Judges and Politicians may think Mike is very dangerous person, being allowed to speak.

Judges want him silenced, in prison, in a mental hospital, and probably wish he suffers a horrific death.

Is UBS, a foreign bank, calling the shots in US town governments, in the courts, and do police break laws for UBS?

Were two of the Connecticut Governor's top legal aids bribed in the hundreds of thousands of dollars by the Catholic Church and others?

Please check out longer version of the interview for answers.

Check judicialmisconduct.blogspot.com in text with video.

Mike is a former CBS executive. He knows stories, yet untold, about the US 2000 election debacle.

Interview conducted by Steven G. Erickson

Should US Government and Courts be for the people, or against the people?

Should the Catholic Church, foreign banks, and corporations put citizens on US secret police target lists?

"Our" elected officials push the NDAA, SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA

Jail should be for corrupt judges, politicians, police officers, and their criminal banking and corporate friends.

We need more Mikes.

Feb. 1, 2012

Mike exposes what is wrong with the US, the courts, and unrepresentative government

Domestic Spying/Racism Westport, Connecticut?

Text with video:

Published on Nov 6, 2013
More info:

If you aren't white in Fairfield County Connecticut is spying and official terrorism used to coerce you into moving into an ethic neighborhood such as in Bridgeport, Connecticut, a known crime infested area?


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