Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cindy Sheehan running for office proposing Civilian Oversight of Police?

I, Steven G. Erickson, might even consider traveling to the State of California, volunteering to help of the Cindy Sheehan for California Governor Campaign if she supports the US Constitution, intact. Even though I do not have any guns, I support the 2nd Amendment and the US Constitution, all of it. I am watching RT America right now, 6 PM EST, and Cindy is on that network talking about her wanting to eliminate police immunity from prosecution and civil liability in too many cases where they should be. Police misconduct and brutality is common in a Police State. Sheehan support Civilian Oversight of Police.

Ritt Goldstein and I, separately proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to State of Connecticut legislators. Each of us, not knowing each other at the time, were attacked by criminals, who are police informants, and then both faced the same punishment, we were each arrested for having been attacked on our own property. Ritt Goldstein fled to Sweden seeking political asylum after making [this video]. I stuck around and was railroaded to prison. [That story]

Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland's federal inmate number, [past post]

[click here] for:

The Outrage that should have been acted on back in 1997

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[This is typical US Police behavior]


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