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State of Connecticut Mugshots

The above mugshot is of Cassandra Smith arrested in the Watertown, Connecticut, area for allegedly selling marijuana. I feel sorry for someone entering the system for such charges. With the lack of jobs a lot of young people are doing what they can to get by. Ms. Smith would be someone I would want to talk to concerning a documentary I would like to shoot in Connecticut about the "justice" system.

I found a whole gaggle of mugshots [here on the Hartford Courant].

The below photo is of Melanie Spittle arrested for prostitution in Hartford. She and her husband, Rodney Spittle, were continually selling heroin off my properties on 3 and 5 Church St., Stafford Springs, Connecticut. She would have her kids in the car, slam her car into a telephone pole high on drugs, and Connecticut State Police refused to do anything saying that they wanted them to have happy holidays and their kids having Christmas. Ken and Robin Pelc would also sell crack cocaine and heroin off my former properties. Robin Pelc would also turn tricks as a prostitute. They would have puppies and kittens and then throw them in the trash after they died.

Police in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, were more interested in arresting me and putting me in prison for being self-employed to go to prison for the holidays, then to go after criminals. It is about revenue collection and property confiscation. [Any lie or false accusation will do]. [Click here] for pictures and glimpse of my life, before and after, gross police misconduct and judicial abuse. 

Check out the Hartford Courant link. The mugshots are pretty amazing. There are a lot of home invasions, shootings, murders, sexual assaults, rapes, and a lot of criminals carrying guns. A lot of women arrested for prostitution look so beaten and drugged up, I don't who they would be getting to sleep with them.

If Connecticut bans guns for honest citizens, crime will increase. Murders, rapes, home invasions, and other crimes will increase. Criminals will then know they have a free pass.

Connecticut State Police have a political agenda. I don't put it past them to file false reports, commit perjury in court, and their lab has been accused of manufacturing evidence. So, I would not put it past Connecticut State Police Officers either shooting kids in school, or finding police informants to do the job, to blame a patsy to help end Americans' 2nd Amendment Rights.

[Click Here] for what could be the Sandy Hook Newtown Connecticut school shooting hoax.

stevengerickson At

Did an Enfield, Connecticut, Police Officer leave the scene of accident after striking another vehicle while drunk, driving around his 14 year old prostitute girlfriend? Did the officer receive any kind of punishment? [Story with links and video]

Did a Vernon, Connecticut, Police Officer get into trouble for 108 counts of felony computer crimes, or was it eventually swept under the rug. [That story, click here].

Both stories above aren't recent. The mugshots are currently on the Hartford Courant Newspaper website as of the date of this post. At least two white police officers shot blacks in the back, executing them. They had trials and the prosecutor in each case purposely botched the cases so the officers could then skate on appeal and sue for damages after being let off. So being a racist white cop in Connecticut executing blacks is a PAYING JOB! [The Teleflon Badge]. The two white officers that I know about are Hartford Detective Robert Lawlor and Officer Scott Smith who stood on an African American suspects back, placed his gun near his boot, and then fired executing the suspect. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judicial misconduct and the power of the people that serve them. How can I get out a story about what is happening in our county? What this county has done to me and my daughter is incrediblely wrong and just wanting to show their power if a person speaks up to the system. Please help me find someone who is not afraid of the system.

Thank you

Monday, May 19, 2014 7:25:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me I am sorry she has links with drugs what we can see .
I am young and do not do drugs , youth is not an excuse at all , she is pretty and could do so much better of her life .

Wednesday, October 01, 2014 6:27:00 PM  

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